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Jean was bent over the ship's controls. The damage was pretty much repaired. Solemn faced, she fixed the now minute damage. She wasn't a mechanic, but she had enough knowledge to repair it from its current status.

Jean heard some footsteps enter the ship and turned to see the large xenomorph that her son had become.

(So can you fix it?) Scar asked.

"Yeah," she nodded. She kept her back to him and continued to fiddle with the components in her hands.

(Good,) he said.

"It's almost done," Jean said, setting the piece of machinery down, but still facing away from him.

She hesitated and then asked. "Why did you let the aliens kill the soldiers?"

(It wasn't my decision to make,) Scar said. (The Queen was afraid letting the humans go would come back and bite us.)

"So you picked those aliens over your own people?" Jean asked.

Scar growled. (They aren't my people. They haven't been since they transformed me.)

"But… like twenty humans died. Compared to the couple thousand of mindless alien drones on this planet." Jean said.

(The aliens are just as sentient as you humans,) Scar said. (The drones might be mindless, but the praetorians and Queen isn't, neither Sonar nor I are either.)

"If you couldn't have saved me would you have gone ahead with this?" Jean asked.

(It's impossible to tell because it didn't happen that way,) Scar argued.

"What do you think you would have done?" Jean asked.

(It doesn't matter,) Scar growled. He turned and stormed out of the ship. (As soon as you're done get off this planet.)

Jean bit back a sob and resumed her repairs.


Scar entered the ship's cargo bay and found Sonar tossing the crates of Devil's Light out of its open hatch.

Scar wordlessly grabbed one of the boxes off the pile and hurtled it through the air. It crashed to the ground with the twinkling of breaking glass. Scar grabbed another one of the metal crates and set it aside from the pile.

(What are you doing with that?) Sonar asked looking at the solitary crate.

Scar heaved another crate through the air and then replied. (I want some of this stuff. If ever that stupid government decides to investigate this planet despite my mom's disinformation, we could use it as a bargaining tool, or if another Renee shows up, we can put it to good use.)


Scar looked up from his vantage point in the trees to see the ship leaving the facility. The crate of Devil's Light was tucked under his arm. Scar and Sonar sat unmoving for a few minute, before what they were waiting for happened. A single missile flew from space and struck the facility, destroying it in a fiery blast.

(All right, let's go,) Scar said. Sonar and he turned away and jumped further into the jungle.


(A couple months later.)

Sonar hauled the large, unconscious Komosloth down the tunnel toward the infestation chamber. Behind him several other drones were also carrying hosts, or returning from their hunt. Suddenly a loud cry reverberated through his mind.


Scar and Snarl came tearing down the tunnel at breakneck speeds. Sonar ducked as Scar jumped and sailed over him. Landing on another drone, he used it as a springboard and jumped to the ceiling. Snarl followed, weaving in between the line of drones. The two finally passed the group and charged out into the sunlight.

Sonar sighed and shook his head. (Humans.)

Outside the tunnel Scar and Snarl continued running until they grew tired and slowed their pace, coming to walk.

Scar glanced over at Snarl. She had changed a lot since her days of being the human girl called Renee. She now seemed more hostile although it was only toward the drones and praetorians. She spent most of her time with Scar who was her only human companion. She also liked spending time with Xena, which Scar found odd considering she had a dislike of all the other xenomorphs, including Sonar, who Scar found rather likable.

When Scar had asked her about her tolerance of the female praetorian, she hadn't responded.

They walked further in silence enjoying the smell of the rain-drenched soil. The rainy season had just ended. They had both disliked the rainy season, because it cooped them up inside the hive. The large amount of rainfall could be hazardous even to a xenomorph. Not to mention it darkened the sky and made everything seem dreary.

Scar glanced over at Snarl and would have smiled, but his face was not designed for that. (Race you back to the hive.)

(No, I want to stay out here a little longer,) Snarl replied.

(Okay, fine,) Scar responded.