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A figure walked through the city and seemed to command a degree of respect that was rare for someone of his stature. He carried a small duffel bag and seemed to be eager to see someone, unfortunately for the boy he was denied by the phone company. "This is a state emergency please head to the nearest shelter." Tossing the phone aside, the boy looked out into the horizon, his very eyes could freeze the soul of any man, it seemed that the more deeply you beheld the boy the more evil he seemed. The sinister smile that was plastered across his face, the twinkle in his eye, the very image of a man who would sooner kill you then talk to you. Dressed in a short sleeve white shirt, and a pair of black slacks, it would seem to a passerby a normal looking boy going to high school.

Dropping his duffel on the ground, the bag sank over 3 feet into the ground, the boy didn't even flinch. The idea of something that heavy being carried by such a slim frame was unfathomable. Taking a deep breath, the boy waited patiently, taking a photo from his pocket he stared at the image of a beautiful woman who had an arrow pointing to her ample cleavage. The man's eye flashed for a minute and they seemed to turn red for just a moment, it seemed that even he was not immune to a beautiful woman.

Looking up from the photo, the man saw to his amazement a young girl standing and watching him. The girl was petite but very beautiful in her own way, with her slim figure and her arousing high school uniform, what drew him to her was her eyes, the red irises that seemed to stare into his soul. A enormous crash alert the boy to an external threat, turning around he beheld a monstrous figure of death and destruction, it was something that could make a normal man wet himself. The boy just stared calmly back and watched as it crushed a number of airplanes into dust, feeling no pity whatsoever about the men that died in the planes, the stranger turned back to find that the young girl had vanished. Momentarily disturbed the young man quickly recovered and returned to the immediate threat that loomed before him. It seemed the monster had thrown a plane in the boy's direction, acting quickly the boy ran away from the flaming piece of metal and man. Feeling the heat of the explosion breathing down his neck, the boy continued his headlong run toward the center of the city, only stopping when he discovered a blue Renault heading directly toward him. With the amount of time the vehicle had appeared, it was no wonder that the boy could not dodge the car, he rolled on top the car and dented it thoroughly.

"What the heck? Are you okay kid?"

"I'm fine." The woman driving the vehicle took a good look at the person that she had just crashed into, "Are you Shinji Ikari?"

"Misato Katsuragi?"

"Yes, I am here to pick you up."

"Your late, but nevermind that now, let me get my bag and let's get out of here." Racing back toward his former location, Shinji picked up his duffel bag with ease and hurried back to the Renault. "Let's get out of here, I don't like how that thing keeps staring at us." Needing no extra goading, Misato put the pedal to the metal, and soon the car was racing through the streets of the city and swerving around the corners. While the woman was driving, Shinji looked over the woman who had come to pick him up, it seemed the picture did not do the woman justice, she was beautiful in a way that was actually painful for Shinji. "What was that back there?"

"Oh…..well that was the enemy, we call them angels."


"Yeah, kind of stupid but I didn't name the things."

"Those things are angels? That is impossible, they look like demons to me."

"I understand your confusion, but it was just a label, nothing more nothing less." Taking a good look at the boy, Misato could see nothing out of the ordinary, but she felt a foreboding aura around the boy. "What are they doing? The planes are all leaving."

"What? Your right….what could they be doing? They wouldn't……oh my god….their going to drop one here?"

"Drop what?"

"An N-2 mine, get back!" Stopping the car, Misato launched herself at the boy and tried to cover him with her body, she promised that she would pick up the Third and she was going to do it. The sound of a large object dropping from the sky was followed by an explosion that rocked the city, the backlash was enough to make the sports car tumble like a piece of paper in the wind. Unfortunately the car was not meant to be rolled about, and it was soon clear that the vehicle would be in bad shape in the end.

When the explosion had ceased and the tremor had subsided, Shinji was not the least bit uncomfortable with his position. "Thank you for the view Katsuragi-san, though I didn't know you were so fast." Looking down on the boy, Misato quickly got off of him, "It's not like that, I was trying to protect you."

"I understand, can you get your hands off of my chest then? Though I don't mind the groping, as long as it can be reciprocated." Looking at her hands, Misato believed they had betrayed her, "It's not what you think, I mean, I don't know." The boy didn't seem to mind a bit, and caressed the woman gently and held her close. "It's alright, I don't mind, I understand." Feeling his arms around her, Misato loved the warmth and wanted to stay in his arms forever. 'What is happening to me? I don't even know this kid.'

"Your wondering about what is going on right?" Surprised by the level of recognition the boy showed, Misato was quick to nod her head, "Just relax Misato-chan, it'll be all better soon." Embracing the woman much more closely, Shinji soon had the woman writhing in pleasure, she could not understand how a boy like him could do these things to her. The car rocked back and forth, it looked like a typical sports car in a mature situation. The amount of rocking had the car flipped back over in no time, when they exited, Shinji was looking no worse for wear, but Misato looked completely frazzled. "What the heck was that last one?"

"Oh I'm glad you liked that one, I perfected that in school." Gawking at the boy, Misato could not get a word in edgewise, "I believe we should look at your car Misato-chan, it doesn't look as beautiful as you." Punching the dents back, Shinji soon had the car as close to drivable as possible considering the circumstances. "I would suggest that we gather a few of the batteries nearby, I don't want to have to walk to the place my father works."

Following behind the boy, Misato could only nod her head, soon the two were back on the road, though Misato didn't remember how she got back behind the wheel. Her phone ringing, Misato picked it up by habit, and acknowledged the tech who questioned the Captain about the third child. "I have him, I'll be right there, get a express train ready."

"A train? How far is this place?"

"Shinji? Oh….it's only a couple of minutes away, we'll be there soon."

"Good, I don't want to stay here longer then necessary."

"Shinji? I just wanted to ask, why did you do those things to me?"

"Hmm? Oh….I thought that would be obvious, I like you Misato-chan, isn't that how people show affection?"

"Ummm…..I don't think that it was a good idea."

"I see, I guess this won't be good either."

"Wha……" With their car riding in the train, it was easy for Shinji to tackle the captain and ravage her once more, the moans and cries of pleasure were both male and female, it was soon heard throughout the Geofront. Rocking once more, the car seemed to have hydraulics embedded inside of it, though no one had ever heard hydraulics make those kinds of sounds. Misato knew that what she was doing was idiotic and truly inappropriate considering the situation, but both Shinji and her would not stop themselves. Misato was truly amazed by the boy's endurance and stamina, he seemed to never tire and continued his ministrations, while she screamed for joy and pleasure, he continued to watch her closely and seemed almost obsessive with his actions.

By the time the train had stopped, the whole Geofront knew that someone was having a lot of fun and they were all jealous about it. "Were here? Too bad, I wanted to finish up, guess not. Ready Misato-chan?" To tell him the truth, Misato did not know if she could walk upright, her legs were like jelly. "Need a hand? We don't want to be late now do we?" Helping the captain, Shinji also picked up his duffel bag and headed to what he assumed was the center of the huge metropolis.

Walking around for a good 15 minutes would frustrate anyone, though Shinji knew that someone would come to pick them up. Though he couldn't be sure it was appropriate to be holding the captain like this, 'I wonder if they have cameras all over this place?' Walking toward a series of elevators, Shinji was not surprised when the nearest to him opened to reveal a person. Though he was surprised to see another beautiful woman in front of him, again his eyes flashed red, with a slight growl Shinji greeted the blond. "Who are you? And what have you done to the captain?"

"I was going to ask the same to you lady, who the heck are you? And how do we get to my father?"

"Father? Are you Shinji Ikari?"

"Yep, and this here is Misato-chan, though I don't think she is in the mood to answer you."

"Misato? Are you alright? What did you do to her?"

"I think we should walk while we talk, is this the elevator to my father?"

"Yeah, but I want answers."

"I understand, but it would help to lie the captain down. After you Miss….?"

"My name is Akagi, Ritsuko Akagi, nice to meet you third child."

"A pleasure I'm sure, but let's get inside first." It seemed the boy was eager to get into the elevator, Ritsuko let it pass, though she was surprised he carried the captain so easily though he spoke like he was struggling. "Okay were inside, now what the heck happened?"

"Oh….that….well you see, hmm…'s easier to show you then tell you. May I?"

"Okay, but don't try anything funny, I can call the security and they'll get here in minutes."

"I assure you that you will be calling, but not for security, though you'll see." Launching himself at the blond, Shinji soon had her straddled to the floor, "What are you doing?"

"I am fulfilling your desires."

"What? Get off of me!" Deciding that she was emitting too much noise, Shinji kissed her deeply, Ritsuko struggled mightily but soon felt weird. 'What is he doing to me?'

"It's alright, Ritsuko, take it easy, it's going to be fine." Going slowly, Shinji gently showed Ritsuko that he was glad to see her. Similar moans were heard in the elevator, though they were much more pronounced now, though it could be because they were closer to the people listening. Ritsuko could not describe how good Shinji made her feel, Shinji seemed to be obsessed with everything about her, and devoted himself to whatever he did. He watched her with passionate abandon, he seemed to want to capture her soul and be hers. His eyes flashed red whenever he was particularly excited, and that was very often, Ritsuko could not remember when she had been having such pleasure in her activities.

Unfortunately, or the other way around, Misato had awakened due to the loud moans and screams of Ritsuko, what she found was a bit disconcerting. Though with Shinji's body in full view, Misato soon joined in the fun, and Shinji welcomed her with open arms. The trio continued their fun and it was soon apparent that they would run out of time before they ever ran out of energy. The elevator was getting closer and closer to it's final destination, and Shinji couldn't care less.

When the elevator had finally stopped the room was cloaked in pitch darkness, though sounds that would be more appropriate elsewhere still continued. With the flick of a switch, the lights came on and a face could be seen. An enormous purple face, with beady eyes and the most disgusting face that ever graced the Earth. The face was attached to an enormous machine, a bio-machine to be more precise, it would have made any boy scream in fear and joy, but it seemed that Shinji had other things preoccupying his time.

A man watched in horror as he looked down toward his son, "Hello Father, how are you this afternoon?" Gendo could not believe his eyes, the doctor and captain were doting on the boy. His lover, the woman he used to quench his evil desires, was having relations with his son. Gendo was about kill all three of them, it was a scene out of a bad movie, his lover with his son. It was unfathomable, how could this happen?

How did Shinji take this? Well he just continued with his business and smiled all along, Misato and Ritsuko couldn't have been happier, the smiles on their faces was enough to see that.

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