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I watched the nameless robot speed out of the room with Neera, a strange sense of peace coming over me. Somehow, I knew she would be safe.

I felt as though the tremendous weight of pain and fear had lifted from me. My body twisted, and then the smooth, cold floor was under me. I never felt the fall.

The world began to fade around me. A hush fell over the sounds of laser fire like a mother quieting her child in the still of night. A soft gray fog came up around me, taking away the pain.

If this is death, I thought, it isn't so bad.

I saw a field, a large, unending field blanketed with wildflowers. A gentle breeze stirred the long waves of amber grass that I could almost touch. I saw a wide, dirt road leading off through the field into the distance, reaching out into eternity.

And I smiled. No, the road doesn't end after all. I keeps going.

And back on that cold steel floor, in the middle of a bloody battle, total peace descended over me. There was no light at the end of the tunnel, or legions of trumpeting angels, but I had found my way Home just the same.

My eyes closed on this world, never to open again.


Crouching, coiled tightly ready to spring, Hook blinked in mild surprise as his foes suddenly warped out of the battlefield. His chest placed heaved, his laser core vibrating with the battle rush. Cowards, he thought, running away like that. He lowered his sword, the tip clinking loudly against the floor. It was even worse because they also got away with the minicon.


"You fool! You let them get away!" Starscream cried, pointing his sword threateningly at Hook. "Now I'll never get to finish my experiment!" With a strangled cry of frustration, he thrust the blade into the steel floor where it held, quivering with the impact.

Hook felt a twisted smile curve up his lips, his anger literally oozing from him. The screamer took his experiment from him. He would pay dearly for it.

He lifted his own sword and silently approached his nemesis, the demented leer never once faltering. No one who crossed Hook had ever live to tell the tale. The scientist was as feared as Megatron, but while Megatron commanded trembling obedience for his shear size and power, Hook terrified those around him because he was completely insane.

Starscream, all the while with his back to his stalker, seemed completely unaware of this, however. He had stopped in his tracks, staring at something on the floor, first with curiosity then with disgust.

"This pathetic thing wouldn't happen to be YOUR experiment by any chance, would it?" he asked, slightly amused, then turned just in time to see Hook mere feet from him, slowly bringing his sword down from its raised striking position and stowing it in sub-space. He scoffed. So, Hook had it out for him, after all. Moron. Unlike the rest of the decepticons, Starscream was a scientist as well, meaning that he was an even match for Hook in intellect which- next to his insanity- was the blue bot's greatest weapon.

Starscream couldn't deny to himself though that for a moment his laser core had clenched with fear.

Hook stared down at the thing on the floor, then slowly knelt next to it, passing his hand over it to scan it for life signs. Finding none, he clenched his fist tightly, grinding his face plates.

Starscream laughed. "You had better keep a eye on your experiments next time. The more intelligent ones have a habit of escaping." Hook glared up at Starscream, then gingerly scooped up the dead human in his hands, cupping it like the precious thing it was to him. Though he couldn't care less for the humans themselves, he had spent precious time and energy on this one, growing attached to it as a scientific curiosity. Oh well, time to resort to plan B.

He stood without and word, turning to head back to his lab. Then, as if on an afterthought, he looked back to Starscream. "Remind me to dismember you later!" He shouted.

Starscream chuckled and yanked his sword out of the floor, returning it to its place as his wing on his back.. "Yeah, sure."


There was darkness. Yet somewhere, there was also awareness. Otherwise the darkness wouldn't be noticed...right? The darkness lightened to gray and suddenly there were sounds as well. Soft, soothing sounds. And then there were loud, jarring sounds that shook the fragile little world. She just wanted them to go away and leave her alone...

Wait a minute...she? Yeah, that's right, the awareness is a somebody...


...me. And with that mystery solved, Neera slowly stared coming back to herself, and all the memories from the last few days crowded in one her. They crowded her little dark world until there was no more room for her and she blinked her eyes open into consciousness.

Everything appeared fuzzy at first before slowly resolving itself to form the shape of a large figure bending over her. Starscream!

...No, wait, it couldn't be starscream...though his robot was the same red and white colors, it was differently shaped.

It's large face cracked into a smile

"Ah! Your awake." The robot said cheerfully.

Big. Neera thought. Really, really big.

She remembered Starscream and Hook. She remembered what those big robots had done to Jonas.

Terror seized her in its icy grip, freezing her breath in her chest, and instinctually Neera reached out to Axel with her mind, only to find that he wasn't there with her.

Though she wanted to bolt upright, there was only a small twitch in response. Though she wanted to scream, her breath wouldn't come. Neera felt tired and drained, and all her wild passion seeped from her before she could do anything with it.

The moment passed, she let out a long breath as though she had been holding it her whole life, feeling more like she had just breasted the tape at the end of a tri-atholon rather than just having woken up. What was worst, a familiar tightness began to constrict her chest, the mounting pressure of a coming headache building between her eyes.

"Yeah, I know that feeling. Don't worry, I'll have you up and around before you know it." Neera ignored his words. Her mind stretched out, looking for Axel. She found him in some place far from her, alive at least. She touched him, receiving his answering whisper that she felt more than heard, taking comfort in it.

"What have you done with Axel?" She croaked, her voice louder than she thought it would be.

The robot looked uncomfortable for a minute before hesitantly answering, "Well, right now he's being held under arrest until his trial. Sorry, kid."

The gears in her mind ground against each other, screeching to a halt. Axel? Under arrest? Whoa, wait a minute- what was going on here?

"Huh? Under arrest? For what? By whose order?"

The robot sighed, straightening up and moving across the room from her. He taped on the keyboard of one of the monitors in the room, bringing up a lengthy text in some alien language.

"See? It's a warrant from Autobot high command for us to bring him in for crimes against the State."

Anger welled up in me. How dare they? What right did they have to take him away from me?

"Crimes? What crimes?" I challenged. Now he really looked uncomfortable. He looked around, rubbing the back of his neck before finally sighing and dropping his arm.

"Look, I'm not supposed to be telling you this, but I think you deserve to know, being his partner and all." He sighed again. "Kid, Axel's a murder. He's killed primus knows how many autobots. Decepticons too, though we're not so sure about that one. At first he was an autobot, but then he betrayed us for the decepticons. Then he turned on them too. Like I said; sorry kid, but that minicon's downright rotten."

"No." Neera whispered in protest. Angry tears of hurt rolled down her cheeks. Anger at those who took Axel. Anger at herself for letting them get to him. But at the same time, a sharp pang of betrayal for the accusations that she somehow knew to be true. Axel was a part of her mind, always and forever, and he did not deny the charges. His silence was her torture. If only he would deny it, she would believe him. But mute he stayed, a gentle presence that she was suddenly afraid of. But how could he be a killer? He was alway so kind with her...Could it have been that he was only pretending?

No. Came the steadfast answer. I love you, Neera.

She started up in panic, but was held back by a giant hand that gently but firmly pushed her back down.

"What are they going to do with him?" She asked pleadingly, her whole body trembling.

The robot didn't answer her. Somehow, he didn't have to.

Her soul gave an anguished cry that sounded as only a whimper.

"Don't worry; there's always the chance that they'll lighten his sentence. All is not lost yet."

No, all was not lost. You still have me, she though reverently. Neera's eyes darkened dangerously. Why should she let them do anything to Axel? She was his partner- wasn't she supposed to protect him as well?

But how...

And suddenly, she heard a another voice, deeper and wiser than Axel's yet no less gentle.

You are destined to do great things with the power you have been given. I will guide you.

Suddenly all the fatigue plaguing her body drained away, leaving her mind crystal clear. She looked down and saw a faint white glow around her body that slowly faded. The robot in the room with her gasped, backing away in a combination of awe and fright.

Neera sat up, stretching out her mind into the room around her. She could somehow feel the mammoth doorfeel the inner circuitry beneath its cool steel plating. Somehow simply knowing what to do, she reached out to one of the gears and tweaked it, feeling it give under her mental touch and letting the door slide open.

Neera became giddy with excitement. Now that was cool.

She slid down off the table and landed with a soft thump, the impact jarring her knees. That didn't stop her though. She raced out of the door unbarred, heading for the glowing light she somehow saw that she knew to be Axel.


Rachet shook himself out of his stupor and radioed Prime.

-It's just like you thought, Optimus. Their connection does have something to do with the Matrix! It-it must have touched her somehow, because suddenly she just made the door open with her mind and ran right out of it!-

-hmmm...Interesting. I'll have Mirage track her down; I want to talk with her.-

-Sir, what about her partner, Axel?-

-I'll have a talk with the member of the council. Perhaps they can be made to change their minds-

-But he's a murder! He killed our own troops! How can you possibly support him?-

-It's not Axel alone, Rachet, but the girl as well. They are connected to the Matrix somehow and I have a feeling that they will be vitally important to us in the future-


Hook glanced between the readings on his monitor screen and the lifeless robot body lying prone on the examination slab. On the slab directly adjacent to it was his failed experiment, all but useless to him now save for creating his own personal drone from the remnants of its mind. Wires

connected its head to a large, whirring machine that was in turn connected to the robot body.

He made some minor adjustments on his computer, then flipped a switch that turned on the machines and filled the room with a crackling light. When it died, he eagerly watched the readings of the robot body, looking desperately for any sign of life. Slowly, agonizingly, the moments ticked away, then ever so slightly the fingers twitched, the spark rate monitor spiking.

"Yes!" Hook cried in triumph. He had created something even better than he had original intended upon taking the captured human from Cyclonus- another transformer that would obey his every command. What he didn't know was that the personality it was created from was far too willful to be controlled by a measly little chip.

He did, however, see two sky blue optic flash on.


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