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Chapter Title (based on the song that I am listening to on repeat at the moment): Where Do I Stab Myself in the Ears – The Legion of Doom Remix (Hawthorne Heights)

Harry awoke to bright sunlight shining in from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Raithe had just pushed apart the curtains surrounding the humongous bed that Harry found himself in.

"Good Morning, Your Highness. I'm very sorry about last night. Rath and I forgot that you would probably react strongly to the magic of your mate. You see, when he found out that you were to be his mate, he knew that he would never be around as much as he should be while you were growing up. So as a solution to the problem, he decided to create that garden of purple lilies and white roses, aptly named "The Garden of Sweetest Dreams". You were supposed to be able to go into the garden and feel the power and love of your mate when you needed it most, like when you were in emotional turmoil it would have calmed you, and like if you had been in need of your mate's…ministrations and touch, you would have been able to go to the garden and be…relieved. We believe that the reason you reacted so strongly was because you haven't been in contact with him or his magic like you should have been, so your body tried to absorb everything as fast as possible so as to catch up. So on that note, how are you feeling?" Raithe stopped talking, waiting for a response from his charge, but Harry was too stunned by Harry's revelations to respond immediately.

"Your Majesty?"

"I'm sorry, Raithe, but what was that about my mate?"

Raithe looked around for a place to sit, but still be seen clearly, but ended up deciding jus sit next to Harry on the huge bed.

Well, you see, with our people, the vampyres, most of us have soul mates. Those of us that do, usually respond a certain way when we first come in contact with them. When it becomes apparent who the young vampyre will be to their mate, the parents of the vampyre and the parents of their mate, if not the mate themselves, go to great lengths to secure the relationship. Do you understand so far?"

"I think so, but I have a feeling that there is more to this than you have told me so far."

"Yes, you are right. There is more. You see these rings that the both of us have? The ones made with the colors of our souls, red and gold, and purple and silver. These were given to us by our mates when they became aware of what we would be to them. They are there to tell everyone else that we are completely and utterly spoken for, as well as allow our mates to know when we are in danger, in distress, or in pain. The submissive partner in vampyre-vampyre pairings always wears one of these rings. Sometimes the dominant wears the family seal, but that is only when they are the eldest son of said family. My brother, as the first born, wears the ring as a symbol of his stature as head of the household, at least when he was old enough to take up that responsibility, until then, he wore it to show others his importance to an upper class family. I wear my bonding ring because I am the submissive. You, on the other hand, wear both rings because you are the scion of the royal line as well as the submissive in a non-vampyre-vampyre bond. Your mate placed this ring on your finger soon after your birth because he was much older than you; in fact he was almost the age of your parents. My mate, in contrast, is the same age as I am; therefore, he did not place my bonding ring on my finger until much later, because he was too young to completely understand what was going on before that."

"Who is your mate, Raithe? Will I get to meet him? I would like that." Stated Harry.

"You already have, your majesty. My mate is Rath." Laughed Raithe gently.

"…Don't people believe that him being your mate is wrong? I mean, I believe that if you love him you love him and there really isn't anything that should come in between you, but don't most people believe that you are freaks or something? Asked Harry, getting a flashback from his years at the Dursley's, where anything remotely different was frowned upon and disapproved of.

"No, your majesty, the people in our kingdom believe that if two souls were made to be together then no physical restrictions apply to them really anymore. The Vampyres follow the teachings of the Goddess, who accepts love in all forms, since she was the one to create love in the first place. We believe that when a soul is put into two or more bodies then nothing should get in the way of their coming together, like they belong."

"Well, I am glad that you are with your soul mate, no matter who they are. I hope my mate and myself can get past all of the boundaries that the human world puts on love."

"Don't worry, your majesty, your mate has spent a lot of time in the muggle and wizarding world as well, he will understand your inhibitions and help you get past them. It may take some time, but everything will work out in the end."


"Yes, your highness?"

"You can call me 'Harry'"

"I'm sorry, but I can't"

"Why not?" Harry was confused.

"Because, even though you have given me permission to call you by the name, 'Harry', that isn't your real name, and calling, your highness, by a name that is not yours would go against the vampyre codes of respect. " Raithe Stated.

"But, Harry is my name."

"Maybe to those humans that were supposed to care for you and raise you, but your name isn't Harry James Potter. It's King Daemeon Rhian Alexandre Ryu Dyre Idris Beltaine Draedon." Raithe declared proudly.

"You can't be serious. That was like eight names."

"Well each name has a special meaning and was given to you by someone that cared for you deeply when you were born."

"What do they all mean?"

"'Rhian' was the name that your godfather gave to you. He was such a joker that he decided to name the little prince, 'little king'. 'Dyre' was the name that your godmother gave to you, and it means 'dear heart'. She wanted you to always know that you were her very heart. She named you promptly after punching your godfather for making your name a joke. Your mother gave you the name 'Ryu' because she knew that you would have the strength and wisdom of a dragon. Your father gave you the name 'Idris' meaning 'fiery'. He named you that because you used to set your nurse's hair on fire when you got pissed off at her. You were born during the Beltaine Rights, so the priestesses and the druids declared that you were to be named after the Goddess' most sacred ceremony. To them, you will always be 'The Beltaine King', knowing their tendencies they will probably expect you to be a large part of the Rights when you are finally to be bonded with your mate. 'Draedon' is your family name, the name that has been passed on by the royal blood for generations upon generations. 'Daemeon' is the name the people know you by, it is also the name that your grandfather gave you. It means 'constant divine power'. The mark on your brow gave the kingdom reason to believe that you were marked by the Goddess at birth, by her symbol, even though on Earth, your mark represents the patriarchal God, Zeus."

"Wow. How do you know all this?"

"Your mate once told me. He was there the whole time."

"Why didn't he give me a name as well?"

"Well, mates don't give their counterparts a name to call them by until they have bonded. Only then will the pair be truly close enough to give each other a name that will represent the other. Your mate will give you a name when you have fully bonded, when he can think of one that will fit you as perfectly as he, himself, does." Raithe began to look dreamy when he started speaking about mates complimenting each other.

"Raithe! Raithe! Snap out of it!" shouted Daemeon and when Raithe finally did he continued. " You can call me by any of my names, as long as you don't call me 'king' again."

Raithe thought about what Daemeon was saying, "I will call you 'Daemeon' when we are not in public, while in public I will call you by the appropriate title. That reminds me, I was supposed to be helping you get ready to meet your godparents, and then a few government officials afterwards. It looks like we have about twenty minutes to get ready. Oh Shit! We have to hurry….and I have to tell you how you are expecting to act! Double Shit! How could I have gotten so sidetracked…"

Daemeon followed Raithe around dutifully while his mind began to wander again and turned towards thoughts of his mate…

The End for Now


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