Love's Oracle

Remember when we first met

the day before school

you were planting a dandelion

with only your hands and a spade for tools

That is how you became known as "Scoop"

What really sent me for a loop

was how one day you could claim to be it's friend

And the next time you declared friendship all in illusion

While I held it's broke body in my hands

This dandelion that I was named after

was important to me

even if some people thought of it as only a weed

With love and luck

it did survive

as my amateur gardening skills

began to

grow and thrive

I fought you every step of the way

pushing my beliefs on you

While also learning

all that you had to teach about our mutual friends

New friends we did make

human and floral

After some hardships

the truth became known

you didn't really want to be alone

as time passed

my love started to increase

not as just a friend

but as a lovers would be

I wanted to hold your hand

kiss your sweet lips

be by your side

through all time

This secret I kept to myself

In fear of what your answer would be

for another you belonged to

I had to wait

for you to decide

her or me

a rose or a weed

Fate had her own plan

After a year it's my time to go

my family needs me

so farewell

The truth became known

As I told you over the phone

You returned my feelings

and followed me home

In the end

I gave you back our dandelion

To seel the pact

"Until we meet again"

and we shall

so says

Love's Oracle