Strange Days At Blake Holsey High

jena rink
january 29th, 2006
this picks up after conclusions...5 years after graduation.
and I dont own anythinng...yep...thats about it.
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In a large oak paneled room, covered in desks, 300 students worked furiously, glancing at the clocks in the room every so often to check the time. At a desk near the front of the room, a small redhead scribbled into her blue book, looked at the clock, and closed it with a snap, standing up. Despite her finals, her mind was elsewhere. And it had been for the last six years. She put her paper on the professors desk, smiled uncertainly at him, and walked out the door. She was done with grad school. And she felt no sense of accomplishment. She squeaked when someone picked her up, and smiled a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Hi, Jeff..."she said, trying to sound excited, and , and accepted the kiss he gave her.

"How'd it go?" he asked, and she shrugged.

"Well, I guess..."Jose said softly, and they walked down the hallway together.

"So I was reading up on lab positions, and there's place called Perady-"she cut him off, momentarily forgetting her composure.

"I can't work at Peradyne!"she said loudly, and frowned at the looks the students were giving her,"Sorry..."she muttered, and walked down the steps, glancing back at him.

"You got some mail today..."Jeff said, attempting to change the subject, and pulled two envelopes out of his bag. Josie grabbed them, looking them over, a strange look on her face,"I really don't understand why we can't use our address, Jose..."

"The only thing that decides our destiny is our own actions..."she mused, reading the return adress on the first envelope, a grin on her face.

"Who's Noel Zachary, by the way...he writes you a lot..."she lost it again.

"Maybe some things in my life are meant to stay private, ok Jeff?"Josie burst out, and immedietly regretted her words. he patted her shoulder, and she forced a grin.

"It's okay, you're just stressed..."he kissed her,"I'll see you after class okay?"she nodded, watching him walk off, and made her way to a spare bench, sitting down and tucking her legs underneath her,"Love you!"he called back, and she winced.

"You too..."she responded, opening Z's letter.

Dear Josie-

How are your finals going? It seems it was just yesterday you were standing in the science room, lecturing me on the simplicity of molecularly deconstructing a science teacher. And now here you are, about to finish grad school and start a career. Things are strange here, as per usual. Enrollment is way up and we're set to break ground on a new science building later this year. Any chance you could come up for the ribbon cutting? I'm sure Sarah and Victor would appreciate it. Not to mention me.

Josie, I know how difficult this must be for you. Especially this time of year. If you need to talk, you know my number. I'm always here for you, I hope you know that. Write me when you get the chance, or just call me. Sorry for the short note, things have been moving faster than I expected. And someone just pulled the fire alarm in the girls dorms...


Jose grinned, and closed the letter, leaning back and closing her eyes. She hadn't seen any of them in five years. And today was the 6th anniversary of the day she had gone through the wormhole for the last time. And everyone wouldn't give up. They were still trying to talk to her. They didn't understand. She only corresponding with Victor, Z, and the Janitor occasionally. Her new life revolved around hiding her past. And she liked it that way.

She started walking, and was home before she even realised it, unlocking the door and rushing to answer the ringing phone.

"Hello?"Josie questioned, sitting down at the kitchen table.

"Hi Shortcake! How was your last final?"Josie rolled her eyes.

"Hey, mom..."she said tiredly, flipping on the tv and preparing to tune her out,"Listen...I'll be in town tomorrow, and I'd love to have dinner with you and Jeff..."

"Mom..."Josie warned,"I..."

"Josie, I just adore him! The two of you are so cute!"she said, and Josie stopped listening, focusing on the tv.

"Yeah, perfect..."she frowned at the image, and turned it up, listening.

"So, any special ladies in your life Mr. Wheeler?"a talk show host asked, and Marshall nodded.

"Yes..."he'd gotten taller, and a smile lit up his face,"We went to prep school together...she's my best friend..."

"That's a shame..."the host said, and Marshall laughed softly.

"I've never been happier in my life...I'm taking a year off to spend time with her...we're moving back to where we grew up.."he said, and Josie scowled, turning off the tv.

"Mom, Just call me when you get here...I'll meet you at you..."she hung up, and stared at the rain that was begining to pelt against the window, her expression sour. Meanwhile, the other envelope laid unopened and unassuming on the kitchen table.

Miles away, where the rain lashed against the single lit window of a large building in the middle of the woods outside of Ontario, a young but tired looking man crouched exhaustedly over his desk, red ink stained fingers tapping idly on the desktop.
Looking at the desk, one couldn't be sure what exactly he was grading. Numerous styrafoam cups, balled up pieces of paper, and candy bar wrappers littered the stained wooden desk. One could easily say that it was untidy.

Behind him, shadows fell over the numerous beakers and various scientific equipment that covered the many tables. On the wall, his degrees read masters in engineering, major in molecular biology, and minor in quantum physics, all from Oxford. On a small shelf, his Blake Holsey High Diploma sat, alongside a picture frame, so small it was almost irrecognisable. They were both coated in dust.

He sighed, and glanced out at the rain again. It was nights like this, when he couldn't sleep, had papers to grade, and it was raining, that he thought of her. He always thought of her. And he couldn't save her. After five years of persuading Durst, Vaughn, and the rest of the Board of Directors to not tear down the school where he had grown so much, he had failed. And now he'd never find the other Josie. As much as he'd investigated how to find her in the last few years, it had proved to be a fruitless endeavor. And here he was, teaching most of the science classes, an emotional wreck, and completely isolated from most of the people he truly cared about. He jumped when the door opened, and turned to face a farmilliar mentor.

"Z..."he said simply, and turned around, continuing to grade.

"This looks like your old dorm room..."Z commented wryly, and Lucas rolled his eyes,"Hey! Look! A clean spot!"he added.

Z had grown older, but all there was to show for it were a few laugh lines around his eyes. He cleared his throat, and Lucas turned around.

"Do you need a drink?" Lucas asked,"Because I could sure use a drink..."

Forty minutes later, they were down in the teachers lounge, recalling old memories.

"Oh man...I wonder if Corrine still has Mr. Bunny Pants...I haven't talked to her or Marshall in years..."Lucas said, laughing.

"She was always ready to give almost anything for the cause of science..."Z paused,"Anyone like that these days?" he questioned.

"Nah...I think we have more Josies' than Corrines' this year..."he said, and they fell silent. Lucas tried to change the subject, "But I think you'd know all about that, Principal Zachary..."he paused,"You finally gave Lynsey dentention...ya big softy..."

"I had to...she never goes to class...reminds me of someone we both used to know..."Z said, laughing, and realised what he had said,"Wow..."he murmered,"we should get some sleep...I'll see you in the morning..."

"Yeah..."Lucas said vaugely, watching him leave the room.

The living room was finally bar, and Marshall dusted his hands off.

"And that's the last of it..."he said to himself, and turned at his girlfriend's voice.

"For someone who claims to be at the gym so much, you're sure panting a lot..."Corrine pointed out, her hand on her hip. She walked over and handed him a glass of water.

"Thanks..."he kissed her temple, and drank the water quickly.

"Your welcome..."she said lightly, and smiled up at him,"We should get going soon if we want to get there before dark..."

"If it gets dark are we gonna need Mr. Bunny Pants?"Marshall asked, and she sighed.

"For your information, I;m not leaving until you take a shower...because you smell..."she shot back.

"Corrine, you think if I get sweat all over you you'll smell too?" Marshall asked, and picked her up before she could answer, hugging her around the middle and burying his face in her hair, laughing.

"Marshall! Ew!" Corrine laughed, and they broke apart when the doorbell rang.

"That must be the movers..."Marshall glanced at the empty foyer,"Let's go..."

"I'm gonna smell the whole way to Canada..."Corrine said, and Marshall, turned back, grabbing her hands.

"Birds of a feather, Cor..."he locked eyes with her,"And you're beautiful no matter how you smell..."he kissed her softly, and opened the door.

"I can't believe we're moving back to Ontario..."Corrine said, and Marshall turned on the car.

"I can't believe you're gonna be working at Peradyne Industries..."he responded, and she sighed.

"Let's just take the next couple of weeks as they come at us...after all, things can't be that bad. There's no Black Hole..."she said.

"So when we get there...things don't have to be like boot camp..."Marshall said, and Corrine snorted.

"As long as it's not as disorganized as Europe..."Corrine noted, and Marshall grabbed her hand.

"We had fun.."he reminded her, and she grinned.

"Best summer of my life..."she assured him, and leant back, staring out the window. She couldn't believe they were actually going back.

Her life seemed perfect to everyone. The perfect husband, the perfect son. Sarah Person often wondered what her life would have been like if she hadn't of been sent to Blake Holsey. She wouldn't have had Vaughn, she wouldn't have married Victor. And she woulnd't have a secret that was eating away at her.

"Mom?" her head snapped up, and she smiled.

"Vaughn! You're back..."she hugged him tightly,"How was Paris?" he didn't answer, and met her eyes. He looked haunted.

"You look sick, Vaughn...have you been eating?"he nodded.

"I promise I've been eating..."he assured her, "But I've got really bad jet lag, and I'd like to get some rest before Lucas attacks me for tearing down Blake Holsey...someone didn't tell me about the vote..."he pointed out, and she nodded.

"It's been five year...there wasn't anymore we could do..."Sarah said, and he nodded.

"I know..."he paused,"Five years..."he glanced at the picture of the Science Club on the mantle, only really looking at one person. But he would never admit that to anyone. Least of all himself.

The way things ending had led Vaughn into countless early April vacations to find himself. Paris, Hawaii, anything to take Josie off his mind. The only problem was that it never worked. The result of his inner turmoil was a sleu of girlfriends, none of which lasted more than a few weeks. And Vaughn's constant unhappiness. He knew he could have anyone he wanted. But all he wanted was her back.

"Vaughn, son, you're back..."he accepted his father's hug, and raised his eyebrows.

"I'm gonna go and get that sleep I was talking about..."he paused,"I'll see you in the lab tomorrow..."he made his way upstairs, and collasped onto his bed, staring out his skylight and at the stars overhead. He picked up a picture of them, the same as the one of the mantle, and sighed softly. He had no idea where he had gone wrong.

Meanwhile, Sarah was staring up the stairs after him.

"He looks worse than the last time..."Sarah said, and leant against Victor, her head on his shoulder.

"Well until he realises what he does need, he will only get worse.."Victor reminded her,"And he only needs one thing..."

"Which is what?"

"Not all those girls he's been seeing..."Victor kissed the top of her head,"Let's go to's late..."

"Can anyone other than Nichelle answer the question?" his back was to the students, but he immedietly knew that only the know it all Sophomore could answer.

"Save yourself the greif and just have me do it..."Nichelle said,"It's Benjamin Franklin..."she added, and Lucas rolled his eyes.

"Very good, Nichelle, but since it appears that no one else did the reading, they'll be a 20 question exam on it tomorrow morning..."he kept talking, and Lynsey Davies tuned him out. She had gotten really good at that since her arrival at Blake Holsey two years ago. She tapped her pencil violently on the countertop, and it went flying when Lucas put his hand on her shoulder.

"And that is daydreaming..."he said. They all watched the pencil soar across the room and hit Vaughn in the forehead, who had just opened the door. Lynsey stifled a laugh.

"Good form, Lynsey...10 points extra credit..."Lucas said, as the bell rang, and glanced at Vaughn, his eyes narrowed.

"Do you always teach your students the art of pencil launching?"

"No, but you're a fair target..can I help you?" Lucas said coldly, walking back to his desk.

"We need to talk, Professor Randall..."Vaughn said, and Lynsey paused, dropping her book and ducking down, listening intently.

"Talk away, Vaughn..."Lucas busied himself at his desk.

"Not going to waste any time with the formalities, are you?"

"You look up formalities in a dictionary?"Lucas shot back.

"I was in Paris, Lucas...they didn't tell me..."

"Of course you didn't were too busy drowning your sorrows in old Paris..."Lucas said snidely.

"Lucas, that's..."Vaughn paused," You're stuck on someone we can never get know that!"

"So are you!" Lucas shot out, his eyes flashing,"And you wanna know the reason why Josie has a PO Box and not an address, and why none of us have heard from her in years? You! You drove her away!"Lucas yelled.

"This isn't about..."Vaughn trailed off.

"You can't even say her name!" Lucas said angrily, and Vaughn punched him.

"This isn't about J-Josie..."he said quietly, and stormed from the room, slamming the door behind him.

Lynsey waited until Lucas had followed, and stood up shakily.

"Whoa..."she said, and stepped out the door, closing it behind her.

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