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October 2005

Jess woke up in a cold sweat as her heart beat started pounding in her ears. She gulped and glanced around her room before flopping back in bed.

"This is ridiculous." She muttered as she tried to calm her racing heart. She stared at the ceiling before climbing out of bed and heading for the bathroom to turn on the shower. It was obvious she wasn't going to go back to sleep so she might as well take a shower and get ready for work early. She stopped before she turned on the shower and opted to take one at work after working out in the gym.

"Might as well get a quick work out in and then shower." She muttered as she changed into gym clothes and grabbed something to change into at headquarters.

Jess was alone in the gym because it was so early and she sighed as she started to lift some weights. She was determined to show Nicole, her partner, that she wasn't a wimp and she could lift just as much as she could. She dropped the weights on the floor as images started flashing through her mind.


"Why aren't you doing something? Why are you letting him do this!" A female shouted as blood flowed from a wound on her head.

"Who are you? Where are you? What's wrong?" Jess shouted the question at the woman.

"Why aren't you saving me like you're supposed to? He's going to kill someone else if you don't stop him." She shouted as the blood disappeared and a bunch of snakes appeared twisting around the woman's arms and torso. "It's to late to save me but you must stop him from killing the others." The woman said before she disappeared.

"What others? Who is hurting you? Who are you?" Jess shouted but it was to late.

End vision

Jess felt her skin dripping with sweat as she looked all around her but saw no one else in the room still. She felt the raw emotions clouding her judgment as she staggered from the gym, feeling sick to her stomach as she remembered the woman's terror filled eyes. Jess didn't recognize the woman but it was clear that she was someone Jess knew. Someone from her past maybe? Jess shook her head as she staggered into the locker room and sat on the bench. She took deep breaths and tried to calm her racing heart. Someone was missing and possibly being tortured and there was nothing Jess could do about it.

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