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Neji's story:


It was her that made his day light up, it was her that made him smile for all there was worth. It was her that he had loved. But that is no more, for she isn't here. My life seems so bitter and lifeless without the cheery laugh that sounded like bells tinkling. Tears start to fall from my eyes, it seems just like yesterday that I had lost her.

Neji's POV.

"Tenten!" I scream. But it was too late, the enemy nin had already embeded the kodachi within her heart. I watch as my one and only fell to the floor cold and lifeless, but still breathing so much as to say 3 words before she left me.

"I love you…" she closed her eyes, I deemed her dead, even though I never knew, something told me she was dead. Tears blurred my vision, this can't be happening, this isn't happening, this won't happen. But reality seemed to overcome those thoughts.

I activated my Byakugan. I raised my head to look at her killer, anger washed away all my logic and feelings, all I wanted to do was kill this person, the person who had taken my one and only love from me.

He smiled evily at me "How does it feel like" he asked "to have the person that meant the most to you be taken away, their lives stolen right before your eyes?"

I have no control what-so-ever now. The next thing I knew was that a bloody kunai was in my hand and the body of the nin was pale and dead on the floor.

I cradle her head while whispering her name over and over again "Tenten…Tenten…I'm so sorry… I couldn't protect you…I'm sorry…please forgive me…" the tears are now flowing uncontrolably down my cheeks and onto her pale face. But what I didn't know was that she was still clinging to life, just barely…

And that's what happened. But then, a miracle happened, and I was once again reunited with my best friend, my comrade, my love. And this, is my story…

Sasuke's story:


She was his cherry blossom, she was his guide, she was his light when he needed one. She never turned her back on him when he left Konoha, but instead, welcomed him with open arms when he came back. She always seemed to light up the room with her presence alone, her laughter seemed to flow with the wind making her sound enchanting. But then, it wasn't long till that all shattered.

Sasuke's POV.

He watched with wide eyes as his most terrifying nightmare began. Itachi's sharingan eyes wheeling furiously "Well little brother? Are you still too weak to save the people you love? Well then I might as well just kill this girl" his grip tightened around Sakura's neck. She gasped in pain.

"No! please! Anyone but her!" I begged.

"too late" a sickening crack was heard and I watched in horror as her body fell limply to the ground. Itachi smirked once more before dissappearing. I ran to her side and cradled her body with my arms "Sakura…Sakura… don't leave me… please…don't…" my heart felt like it was gonna cave in right there and then. I wanted everything to stop and rewind. This isn't true, this wasn't real, I'm dreaming…I wish…

Sakura opened her eyes for what seemed like the final time, her emerald eyes gleamed with unshed tears "Don't forget me Sasuke-kun…" and with that, she left me, her breathing became so quiet that I thought she had died.

Oh how I wished I could avenge her, but it seemed like I didn't have to. Because don't forget, the cherry blossoms bloom every year without fail.

Shikamaru's story:


She was the most troublesome woman I've ever met. She complained about everything, everywhere, anytime.

She had soft golden hair that was tide up in a ponytail that swished back and forth everytime she took a step. Her eyes seemed to sparkle everytime she smiled.

She was troublesome alright, but that was probably why I loved her with all my heart. That fateful day changed everything…

Shikamaru's POV.

"Ino! RUN NOW!" I yell at her. I fought off two enemy nin's while looking at her.

"NO FRICKEN WAY! I'm not leaving you behind!" she screamed back. I froze, suddenly an enemy appeared behind me and directed his sword to my neck.

"SHIKAMARU!" Ino ran towards me.

Spurt! The sound of blood echoed in my ears.

What happened? I didn't feel any pain.

I look behind me and my eyes widen with shock and fear.

There, right behind me, stood Ino with a blade through her stomach.

"INO! NO!"

Anger overwhelmed me. I take out a kunai and killed the nin with all that I have, but that doesn't slake my anger.

The other enemy ninja's, seeing how fast their leader was killed, fled, for fear of dying by my hands.

I kneeled down and lifted Ino into my arms. Tears started to fall freely from my eyes.

"No… Ino… I'm so sorry… I couldn't protect you…I'm sorry…"

She opened her eyes once more, for me, it seemed like the last time I would see those bright eyes "Don't say that… at least I know that you'll be able to live… that's all I need to know… thank you…Shika-kun…" she whispered my name that one last time before she closed her eyes. Her breathing had stopped for a good 5 seconds so I though her dead.

So that's what happened. But she proved more troublesome, for she didn't go to heaven, and no, she did not go to hell(although the chances are very high (j/k) ).

She came back in my heart.

Naruto's story:


She was his life. She was his reason to live. She didn't discriminate him like the rest of the villagers. She accepted him. She looked up to him, she thought he was the best ninja she's ever seen. But that changed, just a few years ago, that changed dramatically. Because I couldn't save her…

"ugh!" I plunged my kunai into another enemy. There were just too many.

"Hinata! Get reinforcements here!" I yelled over the noise.

"NO! I won't leave you Naruto-kun!" she continued to slam her palms into her opposing opponents.

"no buts! We have to get reinforements or else we'll both-!" I didn't get the chance to finish my sentence for my worse nightmare just played itself before my eyes.

A fuma shruiken had whizzed out of nowhere and struck Hinata in the back. Just a few centimeters away from her spine.


She fell to the ground, eyes cold and empty.

I felt the force of the kyuubi within me, this time, I let all my anger out and destroyed the enemy's with a single thought.

I rushed to her side just as she puked out blood.

"HINATA!" I grabbed her before she fell to the ground.

"N-Naru-t-to-k-kun…" she choked out my name before falling limp in my arms.

No…no…no…no…nononononononono! NO! this isn't real, this isn't happening. Why, why did everything in my life have to screw up!

All I remember is screaming after that.

Well, that's my story. But I'm glad to say that it ended happily ever after, at least, for me and Hinata it did…

you have heard our stories, now it is time to tell you what had happened. Welcome, to the life of the Konoha nin's: Hyuuga Neji, Uchiha Sasuke, Nara Shikamaru, and Uzumaki Naruto.

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