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Tenten groaned. Shut up shut up shut up! Make that stupid bickering shut up!

"Tenten? Tenten are you okay?" a deep male voice resonated in the brunette's ears. Why was it so familiar?

"Neji…? That you?" her words were slurred from not having woken up fully yet.

"Yea it's me…"



"Why does it feel like Chouji ran over me with his meat tank?"

"I don't know"

"Oh… then can you make whoever's arguing shut up?"

Tenten heard a chair skid across the floor lightly as someone stood up and then a small click was heard. Sure enough, the arguing stopped.

"Thank you"


Silence ensued. Tenten shifted and felt that she was lying on some very expensive linen, She turned around and stuffed her face into her pillow (that's what I like to do a lot lol) and sniffed. It didn't smell like her shampoo so it definitely wasn't her bed that she was sleeping in. that raised a few alarms.


"yes Tenten?"

"Whose bed is this?"



"Whhhaatt?!?!?!" she sat up abruptly and immediately regretted it.

"My head…" she moaned and flopped back down on the pillows.

"I suggest you don't move, you're still injured and you have a fever" So that's why she had a headache.

Suddenly, she felt something cool on her forehead. Tenten opened her eyes a little and saw a hand. Oookay…

"Neji… is that your hand?"

"Whose else would it be?"


The coolness was gone and Tenten found herself wanting more of it.

Now something cold and damp was placed on her forehead.

The cold part she liked, the damp part she didn't.

"Tenten stop moving around, you'll make the cloth fall off" Neji chastised.

"I don't like the cloth…" she whined.

"I don't care, just stop moving"

"But I don't like the stupid cloth…"

"Then what do you propose I use instead of this cloth?"

"Your hand"

"excuse me?" his tone was incredulous.

"Your hand"

Even though Tenten's eyes weren't open, she could tell that Neji was raising his eyebrows.

"Your hand is nice and cool and it's dry"

"So you don't like the cloth because it's damp"


The nice coolness returned.

Tenten almost purred. She smiled contently and snuggled back into the covers.

"The things I do for you…" She heard Neji mutter.

"And I love you too Neji" she mumbled before drifting off to sleep.

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