And then Inuyasha was all like "lolz, u got pwned" and used some super amazing skillz to own the two brothers, and in a burst of amazingness, broke the curse between him and Kagome, and they all lived happily ever after.


I just totally ruined my "career" of a fan author didn't I? Whoops.

Well, since this isn't a real "chapter", I decided I should give you guys SOMETHING to work off of. How incredibly cruel of me.

BUT! Before you all resume killing me, I would just like to point out (as I have to some incredibly cool reviewers that have contacted me COUGH-Phinex-Rose) I have been working on a chapter. Slowly. But it's coming. (in the mean time, I doodled something for all of you…deviantart . com / deviation / 51193545/ (without the spaces)

But that wasn't really the focus of this update. Really, I had a question…I'm going to an anime convention (Don't know if anyone lives in Vancouver, but I'm going to Anime Evolution) and they have what is called "bedtime reading stories" where you read fics or original stories you wrote.

So is my story too long to bring there? Or should I just read a few chapters then be like "yeah, the rest is posted here."

Please feed back.

Love you all,


p.s. o.o I just realized that I could be severely punished for posting something like this that isn't a chapter. Please don't hate me everyone.