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She wasn't listening to him.

She never was. Not anymore. It must have been the twelfth time since they left the North Pole that he confessed his unending love for her, and she had not heard a one of them. A part of him thought she was doing it on purpose, but he chided himself for thinking like that. This was Katara—his friend, his crush. She would never do something like that. Katara was not capable of evil--- of breaking his heart so harshly.

But that had not stopped him from watching her. Watching as she fought Prince Zuko, for the Prince was the only one she fought anymore. The same could be said for Zuko, of course, for, ever since the battle at the North Pole, he has shifted his bending abilities and attention from the Avatar to Katara, leaving his men to try to overpower the Avatar and Sokka by numbers alone. No one ever interfered with his battle against Katara.

It was amusing, watching them fight. They were so evenly matched that they never could tell who was the better bender. On some occasions, Katara would win. Yet, on others, Zuko would beat her. The best time to watch them fight was at twilight, when both the sun and moon were out to lend their strengths, and the pairs true potential revealed.

They, too, had changed. Where once they had fought one another with such passion and anger, hurling insults at one another as they tried to destroy their opponent; now was replaced with a bitter sort of playfulness and, dare he say it? Flirtatiousness. The still hurled insults at one another, but there was no hostility in these insults. There was a spark when their eyes met, when they fought against each other---one that Aang didn't fully understand, and as his gut told him, he didn't want to.

Aang would almost go as far as to say that Prince Zuko had the same crush he did on Katara, but had a far different way of showing it. A way that was winning, too.

Maybe he should fight her. That would get her attention, at least.

She was sitting by the stream, practicing her waterbending. Maybe he could talk to her again.

Maybe she would listen to him.

"Katara?" He asked quietly. "I want to talk to you."

She didn't answer. She never did.

He sighed. "I love you, Katara. I hope you know that."

Katara jumped back. "I'm sorry Aang, did you say something?"

Yes. He growled in his mind.

"It was nothing." He ended up saying, brushing her off quietly. "Besides, you look like your deep in thought. What were you thinking about?"

She blushed. "Can you keep a secret?"

"Of course." He smiled, knowing and secretly dreading what she was about to say.

"I was thinking about Prince Zuko." She confessed, folding her knees under her arms.

Suddenly, his stomach hurt painfully. "What about him?" He asked cautiously. Her face turned crimson at the question.

"J-just that, well, do you ever get the feeling that he's actually on our side?" She stumped out, her hand bending a small strip of water around her hand.

All the time. "I think he wants to be on our side." He answered honestly. "But I think his pride gets in the way. He doesn't want to admit he's wrong."

She put her head on her knees, her face turning red again. "I want him to join us. I know it's crazy, but I have a lot of fun with him." And you don't with me? "He makes me laugh." I don't? "He challenges me." Hello! I'm the Avatar! What more of a challenge do you need?

She nuzzled her head into her knees, turning towards the water instead of her friend. "I think I like him, Aang. I really do. I know it's wrong, but---" She sighed a little. "Every time he's near me, I feel…complete. Like a part of me that I didn't know was missing has suddenly returned."

Aang's heart broke. His face fell. His world shattered. He wanted to cry, damnit.

She didn't notice. She never did, anymore. She just continued her lovesick sigh and playing with her small strip of water.


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