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beta-Faile Goldeneyes

"We have come to see Aslan."

He was a boy, a Son of Adam, in his eighteenth winter. Two girls stood next to him. One was small and the other tall, a bow on her back.

The tent behind me flapped and Aslan appeared. Myself and the army knelt in veneration, as did the children.

"Welcome Peter, son of Adam. Welcome Susan and Lucy, daughters of Eve, and beavers. You have my thanks. Where is the fourth?" the Great Lion asked.

Susan. So that was her name. "Our brother has been captured. By the White Witch."Peter replied. Gasps rippled through the crowd.

"How can this be?"asked Aslan, and yet I was sure he had a sense.

"He betrayed them, sire!" the beaver said.

"Then he has betrayed us all!" I said angrily. Aslan looked at me.

"Peace Orieus." I bowed my head. "I'm sure there is an explanation."

I kept watch that night. Star-gazing, as with most centaurs, was a past time of mine.


I'd seen other battles when I was a colt. My father and mother died from it. I did not miss my father. An older centaur took me under his tutelage. And now I was one of the best.

His name was Mauvis, and I had seen him as a father figure,something my own father couldn't give me.

"Two hands," he had called me. I fought with not one but two swords. He had been proud of me when I became the general for Aslan's army. He died not long afterwards.

For Mauvis had taken a sword that was meant for me.