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Peter's Point of View I glance above me and see the Gryphon flying overhead, then comes to land beside me with a report on the approaching army. "They come in numbers sire, far greater than our own."

"Numbers do not win a battle." replies Oreius, glancing from the Gryphon to the battlefield. "No, but I bet they help." He smirks behind his helmet.

I look back at Edmund, who is standing on top of a hill with Mr. Beaver and the archers, and nod to him. As the Witch's army approaches, I give Edmund the signal. Griffins begin flying over the sky and drop boulders on the forthcoming army.

I then turn to Oreius. "Are you with me?" He gazes at me, sincerity in his eyes, and I know he would die for what was right. "To the death."

I turn away from him. "For Narnia, and for Aslan!" Momentarily the Witch's army is stopped by a burst of flame. I can hear the crowd cheering, and I too am happy, but know enough now that this would not stop her army. "Fall back! Draw them to the rocks!" I shout, then slam my visor down over my face and ride off. "Fall back!" "Go on, FALL BACK!" I don't even see it coming.

The unicorn underneath me stumbles, then topples to the ground, an arrow imbeded in her side. I groan and am unsure of what to do. Then, as the Witch approaches me, Oreius flies past me, his swords at the ready. "Stop!" I shout. "Stop, Oreius!" But he doesn't. I remember my mother talking about "perfect love". I never really realized what perfect love meant. Until now. I watch, my eyes huge.

One of the polar bears swipe at him and I see blood. Then it happens all to quickly. She turns Oreius to stone and he is left there, still. Is this worse than death? To be immobile on the outside, but struggling to come back out on the inside?

"Edmund!There's too many! Get OUT of here! Get the girls and GO HOME!" I shout at Edmund, and I can only hope that he will listen to me. Out of the corner of my eye there is a flash of light. Edmund is stabbed in the stomach by the Witch.

Anger overwhelms me for all she has done. "EDMUND!" I rush at her, ready to fight her. She pins me down to the ground with her sword, and I struggle to regain my feet. And then I hear Aslan. "Impossible." The Witch murmers. Ironic, how ironic that Susan spoke these exact words when we stumbled across Narnia. But after all, I guess nothing is impossible.

"It is finished." Lucy and Susan run up to me and hug me tightly, and simultaneously say my name. "Where's Edmund?" Susan asks. We run to find him, and when we do, Ginarrbrik looks ready to kill him. Susan lets an arrow fly and the dwarf falls, dead. Edmund is struggling to breathe. We all kneel on the grass and Susan gently lifts him up as Lucy gives him a drop of the red liquid that was given to her.

Finally, he sits up and I hug him tightly. "When are you going to learn to do as you're told!" "Where is Oreius?" Susan inquires. We glance around and spot him. I wince at his state, and Aslan pads over to him and breathes on him gently. The centaur collapses on the ground, breathing shallowly. Blood seeps out of a wound, and Susan's breath hitches. Lucy crouches down next to him and gently moves his head and drops a bit of the liquid into his mouth. He groans and stirs, blinks wearily.

"Susan?" he mumbles.