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Which would you really choose, Seto, now that you're faced with the choice? Will you choose your own life, or that of your brother? Why your brother's life? Why not your own? What will your brother do without you? Are you afraid that you can't live without him? That is where you fall down, Seto. Your bond is too strong. When faced with that kind of choice, you lose control. You don't stop to think. That's what makes you weak.

Ironic though, isn't it? Your one weakness, the one thing you care about, is the person that handed you to me. If your brother hadn't been born, your parents wouldn't have died. Yes, my boy, I do know about that. You think that I wouldn't learn all about my enemy? Of course I did. All your flaws, all the places I can hit if needed. Everything that hides behind your icey eyes.

Doesn't that make you nervous? If you live through this, you still won't escape. You're mine. Everything that comes into my world belongs to me. You included. And if you want proof of that, my boy, just take a look at your back. All the marks on it, all the scars you try to hide, they were made by me. They brand you as mine.

Does the ground hurt, my boy? You never cease to amaze me. Forcing yourself to rise again, you don't know when you're beaten. I guess you don't want to admit defeat yet. You don't want to die without your brother. Pathetic, really. So, it's do or die time. You either draw what you need, or you fail miserably. Personally, I have faith in you. It's a knack you seem to have. Getting what you need at the last minute. The question is, who is that card meant to save? You, or your brother. Are you playing to win, or to rescue that pathetic little shadow that calls himself your brother.

Blue eyes? Well, that's interesting. Play this right, my boy, you might just succeed in saving your brother, yourself and the duel. It seems to restore your strength. You stand tall again. One last chance, my boy. What will you do?

Get knocked down again. God, you really are pathetic. I don't believe you managed to steal my company. Well, it's turned against you now, hasn't it my boy? Why do you struggle to sit up? Oh right, your brother. A small smile crosses your face.

That was so tastefully cruel of Noah, trapping you inches away from your brother. It's such a pity it ended like this. If you hadn't been so weak, you might have survived.

Such a pity.

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