After Conclusions

Ch. 1 Summer School

"Josie, Blake Holsey High has personally paid for your summer school course at it, along with some others. Well, it's really Victor Pearson who did the paying…" Josie's Mom, Kelly Trent, explained to Josie.

Josie, along with others who had missed large portions of school from the Black Hole, were offered summer tutelage at the school from Professor Z and Principal Durst, along with Lucas, who was doing it for an internship.

In the weeklong break Josie had, Lucas explained that he wanted to be a teacher, and that this was a great opportunity for him. Plus, he was earning some money.

"Cool Mom. So, I'll see you at graduation?" laughed Josie.

"Definitely!" she grinned and hugged Josie, who then climbed into Lucas' car, who was giving her a lift. Lucas then pressed hard on the accelerator pedal, and they were off to Blake Holsey.

"You guys WILL be the last guys to go to that school, and it will be torn down in September. So enjoy it, ok?" Lucas sighed as they drove.

"Why are YOU sad?" Josie asked.

"My Dad can't afford my college tuition. I'm getting a job, and paying for it myself."

Josie stared at him for a second, and then fiercely shook her head.

"Lucas, I'm sure you can use the money your Dad won for that fishing tournament. It wasn't THAT long ago you won it…"

"You're forgetting that it wasn't that long ago when you disappeared last year. I spent it already," and Lucas said this in a tone that meant 'drop it.'

"I'm not… you deserve…"

Lucas took his eyes off the road to look at her.

"Josie, I'm fine with it. So what if I have to wait another year for college? I'm fine," he repeated. Josie sighed in defeat as they drove on.

"Well, Ms. Trent, I'm glad that you will be benefiting from our summer course. You will have Professor Zachary for Science and Math, Professor Randall for Spanish and Gym, and me for English and Social Sciences."

Josie snorted. Lucas, teaching Gym!

"If you must know, he was the only person to teach it."

Josie still couldn't help it. As she moved into her old room, she burst out laughing. Professor Z then opened the door.

"Hello Josie, I see you discovered the fact that Luc- Professor R is teaching Gym," and even Z sniggered.

"Yeah, you guys were really desperate, huh?"

Z shook his head, "it's not that, we just… we couldn't afford anything else."

Josie nodded gravely.

"And anyway, not many of you have to attend. You, Stuart, some others, Tyler when he gets back…"

"Wait, TYLER?"

"-and I think some people who failed," Z finished, not answering Josie.

"Tyler? I thought… wait, Z, do you think he is an observer?" Josie asked, really beginning to understand things now.

"That is what I think, because he didn't show up for his internship. That's like… failing school. So I guess he's an observer. He's arriving late anyway, so that is mine and Lucas' guess."

Josie nodded, and scowled. "Going to school with him. How much fun! And this time I won't have Corrine, Marshall, and Vaughn to help me out with his annoyance. Ah well, there's always Lucas."

"I expect you two will grow closer" and Z sounded hopeful and furtive. Josie eyed him suspiciously. Closer, yeah I guess. As friends. But what does he think… this is another mystery to solve. I don't know whether to be pleased or confused. And as she thought this, Z left out the door.

"Wow, what a first day back!" Josie was scowling. She had only just started her classes, yet she was pilling on the homework more than on normal school. But, then again, she had to make up a year's work in three months, which was no easy feat. At least Spanish and Gym were fun today, Josie thought happily. Lucas was a great teacher, even though he sucks at sports. Durst had given them the most homework, but her classes were okay. And of course, Z had a lot of fun stuff planned for them.

But Josie couldn't help but wonder what Z meant by "close." Didn't Z know that she was in a relationship with Vaughn? But then again, what was going on between her and Vaughn? When she came back, he was surprised and (she guesses) happy. But why was he suddenly all angry at her in Z's office? And why, when the other three had gone and the two of them were just standing there, awkwardly, didn't he kiss her? Did her being gone for a year change everything that they had? Or strengthen it to the point of awkwardness?

Josie felt deeply depressed, but did not dwell on this information. Instead, she rolled over in her bed, turned off the light, and fell asleep. But, as she fell asleep, she couldn't help thinking,

Eventually, I will have to choose. Lucas or Vaughn? Before I went into the other dimension, it was clearly Vaughn. But now… now I'm not so sure. After all, your heart pounds when you see both of them. Equally pounds.

(859 Words) I know this was short, trust me the next one will be longer!