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Waking up from his slumber, Shinji Ikari saw to his surprise that he was back in his original room in Misato's apartment. 'How did I get here?'

'The girls lifted you back here after you lost conscious during the fun.'

'I'm sure you enjoyed it, your one sick freak you know that?'

'I'm just enjoying life's pleasures you should try it sometime, anyways we have got more important things to do.'

'And what's that?'

'Well to piss of the Commander that's what.'

'Oh! Okay, I'm game, what do you want to do?'

'Well the girls did a nice job of dunking him in the old man's waste, though it was a bit too messy for my part.'

'Yeah, I remember that part, it was the most wonderful thing I have ever seen, did you hear mom laughing?'

'Definitely, I would have laughed too if I was stuck in a bio mechanical monstrosity because of that idiot.'

"Shinji are you awake?"

"Misato-chan, yeah I'm awake is there something you need?"

"Well now that you asked so nicely there is, how bout a little romp in the sack for old times sake?"

"What? We just did it a couple hours ago, you can't be ready already?"

"Oh I'm more then ready big boy, now get back into bed, I'm sure Ritsuko and Maya would love to join in, now isn't that right girls?"

"Umm…if Shinji doesn't mind…I mean….ummm….yes, please?"

"Maya you don't have to be so shy; Shinji is more then ready with that piece of manhood there showing us his excitement."

"Ritsuko, you don't have to put like that."

"What? It's true Shinji, and a scientist always gets to the bottom of the truth, now be a good boy and let's get started." The girls teamwork paid off and they got their reward of having their minds altered from the amount of fun they had, "We have to do this more often."

"I don't think I can stand anymore."

"Don't be like that Shinji, I promise to be more gentle next time."

"And no more whips?"

"Well I can't promise that Shinji, you have such a sweet voice."

"Umm….I think I'll go make some breakfast."

'Okay kid back to the matter at hand, I remember the bastard always loved his reputation, how bout we dress him up in a tutu and make him prance through the street?'

'How exactly are we going to do that?'

'Oh we don't have to, we can just suggest it to the staff and it'll go from there.'

'Sounds like a plan, but let's have some breakfast first, all that exercise is exhausting.'

'Is that what their calling it these days?'

'Oh shut up, I wonder if we have any eggs or bacon.'

In the kitchen Shinji could make miracles happen, for example taking the mess of junk food in the refrigerator and making it into something edible, and daresay good to eat. "Girls breakfast is served!"

"That looks delicious Shinji, where did you find bacon?"

"Umm…I wouldn't ask too many questions about that, let's just eat."

Nodding their heads the three women gorged themselves on the great food, food was flying everywhere, and Shinji almost lost a hand going for a piece of toast. 'Wow, no wonder they have so much energy, and it looks like their ready again, get ready kid.'

'Oh no not again, I haven't eaten yet.'

'Oh I am sure they'll feed you, though it won't sate your hunger pangs.'

Jumping on the resident chef, the girls had their way with him again, and again he was dead tired from the exercise. 'Maybe if we leave now we won't get ambushed in the streets?'

'Do you really believe that Shinji?'

'Well it could happen!'

Running toward the door, Shinji hightailed it into the streets of Tokyo-3 looking for the way to NERV Central, unfortunately for him; he passed too many houses before the entrance to the complex. And each one he passed, he was helped inside, meaning the girls all but dragged the would be hero into their homes. By the time Shinji had reached the complex he had rags for clothes, 'I really need a stronger weave or something, my clothes are torn to bits.'

'I don't think there is enough cloth in the world to save you from the women in this town.'

'What's that supposed to mean?'

'I am just saying enjoy it, and watch out for Section 2, they have changed into an all woman squad.'

'What? And you told me this after I entered the compound?'

'Well, I was hoping for a demonstration of their prowess, and here they come now!' Right on time, the whole squad leapt on the hapless teen and were soon in the thralls of passion with the reluctant hero. 'Now's a good time to put in the good word, tell them to dress up the Commander.'

'I think most of them are half asleep.'

'That's even better; they'll probably think it was their idea from the beginning.' Whispering the plan to the women still awake, Shinji was met with smiles of demonic proportions, 'I think I created a monster.'

'They are sure happy to torture the bastard.'

'Well with a name like Bastard King, I have no doubt about their enthusiasm.' Rushing outside before anymore danger, a.k.a. women, could befall him, Shinji was soon at the outskirts of town.

"Take that and some of that, and launch the N2 mine, that's right, Go Kensuke!"

'That's weird by any standards, stay away from him kid.'

'I don't know he seems kind of nice.'

"Hey new kid, what are you doing out here?"

"I could ask the same for you, what are you doing out here?"

"Practicing war games, my dad's a general in the army."

"And you want to go to war?"

"Of course, you're so lucky you get to ride in those EVA's, their so cool."

"I don't know about lucky."

"And you live with a model, how can that get any better?"

"Model? Oh you mean Misato, she's nice."

"Nice? She's the sexiest woman I have ever met."

"I guess."

"You don't know how good you have it."

"War is not something that you rush into for the thrill of it; it is something that stays with you for years at a time. I suggest you quit dreaming of things that are meaningless to those who are fighting them." To say Kensuke was shocked was an understatement, he couldn't believe Ikari one of the most quiet people he knew just scolded him. "Uhh….yeah…..anyways, do you want some grub? I got some beans and rice, not the best but something to tide your stomach down."

Shinji had forgotten about the time, it was already dark when they arrived back at Kensuke's campsite, and he was hungry for anything at the moment. With their dinner decided the two started to partake in the hearty meal, meaning they tried to force themselves to eat the slop that Kensuke cooked. "So what are you doing out here Ikari? You didn't answer my question from before."

"I'm trying to evade some people, nothing more, nothing less."

"Oh real spies? It must be nice to work at NERV, and to sleep next to Misato-san every night."

"You really need to get professional help Kensuke, and stop daydreaming about Misato; I know she's out of your league."

"What's with you? I offer you a meal and you scold and lecture me, what happened?"

"Nothing, I am just a little tired, I'm sorry I snapped at you."

Deciding to turn in for the night, Shinji headed into the tent, 'We should broil that kid, he made you apologize, and you know how much I hate it when you do that.'

'Give it up, he's a weird kid, but at least he speaks frankly, let's just get some rest.'

'Right, because you know they'll catch up to us right?'

'I know, but at least I have until tomorrow morning.'

Kensuke was confused about the new kid, 'He's one messed up individual, I wonder where he came from?' With nothing else to do, Kensuke also decided to call it a night, putting out the fire, Kensuke stepped into the tent. 'Still it must be heaven to be next to Misato-san and her gorgeous body.'

Morning soon came and with the tell-tale sign of footsteps, more accurately the signs of military clad footsteps. The first to awaken was Kensuke, and when he stepped outside he almost fainted right there, in front of his very eyes were the newly remodeled Section 2, with a wholly female slant to it. Meaning all the troopers were female and dressed to take down any person, Kensuke was literally hoping to get arrested and tortured by them. Unfortunately for Kensuke, they weren't here for him; they came for the pilot of EVA-01, who walked out of the tent fully dressed and ready to go. "Thank you for the hospitality Kensuke, it was nice to get away for a bit."

"No problem Ikari, come back anytime."

"Sir, we have to go now."

"Understood ma'am." With a final wave goodbye, Shinji was taken away from the campsite; Kensuke only had one thing going through his mind, 'Lucky bastard!'

Not far off from the campsite, Section 2 decided they deserved a reward for finding the 3rd child so quickly. The reward was most satisfying for them, though Shinji enjoyed it as well. The moans and screams coming from the site of the group, was enough to make Kensuke go and take a look. What he found was his classmate playing with the whole platoon of women, 'Damn that Ikari, I knew it, he was getting it on with all those women.' Kensuke tried to get closer to the action, unfortunately for him Section 2 installed traps everywhere, and soon the military nut was neck deep in mud. All he could do was watch as the women had their way with Shinji, Kensuke was going to remember this forever.

Shinji was trying to get away from the group, but they just kept coming and coming, all in waves of women. His clothes were again in tatters, and to make it worse he could see Kensuke hyponotized by the acts they were performing on him. Though Shinji did enjoy the girls snack attack down below, he couldn't believe the power the demon held. 'I told you that you would have to accept it eventually, I am rather enjoying it aren't you?'

'I pray to the whatever deity that you get what comes to you demon.'

'Oh I like what's coming at me, here comes the commander of the squad, doesn't she look fit and ready?'

Back to the action, Shinji was educated in how best to please a woman, or more accurately how best to please a group of women.

Kensuke struggled with his trap and soon was above the mud and ready for action, running at a full gait, Kensuke leaped at the nearest woman, unfortunately for him, he leapt straight into her fist, and that was painful. On the ground with nowhere to go, the poor military nut and pervert was beaten to the edge of death, but saved by the unfailing stamina of the virile pilot.

With his intentions of lust abated, Kensuke tried to crawl away to safety, only to be dragged back into the fold and beaten again for his actions. Crying like a baby now, the pervert tried to plead with the women, unfortunately when you are looking at their chest and not at their faces it kind of puts a damper on your pleas. This cycle of beatings continued through the day, as long as the women had Shinji, they seemed happy, but whenever one of them had to switch with a competitor, the pervert was the one that was used as a punching bag for their frustrations.

If one walked along the forest edge, a person could hear the moans of pleasure and cries of a person sentenced to eternal torture. All around it was another great day to be Shinji Ikari.

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