The final Chapter!

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Chapter 8

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" Amy!" Dash shouted, looking around, then ran to the campsite.

" Dash? What's wrong?" Sierra asked.

" I was… and Amy was… and then… but it wasn't…"

" Dash, breathe, now what?" Violet asked.

" Amy's gone!" Dash shouted.

" She's what?" Sean yelled.

" She's gone! We were walking and talking and she stopped talking and when I looked she was gone!" Dash said quickly. Chris looked at his brother.

" We have to find her." Sean nodded and they hurried off.

" Sean! Chris!" Steffen called after them. " Okay, Violet, Sierra."

" No, I want to look." Violet said Sierra nodded in agreement.

" Okay… okay, stay in groups, watch each other!" Steffen ordered for all the kids, then hurried off to help look.


" Sawyer, Natalie." Aiden burst into the infirmary. " Amy's gone." He said.

" What?" Natalie cried.

" Come on." Sawyer grabbed Natalie's hand and they went running into the woods, Aiden right behind them.

" Amy!" They shouted.

" Sawyer!" Came a voice from the bushes.

" Scarlett?" Sawyer asked as the small girl crawled out.

" Sawyer! We have to find Steffen and Sean and Chris! I know what's going on!" Scarlett insisted.

" What?" Sawyer asked.

" Later!" Scarlett dragged her sister along.


" Amy!" Sean shouted.

" Amy!" Chris was with him.

" Are you two insane?" Steffen asked as he, Violet and Sierra caught up. " You could have been attacked."

" We have to find Amy." Sean said. " Amy!"

" You know, I really don't think that'll help." Sierra said. Sean and Chris glared at her. " I'll shut up now." She nodded.

" Good idea." Violet muttered, shaking her head.

" We have to find her." Chris mumbled.

" Sean! Chairs! Steffen! Other people!" Scarlett came running, behind her were Sawyer, Aiden, Natalie, Dash, Chloe, Michael, Tom, Sam and Tim. The last five of which the picked up on the way.

" What's up? Did you find Amy?" Sean asked.

" Sort of, but I know what's going on!" Scarlett insisted. " Follow me, be quiet." She said, hurrying further into the woods. After about ten minutes they came to a clearing. Scarlett ducked behind some bushes and the others did the same. They were all, minus Scarlett, surprised to see Mac still sweating like mad, with a giant contraption. Amy and two other kids lay on the ground, not moving. Sean growled angrily, both him and Chris looked ready to attack.

Mac walked over to the first one holding the contraption that looked like a vacuum, over the boy and pressed a button. The boy began to glow and the thing sucked up the glow.

" What on earth?" Violet whispered.

" Stealing their powers? Like the Tormentor?" Michael asked. Nobody noticed Chris until it was too late he ran at Mac, launching fire balls at him. Mac jumped in surprise, turning the vacuum on Chris. Chris fell to the ground. Everyone else jumped up, Mac looked even more nervous and shaky, pointing the vacuum at random.

" Give it up Mac. It's you against all of us supers. You have no powers, you can't beat us." Steffen said gently.

" Stupid supers, think you're so great. You're nothing without energy, the same thing us regular people have. Mom and dad used to always talk about her beloved Richard, and Jacob, and Caleb, and Judy, and Lily. They had powers not like dull little Johnny. No! Johnny wasn't worth it, he was powerless and stupid!" Mac said, a crazy look in his eyes.

" Mac, calm down." Sierra said. " You're an adult now, you're smart, you made that… what is it?"

" It's an energy sucker! It takes the energy from all these little brats and I can use the stored energy for whatever I want!" Mac said proudly.

" See you are smart, you made it all by yourself." Mac glared at Sierra.

" No!" He shouted, pointing it at her and turning it on. She glowed before falling to the ground. " I didn't make it, It… it was a present!"

" You're a complete psycho!" Sawyer cried, looking at her fallen sister. Mac took aim but Scarlett sprang to life, diving at her sister's legs, causing her to fall.

" Little brats!" Mac shouted, the rest took that opportunity to attack, what they didn't expect were two more people shooting out to help Mac. One had long orange hair and was attacking with sharp… claws. The other was using her body, martial arts. Together they managed to get Natalie, Sawyer, Sierra, Chloe, and Tim. That left Violet, Dash, Scarlett, Steffen, Michael, Sean, and Tom.

" Okay, what do we have?" Sean asked.

" Invisibility, force fields, Claws, eye beams, Whatever Steffen and Scarlett do Super speed and-" Tom was cut off as he was hit by the energy sucker. Sean ran. Steffen was fighting cat lady, who had eventually mentioned her name, Natasha Darken, Violet and was on the other lady, Sara Venus, Michael and dash were trying to get to Mac, Scarlett was no where to be seen. Cat lady got the better of Steffen but Violet finished off Sara. That left Mac and Cat lady. Scarlett came running from a bush.

" I have an idea!" she said. " Violet, Dash, Michael take care of the lady with the claws, Sean, I need you to distract Mac, I can do the rest." Scarlett bit her lip.

Michael, Violet and Dash hurried to Natasha. Michael transformed his arm. Dash began to run around her, confusing her while Violet protected him from her claws with fore fields. As Natasha turned in circles trying to get at them Michael got her with his sword. She fell to the ground, shortly after she passed out from pain and blood loss.

Meanwhile Sean had blasted Mac with his eyebeam, Mac yelped and turned to the boy, and pointed the Energy sucker at him. Before he could use it Scarlett jumped out, looking him in the eyes she concentrated. Mac fell to his knees, crying out.

" Stop! Stop it!" he shouted, even after breaking eye contact, Scarlett kept her concentration. Violet ran for help as Mac fell into the fetal position, crying. The three boys looked confused, not sure of what she was doing. Ten minutes later Violet came back with a large group of adults. One tied up Mac and another went to break the Ten-year-olds concentration. The rest carried people to the infirmary.


The infirmary was completely full, but the people in it were quickly recovering. After releasing the energy everyone woke up and were excited to get back to camping.

That was the problem. Without Mac there was no one to run the camp. Everyone was going to be sent home three weeks early.

" What next year?" Chloe asked. Steffen shrugged.

" Mom said Uncle Richard's going to sell it. So, I don't know."

" Scarlett… I've been meaning to ask you something…" Dash said slowly.

" Yeah?" Scarlett asked. Everyone had finally been let out and the group was having one last campfire.

" What's your power? What did you do to him?" Dash asked.

" I… I can make people believe their worst fear has come to life. Pretty much meaning I mess with your mind." The girl said. " That's why I'm not allowed to use it unless it's absolutely necessary."

" That's so cool…" Lynne said shaking her head. " But so are monkeys!" Natalie laughed.

" Good to have you back nutso." She said.

" I know!" Lynne smiled.

" Okay everyone, get back to your cabins, finish packing, parents will be here tomorrow." Matt said, standing up, everyone did the same.

" Hey Amy…" Dash said, only loud enough for her to hear. " Can I talk to you?" Amy stopped and turned to Dash.

" Yeah… well… I guess this is goodbye, our last night at Camp Kivia." She said sadly.

" Yeah, just as it was getting fun." Dash said.

" I need to finish packing." Amy shrugged. Dash nodded.

" Me too." He looked up at her and kissed her before running off, leaving her, once again, dumbfounded.


" Everyone Rise and shine! It's time to go!" Steffen said, sticking his head into the cabins. It took an hour for everyone to get ready and get outside but eventually they all did it. First they went to eat their breakfast, eating it as slow as possible, all not really wanting to leave. Though eventually they did finish and gathered outside.

Then Parents began to arrive. As people slowly left others talked saying good-bye to their friends.

" That's my ride." Amy said, pointing to a car that Sean and Chris were heading for.

" I guess this really is goodbye." Dash looked at his feet.

" At least for a while. We'll see each other at Family day at SHS, and eventually we'll go there together." Amy smiled. Dash looked up and nodded.

" Yeah." Then Amy leaned forward and kissed him before running off, deciding it was his turn to stand there looking dumb.

" Dash! Mom and dad are here!" Violet called to her brother who made is way over there. As they were about to get in Scarlett and Sawyer came running over.

" Good news, Mom says Uncle Richard isn't sure if he's going to sell the camp! We'll call you to tell you when he decides." They said happily.

" You don't have our phone number…" Violet shook her head.

" It's in the file duh!" The sisters laughed.

" Oh ha, bye guys." Violet smiled.

" Yeah, Natalie, Lynne and I start High school this year." Sawyer winked as the car drove off.

" Oh god." Violet muttered.

" So, Violet Dash how was camp?"

" It was great!" they exclaimed before leaning back, ready for a long car ride.

" Oh, and Dash kissed a girl." Violet added.

" What!"

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