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Kagome shifted nervously amongst all the other soldiers. She could feel the anxiety practically overflowing from all the other warriors around her. Fumbling with her bow, she could only wonder how she got herself into such a miserable situation. For the last few weeks she had avoided reminiscing upon the recent events, but now as she nearly faced death in the eye, she found them all flowing quickly back to her.

The youkai had called war. Sick of being hunted and hated by humans, they challenged them instead. One war. One day. All or nothing. The results were simple: the winners kept the others as slaves, the losers putting up no resistance.

None of the humans wanted to; they knew what the results would be. The youkai were stronger, faster, and nearly equal in cunningness. But when thinking about, they realized they had no choice. The youkai said that this had just been a warning; whether they were refused or not, they would start anyways.

Every able person from age ten and up was called into war. Weapons were sorted. The debut lasted only two weeks, and now they stood on the ground on which would soon be some of theirs grave.

Kagome was too far back in the crowd to see the demons lining up across the plains, but she could hear them rustling and calling. More than not, she heard cat-calls and taunts, only to be responded with meager mumbles from her side. On one hand, Kagome was embarrassed to be siding with such spineless people--on the other hand, she knew that those who called back with a smart mouth would be the first to fall. She knew this, and she knew the others did too.

A sudden hush fell over the crowd. 'It's time.' Kagome thought blankly. At this point, she was devoid of all but one emotion: fear. She knew what was coming. She knew of the massacre that she was about to witness. She knew that she did not want to kill; but above all, she knew the consequences if she didn't.

A horn blared sharply to her far right. Now was the time and everyone around her shouted angrily, ready to prove their worthiness. They were responded with haunting laughter, and somehow, this didn't surprise Kagome.

'Scum', Kagome directed her thoughts passionately across the long distance to every one of those who defied her people. 'They're always so cocky. All of them are the same; cold, cruel hearted, killing machines. They don't feel emotions the way we do; they just live out their miserable lives for the sake of living.'

The horn blasted again, and this time Kagome was roughly shoved forward as the two opposite forces rushed together, merging so that they be one, yet at the same time repelling each other like nothing else.

It was only moments before Kagome loosened her first arrow. It shot through the air and pierced the stomach of an over-sized, purple, gelatin like youkai. She watched in shock and horror as its stomach ripped open and a horrible, cabbage smelling acid poured unto the ground. She was disgusted, yet at the same time she refused to let herself look away until it was over.

Then she moved on.

She loosened few arrows after that, and the few that she did, she made sure that they counted. She tried to maneuver swiftly through the fallen bodies--too many, she began to notice, were human. She pulled another arrow out and placed it in her bow, ready for usage, when she noticed a tall youkai standing over a terrified eleven-year old. He had long silver hair, and a billowing white kimono. There was a large white fur draped over his right shoulder. There was a purple crescent moon on his forehead, and two stripes on each cheek. In his right hand he held a sword, ready to decapitate the young boy. Kagome moved quickly.

She drew back her bow and released--but she missed. The arrow struck his left shoulder, and shot right through to the other side. She watched his arm fall, but then turned and forced herself back into the raging crowd. She knew that such wound would not kill a youkai, merely anger him. She left his sight fast, but not before she heard the suddenly silenced cries of the boy she tried to save.

She ran past a group of people that fought in such a way that they formed a large circle. Stepping into it, she saw just in time, a man pulling his spear out of the fallen demon. Raising his spear high in the air, he roared a battle cry. In response, the rest of the humans raised their own weapons and screamed in response.

"The demons will fall!" He roared, and the crowd screamed in response.

They're glory was cut short by a sudden red blur shooting high up into the air from behind him. It drew out a magnificent sword; enormous, with a large, sharp curve, and fur tussled at the handle. He swung sharply, and made a large sweep across the man's waist, and he fell abruptly, having his upper have disconnected from the rest of him.

"Nice." The boy said, dropping down the ground with a slight tap. "But you forgot about the rest of us."

Kagome only ogled for a moment. This boy--he was very different. Like the last youkai she had shot, he had long silver hair. Perched atop his head was--were those dog ears? He wore a baggy red kimono with a simple black string going from his left hip to his right shoulder, tied in a simple bow. His face was one full of determination, spirit, and anger.

But then her moment of ogling was over. She drew back her bow and shot fiercely, aiming for the demons heart.

She saw his ears twitch slightly. He must have heard the whistling of the arrow, because he smartly stepped aside, and the arrow shot off harmlessly into the crowd. He raised his eyes to hers, and she stepped back in horror. She had missed.

Without another thought, she turned and dashed into the crowd, fleeing for her life, knowing all to well of the enchanting golden eyes that followed her.

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