Sorry, guys I know you wanted a chapter and I hate to disappoint you because you have been waiting so long. I was thinking of dropping the story and just ending it here with a nice little cliffhanger. But there's another option. I was thinking of changing all of the Spirit related characters and scenes to something else because I do love how this story is turning out, but (in the far future) it would be super hard to publish the story (if I did) with Spirit characters and scenes in it. It would all amount to the same thing in the end just by getting there a different way. I started a new story, it's quite nice, but I don't like it as much as this one and that is what has been taking up the so little free time I have. Last option (resort), I just continue with the story like normal (but if a majority of you say I should do this I probably won't do this I just threw it out there ) So I will soon post my new story and once you guys tell me what you think I'll take action (if any) on this story. Again, I'm sorry for disappointing you with this note! All your input is valued and very much appreciated!! See ya later:)