The lingering smell of canine flatulence didn't want to leave the upholstery, even with all the windows open and the air conditioning on full.

Apart from the beeps and whirrs of Yuki's PSP and Arthur's snoring they were silent, Aya had gone through every station and CD in the car to discover three greatest hits of Queen and a station that picked up nothing other than Robbie Williams, so with a grunt he had turned it off.

"Ayan," Ken singsonged, "You know we can't find this place."

"Looe" Aya corrected him.

"There's no need to be rude." Ken told him smartly, "I was just thinking we could stop at that service station, stretch our legs, air out the car that kind of thing."

"A good idea, I'm busting for a piss." Chloe said bluntly.

Aya didn't say anything but went to drive past the entrance.

"Aya," Michel said suddenly. "I don't feel very well."

You didn't have to be Free to see Aya pulling into the service station.

KR had booked the team, and Arthur, into a holiday camp called Weybridge Farm just outside the town of Looe. Chloe had the impression of chalets, yellow blazers and knobbly knee competitions. Aya drove the car up to a large farmhouse on a sprawl of beautiful Cornish country side and got out to collect their keys. Chloe took the opportunity to turn on the Greatest hits of Queen, volume 2 and sing along with Princes of the Universe. Free, Michel and Yuki all gave him strange looks, but Ken looked kind of envious he didn't know the words.

Aya got back in the car, rolled his eyes in much the same manner as Arthur was wont to, and with a deep sigh started the car to take them to their home for the next week.

"No," Chloe said firmly. "I'm not doing it."

Aya crossed his arms, "do you want me to get my sword?" He threatened.

"You left it at home." Free told him, "now get in."

Rather than one of the beautiful cottages all over Cornwall, or the hotels, or rental homes, or even a chalet, KR had gone one better and gotten them a large caravan. A metal box thirty six feet by twelve feet.

"you've got to be shitting me." Yuki said.

"Aya, I don't feel very well."

Arthur managed to express what they were all feeling better than most, he cocked his leg on the steps and relieved himself.

"I always said the English were obtuse." Chloe snarked, throwing himself down on the foam cushion on the wooden bench in the caravan, "only they would go on holiday in a metal box." He looked at the rest of them as Free put the kettle on for tea, "I call shotgun, I'm sharing with Aya."

The caravan had been seperated into several rooms, one double bedroom, one room with two bunks, the cramped shower room, which meant sitting on the chemical toilet with your feet in the shower cubicle, and the main room which had a kitchen, a dining room table, that could be lowered into a double bed, and the parlour, which was three wooden benches around the outside with windows and foam cushions that were surprisingly comfortable.

"I'll share the bunks with Yuki." Michel pipped in.

No one wanted to sleep with Ken. He snored.