As a suggestion, when the time is right listen to the Vandread first season intro. I trust you'll know when the time is right.

Welcome Back

Sirens blared and echoed throughout the Nirvana. Hibiki caught sight of them and made his way to the hangar. On the way there he met with Meia who too was on her way to the hangar.

"What's going on?" he asked her.

"We are under attack, Captain. A few pirates to the starboard end." she said.

Soon enough the intercom system buzzed: "Attention. All hands report to your battle stations. This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill. Battle stations,"

Hibiki took a hard right into the hangar bay where he could see several women jumping into their Dreads. He scaled the platform and into the cockpit of his Vanguard.

"The Captain has boarded the Vanguard, all hands prepare for battle," said a voice over the intercom. Hibiki fastened himself in, it had been months since he flown his Vanguard and even longer since he's seen battle. Adrenaline found itself in his veins and he could feel a genuine smile. He was doing something he loved to do, fight.

"On your order, Captain," said Parfet through his monitor.

"Let's go, I can't wait to kick some ass," he said.

His Vanguard slid into position before a set of steel metallic doors. Suddenly they opened exposing the vacuum of space.

"Say it, say it already," he whispered to himself.

"Vacuum established in the main hangar, the battlefield is yours, Captain,"

The Vanguard launched and soon he was jettisoned into space, the free fall was uplifting as his eyes gazed upon the stars. From the corner of his eye he could see Meia's Dread exit the hangar and join him at his side.

"Behind us, Captain. Pirates." she said.

"Alright, let's see if I still got it,"

Soon several Dreads appeared in the battle group and the assault began.

Dita had fallen asleep several times and each time she awoke she hoped she would see something familiar to jog her memory. She had been traveling through space for what seemed like days and fatigue was beginning to settle in. She couldn't deactivate the auto-pilot it was as if the Dread had already plotted a course. She glanced at all the controls and none of it felt foreign. She felt as if she had been controlling ships for the better part of her life. She felt at home, well almost.

Suddenly she could see something off in the distance of space. Lights, blinking then shining. She leaned forward and squinted her eyes. What was going on over there, she thought?

Hibiki dodged and weaved out of the way as the pirates fired heavily at him. He managed to dispatch several smaller ships but several frigates managed to evade his force by sheer strength. He couldn't get a good vantage point so he resorted to an old trick.

"Meia, you know what to do," he called to her.


They wisped around each other forming a brilliant light and out from the burst of radiant energy appeared a hawk like creation as it spun uncontrollably in a tailspin.

"Vandread Meia has taken the field," reported the intercom.

The Vandread whipped and spun with immense accuracy and speed as it seamlessly penetrated the enemies defenses taking out a full legion of fighters.

"Yeah, we got 'em," said Hibiki.

Sitting behind him Meia then replied: "Don't celebrate yet. We have those frigates coming in and they look sturdy,"

"I'm sure we got this, come on. Let's teach them not to mess with us,"

The Vandread came in for another attack towards a frigate but this time a massive blast rocketed from a dark corner of space catching the Vandread off guard. Swiftly they managed to dodge it but barely.

"What the hell was that?" exclaimed Hibiki.

Meia's eyes caught glance of something shimmering in the darkness. The light of the nearest star wasn't strong enough to cast a light on it but she could see a small orb of light emitting from the darkness.

"It's preparing for another attack!" she yelled.

Sure enough, a massive beam of energy rocketed at them. Meia tried to steer them away but the blast was well planned and calculated. Hibiki's Vanguard spiraled into a free fall while Meia's Dread spun in the opposite direction.

"Captain!" called Meia.

Hibiki began to feel the teeth of panic sink into his skin. He tried to propel forward but his Vanguard would not respond. Suddenly his screen was bombarded with red text and sirens.

Warning: Motor functions disabled!

"Dammit," he hissed, "Come on, you can't be out yet!"


Hibiki turned in his cockpit and could see a massive flagship crawling out from the darkness. It was twice as large as the Nirvana and the beam it was charging could easily destroy it. He watched with sheer terror as the energy beam was now aiming to finish him off.

"Get out of there! Captain, can you hear me! Get the HELL out of there!"

It was futile, he couldn't move and he was hovering right into their crosshairs.

Dita screamed as a massive beam of light just missed her Dread. The Dread spun to avoid it and when she finally found her bearing she looked up and saw two objects flying at high speeds away from each other. Upon closer examination she could identify one of the objects as another Dread. She looked over to the other machine which was now falling fast in another direction. Something about it looked familiar but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Then, a flash of light caught her eye as she noticed something trembling from the blackness of space.

A flagship and it was preparing to fire.

She took in a breath as fear rushed over her. She took the Dread by the controls and push forward forcing the Dread to rush hastily to the falling machine.

"Don't die, whoever your are," she said.

"I guess this is it," he whispered.

"I'll save you,"

"It's been a good run, partner. If she's really gone, then I'll see you soon, Dita."

"I'm right here, Hibiki,"

Meia watched as a brilliant white light engulfed the battlefield. Electricity sparked forming arches between anything that was moving. Out from the light stepped a colossal being, its armor shining majestically from the clouds of dust.

The intercom went silent and everyone in their Dreads halted their actions. Meia stared in disbelief as her memories soared through her head.

Tatoeba kimi no sono ude ga

Kusari ni tsunagaretemo

Tateoba itsuka kono sora ga

Moetsukite shimau to shite mo

Kibou dake wa shinjite

"I don't believe it… Vandread Dita… has joined the battle!" said the intercom system.

"Full assault, Dread team! Follow that Vandread!" called Meia.

Kagayaku hoshi no kage ni

Yami ga suberu sekai ga aru

Tatta hitotsu no inochi

Soko no tozashita mama ja lonely boy

Vandread Dita erupted in a fiery burst sending countless beams of energy in every direction destroying everything in its path.

Koko no bokura ga deatta wake wa

Kanarazu aru no dakara ah…

The pirate ship prepared for another blast.

"It's coming right for you!" called Meia. Vandread Dita turned and spotted the rouge ship. It's two giant cannons unbuckled themselves from it's back holster and settled it on its shoulders. The two turbines began to glow and emit a wave of light.

Tatoeba kimi ga kanashimi ni

Kuzuresou ni natte mo

Tatoeba boku no kono mune ga

Dakitomeru chikara ni nareba

Asu mo kitto We can survive

Vandread Dita released a powerful blast that shook the entire fleet. The blast tore through the pirate flagship submitting it into a plume of debris and fire. All the other surviving pirate ships turned and fled leaving the Nirvana crew to victory.

The entire Nirvana crew watched in utter disbelief. What they saw on the monitor screen was a Vandread they hadn't seen in a long time. All of the women stared, Jura sat with her hands cupped over her mouth, Parfet fainted…

"NO FRICKEN' WAY!" shouted Barnette.

Meia immediately spoke into the intercom, her body trembling with excitement: "Vandread, identify yourself,"

Their was a pause.

The intercom buzzed:

"Hello Meia, I'm back,"