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What's this one all about: Holiday reading recommendations - I thought it had some scope for some nice interaction. Have decided to try it out with a couple of short-ish chapters to work in Temperance and Seeley's pov. More to follow...

The late afternoon sunlight slanted through the trees as Special Agent Seeley Booth threaded his car through the traffic. It was the end of a boring week in work. He'd been stuck in the office catching up on paperwork and clearing a vast backlog of e-mail. No chasing desperate criminals; no suspects to grill; no body parts to identify. He shrugged internally, telling himself that this was a good thing, it meant nothing awful had happened. The streets were safe.

He wondered how the squints' week had gone, without one of his decomposing bodies to deal with. He smiled slightly, undoubtedly they would have more than enough bones of their own to keep going. Oh yes, Dr Brennan would probably have enjoyed the peace to get on with her real work - no desperate FBI case to mess up cataloguing bits of cavemen. Booth didn't understand why he felt sad when he thought of Temperance working away with no reason to think of him.

The traffic was getting worse, nose to tail as far as he could see. He braked hard, as the cars in front slowed again. He rubbed his eyes with one hand and flipped the radio to traffic news. Teriffic, jammed all the way home. Now he remembered why henever left the FBI's downtown office at this time. It wasn't just that he usually worked on much later. The traffic was crawling forward again. He hated this type of driving, stop - start, you had to keep concentrating or you'd end up shunting the vehicle in front, but it was so tedious.

He felt his mind wandering again. His vaction to Jamaica was only a week away. He'd have to call in to see the squints before he went, to say hi. He stared straight ahead, why had he thought that? There wasn't any reason to make a special call on work colleagues. He shoved the thought away, and the vague sense of unease he'd felt for the last two days when he'd realised that there was no reason to meet Temperance for a drink this evening.

He ground his teeth in frustration as the cars had stopped again. Suddenly, up ahead he saw a large bookstore and inspiration struck. Holiday reading! He could pull in, buy something to read while relaxing by the pool. By the time he'd finished the traffic would have disapated and wouldn't be home much later. Much better then getting motion sickness from stop start traffic and it would provide a distraction from thinking.. about things...

It seemed to take forever to cover the short distance to the bookstore, but eventually he made it and turned off into side street and on into the parking lot. There were still quite a few cars there and he could see the large sign by the door that showed the store would be open until 8. Plenty of time to pick something good to read he thought, as he got out of the car and clicked the automatic lock button on his key fob.

Booth strode across the lot and waited for the automatic door to open. He felt a blast of air conditioning and took his sunglasses off as his eyes adjusted to being out the bright sunshine. The store was huge. He looked at the row upon row of shelves and felt at a loss; he was hopeless at choosing books. Once he knew he liked an author he was fine, he would read absolutely everything they wrote, but this made him unadventurous in finding new authors to try. Ugh, where to start. He started to wander around. Not really taking in which section he was walking to, automatically picking a book out and flicking to the back cover and the photo of its beautiful author unware of the smile that spread across his face as he looked. Then, with a jolt, he realised that he was holding Temperance's latest novel and staring at her picture. He shut the book with a snap and shoved it back on the shelf. Do not go there, he thought, I mean I've read all her books anyway...

He turned on his heel, and then inspiration struck. He could get some recommendations! He knew he liked what Temperance wrote. He could call her and ask what she liked to read - there was bound to be something in her list he'd like, if he enjoyed her books. Why hadn't he thought of it earlier? He opened his phone and found 'Bones' in his directory. Hmm... he really ought to rename the entry he thought, it was a bit disrespectful. He hit the call button and listened to the tone, waiting.