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Raven didn't get much time to think it over before her door was being pounded on again. "Please, Raven, it is Starfire, open your door." Raven rolled out of bed and put on her best "I could care less" face and walked to the door, opening it. Starfire flew in the room and Raven sarcastically said "No. Please. Do come in." Starfire cocked her head "But I have already entered your room…" Raven sighed and shook her head "Never mind, Star. What do you want?"

"You seemed distraught upon Beast Boy's leaving your room. Please, did he break something?" Raven shook her head slowly. "He was just…being himself." Yeah, Raven. Him trying to kiss you was a completely normal, everyday occurrence. She could practically see Rude's sneer. "Raven?" Raven sighed and looked over at Star. "Yes, Star?" Starfire bit her lip. "Is something…the matter, between you and Beast Boy?" Raven looked at Star in surprise.

"No…I mean, nothing more than him coming uninvited into my room, and picking up a very valuable book, and trying to-" she almost choked when she realized what she was about to say, and surprised Star with a coughing fit. "Friend Raven! Are you OK?" Raven nodded. "Yes, sorry, just tired. I'd like to sleep now." Even Star couldn't miss that bit of obviousness, and left her to private reflection. However, the last thing Raven was capable of at that moment was sleep.

Beast Boy rolled over and over on his bed, trying to get a comfortable position. He couldn't stop thinking about what had happened this afternoon. Sure, he knew that he had had a crush on her back when they first started, but when Terra came along, he moved on. But if that's what happened, then why had he tried to kiss her? For old times sake? He sighed and turned over his pillow, trying to find a cool spot. He fell asleep with her eyes waving in and out of his vision.

Raven woke up early like always. She went onto the roof to meditate, but her emotions were clamoring in her head, so she went back to her room and went in her mirror to have a little "chat", mostly planning to tell them to shut up. She stepped onto the wide stone island where their meeting place was. Standing in the center, she called her emotions to her. They slowly came up, one by one. Happy immediately ran over to her little pile of stones in the corner, stacking them in different ways. Rude appeared right in Happy's stone tower, toppling it. Raven walked up to the "her" in the purple cape. "You seem different than you normally are…" The emotion formerly known as Affection nodded "I feel different, but you don't know who I am anymore, so I don't either."

Raven shrugged, turning to face the rest of her emotions. "Ok, seeing as how you guys are all inside my head, I'm guessing you know why I came in here." Knowledge stepped forward. "Well, the reason you're saying is that you want us to shut up." Wisdom stepped forward, shaking her head. "But the real reason is that you want to know what happened yesterday." Raven huffed, crossing her arms. "Ok, so maybe I do want to know why I went insane yesterday."

Knowledge shook her head "No, you didn't go insane." Raven opened her mouth, but Knowledge held up her hand "You were so shocked by his being in your room, that your emotions…kind of…well…" Raven crossed her arms "My emotions what?" She said, Anger stepping behind her and glaring with her. Happy leaped up "We decided that we didn't feel like waiting anymore!" Wisdom glared at her and "shushed" her. Knowledge shrugged "Well, maybe not in those exact terms…" Brave stepped forward. "Oh whatever! We wanted to kiss him. You wouldn't have let us. You accidentally gave us some control. He was in the room. Simple as that." Raven stood there, slack jawed, still caught at the phrase "We wanted to kiss him." She shook her head to clear it. "Now, hold on, let me get this straight." She turned to the emotion formerly known as Affection. "I wanted to kiss Beast Boy?" T.E.F.K.A.A. blushed. "Well, Raven, actually, you want to kiss Beast Boy." Raven sat down on the ground, murmuring to herself. The only things that could be heard were occasionally the words "Beast Boy" and "no way". After a few minutes of this, her emotions sent her back into her room, and Raven didn't even notice for another ten minutes. I want to kiss Beast Boy?

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