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The sun was setting against the distant mountains as she looked out of the window. All alone in the apartment with nothing to do but reflect on how screwed up her life had become. And yet here she was. Back on the path she had started on. But now, it didn't seem as fulfilling as it did when she started. Now there was something missing. That drive that she once held was dwindling. She used to be able to accomplish anything she set her mind to but now that he was gone, she felt like she would fail at anything and everything she tried. The articles she had written for the YDN didn't hold the same spark and flare that they used to. Instead they read like rambling facts. Flat. Choppy. Uninspired. Like her.

She had been back at Yale for a month now and had seen him at every coffee kiosk on campus every day. He had shoed up with flowers and candles, chocolates and pastries, even coffee and books. He had rented her a coffee cart for Christ's sake. It had, though she would never admit it to anyone else, been wearing her down. If he didn't give up on her soon then she would relent and give in to him. She would give him the chance to hurt her again. She wasn't prepared to do that.

Somewhere in the back of her mind a cell phone was ringing. She ignored it, figuring that it was her mom. When the calls kept coming one right after the other she answered it. The caller wasn't Lorelai. It was a nurse at Hartford Memorial Hospital.

Grabbing her coat and purse she raced out the door. The door was left unlocked and the window wide open but she didn't care. The only thing she cared about was reaching the hospital before the doctors wheeled them into surgery.