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Sakura's P.O.V.

(A few weeks later)

I blearily opened my eyes, blinked, and rubbed them. I quickly sat up, not caring about the splitting headache that reared its ugly head in my direction. I took a quick glimpse at my situation, analyzing and concluding the general time I stayed here. 'Great, one heck of a bill this is gonna be!' I thought, and then lay slowly back down with a sigh.

I then thought I heard a soft snore to my left, and I took a peek to see what it was. There he was, Sasuke, sleeping on a couch, looking grimy and unkempt, like he was with me the whole time. I tried to stifle a laugh, but, alas, he still woke up with a groan. He looked up at me with a face that seemed to have the cross between shock, and exhilaration. He quickly run up to me and grabbed my hands, almost squeezing them into oblivion. "I knew you would wake up soon!" his excitement almost scared me, "they said 'no, she probably won't make it' but here you are!"

He then started petting my head muttering to himself incoherently. "Um… Sasuke, are you okay?" As soon as I asked him, he looked down at me, and started leaning down, my heart seemed to stop and time ended as he got closer and closer, I was staring in those loving onyx eyes and soon I was lost in them and his adoring smile, when he got to the appropriate destination (a hairs length away from my face) he raised his hand and flicked my nose, "Oh, thanks…." He just smiled and walked out, probably to pay the bill. I sighed again and got out of bed. 'God I hate these hospital gowns!' I went to the bathroom to change, and I somehow accomplished my task in the small space that it offered. I walked back in the room to find that it was still empty, and decided to sit back down.

A few minutes later, I looked at the clock and then at the door, wondering where in the world Sasuke went. I then stood up, wincing in pain at the still tenderness of my gut. I went to the doorway and looked down the hall, seeing or hearing no one or no thing. I started running down the hall upon immediately hearing shrieking on the floor below. I got to the bottom of the stairs when the lights went out, and I froze. A low rumbling was heard and I spotted two blood-red eyes outside, the rain was pelting us inside from a hole in the wall when the thing outside crushed it. Shrieks and cries were heard, almost drowning all noises out, and then I saw him. A flash of lightning showed me what caused it… the Kyuubi. I then smelt death fast approaching and bolted to the door, not caring whether who was there to stop, or meet me. Sasuke then leapt up at me from nowhere, and threw me to the ground, banging my head on a rock. The sweet melancholy of darkness soon found my way as I drifted down into unconsciousness, yet again.


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