I no own them...sniffs I own Crawl he's mine! snuggles up to Crawl plushie that she made. Crawl is love..

Chapter 2:

I wake up. Something's not right here. I keep my eyes closed and try to clear my mind. God what's that noise...Oh wait that's Ron's snoring. Goodie. Damn it's to early to be up. Wait what's that smell...For a second there I thought I smelled... "Morning, Harry!" Wow I was right I did sense Satan.

"Morning, Satan. So why do you burden me with your presence this morning?" I think she might be glaring. Opens eyes. Yep she's glaring. I just love the effect I have on people. Oh wait never mind. I love the effect I would have on people if she'd let me drop this act. Be a goodie goodie two shoes...I'm getting sick just thinking about it.

"You know Harry, you could be more , oh I don't know nice!" Pifh. As if. Don't give me that face. It's just screams out more complaining. Oh and look there she goes. "Harry Potter! You could at least act like you give a damn about what I have to say!" Now why in the Hell would I want to do that? "I mean you can act so kind and caring, but put you behind close doors and let your act drop you can be a complete self centered asshole!" Aww and here I thought you didn't like me.

"Look dear, I just wanted to tell you that I finally fixed everything. Now all you have to do is fall in love, knock him/her up, and boom we're all good." Pifh she forgets that I want nothing to do with any of this. Me plus love equals not a good equation.

"Okay crazy bitch. Remember what I said. I don't fall in love. I hate no wait...I despise happy little feelings. I destroy things. Hell I kill people! Hence the title Angel of DEATH and DESTRUCTION. I won't fall in love. Knocking up someone sounds like fun though. Hmm. Will they struggle?" Oo she's glaring again. Oh yeah she no likey the rape. Wait why's she raising her hand. Ow! Stupid bitch hit me.

"Harry, why couldn't you have stayed sweet?" Oh I don't know maybe it was the rape or the abuse...No I do believe it was because of the rape. Yep the great Harry fucking Potter. The Angel of Death and destruction. Yep I got fucked up badly. Bloody crazy fucker. Those bloody evil little red heads. Well I guess I should just blame the little girl. Ron was under a curse and didn't know what the fuck happened. Of course just my luck that the little crazy whore obliterated herself. So I had no proof. Lucky for me that I can't knock anyone but my soul mate up.

"Arreis, you and me both know that even if none of that had happened I wouldn't have stayed sweet. Now why are you here?" She sighed. I know she's getting fed up with me playing dumb but it's just so much fun messing with her. She pets my head. Oh that feels nice. Wait no bad Arreis. Bad! Heh I bit her. Heh. Ow fuck! Stop hitting me.

"Harry, You fucking dick. " Heh she called me a dick. Heh ow. What the fuck. Oh it's Crawl. Heh funny name. Crawl. Oo he's shaking his head. Aww bad Harry. You made him mad. Uh oh I laughed out loud. Ow. Why the fuck do you two keep hitting me! Man fuck me.

"You know you know your just diggin yourself deeper and deeper into your little hole." Well it's not so small anymore after all the shit I've done. Aww I think I made Arreis tear up. I feel bad now. really? Hell no! Haha. It's her fault that I'm even more fucked up then before. Coming up to me out of nowhere and telling me all kinds of shit. Fuck do they ever shut up. Their standing. Wait are they leaving? Had they been talking to me? Oh fuck I missed all that.

"Well Harry have fun trying to fix your destiny because I'm not helping you anymore you ass." Wait did she just say what I think she said. I'm in control of my own destiny...Nice. First things first though. I pick up my wand and cast a little spell on Ronikins. Hehe. No more mister nice angel. Poor guy. Must suck having a morning erection all day long. I burst out laughing. Today is sure to be interesting. Whelp time to get up.

I get dress. Oo lucky me. It's Saturday. Time for a break. Hmm noone else is up yet. Great time to talk to myself. Huh what was that. Oh lookie lookie McGonagall came in. Wait who got in trouble this time. Heh hope it was the little Weslette. Yep I sound more like Malfoy daliy...or maybe he sounds like me. Shrugs. Who knows. Hmm Malfoy...I really do like his ass though. Heh. That's one person I wouldn't mind banging into the bed. Wait why is McGonagall staring at me?

"Mr. Potter, are you paying attention?" Shakes head. No I was not listening to you because I don't care about what you have to say. "Come with me Mr. Potter." Wait what did I do? Look if it was about all the comments in potion I didn't mean it...Well okay I did but shit. "Mr. Potter, Dumbledore needs you to watch over another student." Whew and here I thought I was in trouble...Wow I really do have a guilty concious. Maybe I should worry.Nah.

"So who am i suppose to watch over?" Yes who tell me now I demand it! I wonder who the fuck would need to be watched over. I mean we're in fucking Hogwarts. This is one of those safe places...I think. Well whatever. Time to face the music of being burden by people's problems.

She opens the door and inside is a pretty girl. Long blonde hair. Soft Grey eyes...What a tick. That sounds familair. It's not is it? "You'll have to watch over Mr. I mean Miss Malfoy." Uh oh. There's a boner in my pants. That's not good. Heh noone notices or do they. Oh well I'm fucked. Probably in more then one way. She opens her mouth.

"I'm stuck with POTTER!" Hehe yep.