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It had been a long two weeks and coming back to life had certainly taken a lot out of Lucy. She had gone to bed around nine the night before. It was ten in the morning and she was still out. Dean slipped out to get coffee and donuts. When he came back, Sam was sitting at the table, watching Lucy sleep, making sure she was still there.

"Dean, she's turning into you," Sam said quietly.

"She's becoming incredibly handsome? Witty? Sexy? Charming?" Dean joked, setting the donuts and coffee on the small round table.

"She sleeps with a .45 under her pillow now. Or did you not notice?" Sam pointed to the butt of the gun sticking out from underneath Lucy's pillow.

"She was always better with a gun than with a knife."

"Doesn't this bother you at all?"

"What? That she uses protection?" He paused as he realized what he had just said. "Wow. That was wrong on so many levels."

"Dean, Lucy's never gonna be able to have a normal life after all this."

"What, like she did before?"

"At least she had some hope before we tore her away from school."

"She's always known that she wasn't normal. She accepted it a hell of a lot better than you did."

"But maybe she deserves it. Maybe she deserves it more than either of us do."

"Do you really think we could get her to go anywhere besides right here with us?"

"No, you can't." Dean and Sam looked up from their conversation in surprise to see Lucy sitting up in bed. "Next time you decide to talk about me, make sure I'm really sleeping." She slid off the roll away and walked over to the table where the boys were. She grabbed a donut, plopped onto the bed behind her, took a bite, and chewed slowly. Her brothers watched her, waiting for her to say something. "This is good," she finally said, staring at the pastry. "Are these Dunkin' Donuts? That can't be possible. They've got to be Krispy Kremes."

"Lucy, you should go back to school," Sam said suddenly. Lucy looked up from her donut as he continued. "We'll call you when we find Dad. I mean, you just died and came back to life. Maybe you should take a break for a while. After the school year ends, if we still haven't found Dad, you can come with us again." Dean sat silently through all this. Of course he didn't want Lucy to leave, but he wanted what was best for his little sister more. If going back to school was the best thing for her, then he would let her go, just like he did Sam. Ultimately, it was her decision.

"Are you making me leave?" she said after a long period of silence.

"No," Sam replied immediately. "We're leaving the choice up to you." Dean could see that she was turning the idea of going back to school over in her head. He was suddenly afraid that she would leave them.

"He's my Dad too. If you guys are looking for him, then so am I," Lucy said. Dean felt better than he had in a long time and he smiled. "And you know what? I realized, after not doing it for two months, how much I love hunting." That really put a grin on Dean's face. "And plus, we still have a lot of evil ass to kick." That was it. That cemented it right there. Sam, Dean, and Lucy were in it together, come heaven, hell, or even limbo. And that was exactly the way it should be.


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