Side B drabble

Title: Reading Hour- a side B drabble

Author: Seraphim Grace
Archive: www.Seraphim-grace. if you want it ask.
Feedback: Always appreciated and replied to.
Rating: G/U
Pairings: none
Warnings: fluff, 2 in the morning fluff that I wrote down and am now typing up.

In the terms of fairness all of the Krypton Brand assassins had agreed that on one Saturday night, each taking turns, that they would do something that each of them wanted. This meant that every six weeks Free would take them to a medium, Chloe to a fashion show or Ken to a football match. Yuki decided that the cinema was the best place to take them, with pizza afterwards although he himself didn't eat it because they had great pasta. Michel's night involved disney movies, a DVD and a rather powerful bloodlust for the next few missions.

Aya had, after a lot of thought about what they should do on his night, the first time he took them to the theatre but Ken, who could be so quiet in the cinema couldn't quite understand Shakespeare and spent most of it whispering to Chloe. He had taken them to a concerto but Ken had somehow assumed that this was the same as a concert and had been excited, but then when they had been asked to leave because of the volume of his snoring.

Aya knew that Ken did not intend to ruin these things, they just weren't very him. In fact he had an open-ended agreement with Chloe to go with Ken to concerts because the types of concerts Ken went to, being bands named the Darkness or Kasabian, Chloe really didn't want to be. Sometimes they even took Yuki and everyone had fun, often Aya had more fun than others with his particularly bony elbows judiciously applied to the ribs of people that called him a fag and his own ability to attract a bigger crowd of screaming fan girls than the lead singers.

At a loss of what else to do on his Saturday, despite that he had spent the last six weeks planning it, he wondered about taking them to a restaurant but that wouldn't take up the whole night, or late night ice skating, but Ken who could be so graceful on a mission could be so clumsy off it. He decided to just have a nice quiet evening in reading.

He had warned them all the day before that that was his decision and that they could drink wine, soda or tea depending on their mood, he didn't mind munchies, things that had been banned at the theatre, but that they had to have a book that would keep them occupied for a couple of hours.

Now he sat in the plush lounge of the house above the flower shop and looked around at them. Free had found a book of conspiracy theories and was happily pulling faces at the ideas that they suggested.

Chloe had "What not to wear" a bible for the middle aged women of Suburban Britain in which two female style gurus explained how to find clothes that suited you.

Ken was lying with his legs over the back of the sofa and his head dangling beside the coffee table reading his well thumbed copy of Kevin Keegan's book of soccer skills, looking for all the world that it might well combust from the glare he was giving it. He was even muttering darkly to himself.

Michel had found a teen idol in the form of Artemis Fowl and had, at the book shop that afternoon, bought the entire series in case he finished them this evening. Michel liked reading almost as much as Aya did.

Yuki had curled up on the beanbag he had brought from his room and was playing with his glasses as he read a book imaginatively titled "Slambash Wangs of a compo gormer" that Aya wasn't sure wasn't in a foreign language but was apparently very popular at school and Yuki had been meaning to read it for some time and this had given him the excuse. Having read the back Ken had declared it sounded interesting and wouldn't mind reading it when Yuki was done. This didn't mean that he would, but the interest was there nonetheless.

Gazing around his family, and Aya did consider them his family, Aya felt at peace and then he opened his own well loved copy of In search of lost time, volume 1 and looked at the words. Then he looked at them again, he took a mouthful of his tea and tried again. He closed the book with a sigh, he just wasn't in the mood for reading.