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Chapter Title (based on the song that I am listening to on repeat at the moment): Morning After (by Cester Vs. Julien K Bennington)

Harry Potter walked through the halls of his would-be residence, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had been summoned to the office of Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, after what would have been his sixth year. With nothing better to do while meandering past the false doors and trick stairs that he had become accustomed to, his thoughts turned to the events of the past year. The very reasons as to why he was now sentenced to a long and boring meeting with the current Headmaster of Hogwarts…

"Boy!" yelled a grotesquely large man by the name of Vernon Dursley. "I want you out of this house, you ungrateful wretch! We bring you into our home, out of the goodness of our hearts, and you repay us like this? I'll have no more of your freaky ways in my house with us, normal people! Your freakiness has contaminated this household and my Dudders for the last time!" Vernon, continuing to rage, on his way to his nephew's bedroom, because his night's sleep had been disturbed by the ear piercing screams of his wife's sister's orphan brat.

Harry, having now completed his sixteenth solar revolution, was coming into his magical inheritance while in the house of his only living relatives, a horse-faced woman, a whale-sized boy, and a corpulent mass of purple rage with the mentality of a goldfish.

When Harry's uncle marched into the second bedroom of his son, Dudley, to put a vicious stop to the ruckus that his nephew was causing, he wasn't expecting to see what was happening before him. The Boy-Who-Lived was floating about a meter above his bed, glowing an eerie black. Standing frozen in the door way, Vernon Dursley watched his "freaky" nephew literally change before his eyes. The boy's strands of messy, coarse, brown hair lengthened into glossy, downy, raven locks with deep purple and silver highlights. He gazed on as the boy's facial features changed from a cute baby face to a gorgeous highly bred, aristocratic countenance. The boy now possessed pale skin, high cheekbones, perfectly sculpted eyebrows, full and luscious, ruby red, pouting lips, as well as a small and perfect nose. The pink and fading car of a lightning bolt transformed into a symbol of Zeus, purple and defined (1). The small, compact body of the boy grew into the more wisp-like form of the effeminate beauty before him. Going from 4'9" to 5'3", the Boy-Who-Lived was still very short, but he no longer looked like a child, he looked the part of a very perfect beautiful young man.

The final visible change of Harry Potter was his wardrobe. The cotton pants that were ten times too large were transformed into black silk slacks. The thread-bare shirt that slipped off his shoulders every time he moved was transformed into a black silk muscle shirt, without sleeves, and a dark purple with silver lining silk kimono-like over shirt (2). His previously unadorned forehead, ears, neck, upper arms, wrists, ankles, and fingers were now kissed with silver jewelry and dark purple gems. His forehead was now crowned with a thin silver circlet with a single gem in the center that dangled gently below the band itself. His ears were pierced by many small bands of silver. His neck displayed a silver torque inlayed with more gems that were crafted into the archaic runes of an unknown language, and then polished for a perfectly rounded surface. His upper arms were covered by twisted silver strands. His wrists and ankles were adorned by solid silver bands that hung loosely. He had one ring on his right middle finger that engraved by an unknown family crest, and he had one more on his left middle ring finger that had emeries and the deep purple gems inlayed in a twisting pattern (3). Both rings were attached to the bracelets on each respective side by dainty silver chains, so as to never be removed.

The unseen changes that Harry Potter went through were that his canines had elongated, his eyes were no longer solid emerald but also had flecks of silver and purple swirling in them, and on his back, at the base of his spine, was a tattoo of the family crest that was also on his ring. Harry's family crest.

Harry's eyes fluttered open as he dropped slowly to his bed. As he got up to see why every part of his body ached, he saw his uncle in the doorway staring wide-eyed at his only nephew. Suddenly, the Boy-Who-Lived became aware of the silk that was draped around his body and the weight of the silver that decorated his body. He looked down only to be hindered from observing himself by a bright light.

"Your Majesty, we are honored to finally meet you," stated two identical men before him that were kneeling with their heads bowed.

"My name is Rath. We have been summoned here by the completion of your inheritance. It is time for you to return to your true home and your true people. My brother, Raithe, and I will be taking you back to your and our home now."

Before Harry could even ask where they were going or how the brothers, oh so obviously twins, could have possibly known about his coming of age, the two brothers each grabbed one of Harry's arms lightly and vanished into the white light again, leaving Vernon Dursley still frozen in the doorway of his nephew's bedroom with his mouth agape and his eyes widened so much that they nearly fell out of their sockets.

The End For Now

(1) You know, Zeus and his lightning bolts…well ya…

(2) http/www.yamatoku.jp/classic/description.asp?tno80620617 … not the outer most layer but the layer right below that…except looser, more flowy, and just the top part…not the pants…but a little more elongated…so that is covers more of the pants

(3) Emeries are the ultra rare black sapphires.