Summary: Lily and James weren't home that fateful night. Jakob Potter, twin brother of Harry Potter, was declared the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry, the true BWL, was assumed dead and never heard of again. Now known as Xachary Ebony Snape. Mentor!Snape AU!

Rating: PG-13/T

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Title: On the Wings of a Blackbird

Author: Lady Lilie of Darkness

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On the Wings of a Blackbird

Part I- Beginnings


"Oh my God!" Lily Potter cried, racing towards the smoking cottage she, James Potter, and their fifteen-month-old sons Jakob and Harold, called home. Ignoring the Muggles and wizards gathering around, she raced up the steps and into the home, scrambling for the nursery. She burst into the room, looking around wildly for Jakob and Harold. "Jake! Harry!" She cried, a soft cry catching her attention. Jake sat, looking oddly calm, a jagged scar across his face. "Merlin, he defeated Voldemort." James whispered, gesturing to a smoking pile of robes as Lily picked up Jake, cuddling him. "I don't care, Jamie. Let's go, please!" She begged, desperation in emerald orbs. "But- Harry?" James whispered. "Please, James! He's not here." Lily sobbed, James taking her into his arms, leading her from Godric's Hollow. Neither saw the cloaked figure standing in the shadows of the nursery, baby Harry held securely in his arms. "They would not have cared for you. This is all for the better, child." He whispered, Disapparating with a near-silent pop.The figure, cloaked in black, appeared with a soft pop outside of a modest cottage, baby Harry cradled in his arms. "Hush, child." He soothed when the baby began stirring and whimpering softly as he headed up the packed dirt path to his home, murmuring quietly to the child, who stared up at him with wide emerald-jade eyes.

Entering the entry hall, the figure paused, shedding his cloak, chin-length ebony locks falling into obsidian eyes. "You're safe here." He murmured as a house-elf appeared with a crack, bowing low. "What can Lulu get for Master Severus?" She asked in a high-pitched squeaky voice, Severus smiling down at her. "A warm bottle of milk, if you will, Lulu." He said kindly, shifting his hold on the fifteen-month-old. "Right away, Master." Lulu said, bowing, Severus looking down at the child. "No one must know that you lived, child. You need a new identity, a new name." He mused, gently stroking the soft black locks. "Xachary Ebony Snape." He said softly, Harry gurgling happily up at the dark man. Severus smiled widely at the infant cradled in his arms. "Xach it is." He murmured.

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