Chapter 33

Jess knew she was in bad shape, and the latest injury she had just taken wasn't helping much. She realized then that she had to make sure that the women were out of the equation, because if they weren't then there was no way that anyone else was going to be able to do anything. Those women could kill the entire team of agents without shooting one shot out of any guns. Jess moved to another area and though it took a while she did the only thing she could, the one thing she had hoped never to have to do, she killed the women she had wanted to save. She had wanted to be able to bring home the three women who had been kidnapped and tortured, and now she was the reason the families would be without them. The only thing that was going to stop Jess from being arrested was that the women were shooting guns, so it looked like they were attacking and had to be taken out.

Jess felt the pain in her chest, knowing without a doubt that it was her heart breaking and wanting to try and pretend that this wasn't hurting her emotionally as much as it truly was. She wasn't sure how far away the cavalry was, but she was aware that she was running out of time and she was severely outgunned in this case. She moved to another location, and she looked around for anything that would help her out here, anything that she could use to protect herself or fight back. She knew that it was a long shot, but she had to try, because she couldn't let anyone think she had just laid down and gave up, she had to fight back, for Colin.

Nicole was speeding, and she was trying to desperately make it to Jess's location, however she was well aware that she was running out of time and so was her friend. The team was at least five minutes behind her, which meant that she was her partner's best bet in making it there and saving her life. She didn't want to let her friend down again, not after all Jess had already been through when it came to this case. Nicole wasn't sure what it was that Jess had figured out, or why she had felt the need to go there alone, but she had to make sure that her friend got out of there alive, or she would never, ever forgive herself.

"Nicole, you need to slow down or else we might be killed on the way there." Antonio said slowly.

"No, Jess needs us now!" Nicole said without taking her foot off the gas pedal. She actually pressed it down further, glad that the SUV had flashing lights and a siren, so that no one tried to stop them or pull them over at this point.

"What happens if you crash and then they all have to stop and help us without getting to her?" Antonio asked.

Nicole glanced over and realized he looked a little green, almost like he was about to throw up from the fast driving. She sighed and slowed, just a fraction, but not enough to really make that much of a difference. "We have a fellow agent in trouble, suck it up." She snapped instead and continued on.

Colin wasn't sure what he was feeling, but he could feel pain shooting through his body and he was scared out of his mind. He didn't know where Jess was, he didn't know if she was safe or not. He was lying in a hospital bed, and he wasn't by her side, making sure she was okay and helping to protect her from a psychotic man who had already gone after her once before. Colin knew that something was wrong, he could feel it in his gut, like he always could when it came to the woman that meant the world to him and now he was positive that she was in big trouble and there was nothing he could do to help her.

"Jess, baby, please hang on, please hang on." Colin said as he stared at the window of his hospital room and wondered exactly what he could to do from there. He knew that Jess had told him that there were times when other physic's had formed a sort of special bond with the people they cared about, enough so that they could feel each other or know how to send messages to each other. He wasn't sure if that was true or not, but he was willing to try anything if it meant keeping Jess alive and letting her know he was there, forever.

Jess wasn't sure where the feelings were coming from, but she could tell that someone was worried about her. She hunkered down, hoping she was safe because she knew that there was a huge chance that she could have a vision coming her way, and sure enough she saw a series of images that made no sense to her. The visions were back to the way they had been before, at least that was something to be grateful for, but now she had to figure out how to decipher the vision before she ended up dead and it became useless.

It wasn't long until she realized that someone was heading her way and she tried to get out of her hiding spot, but she could already tell she wasn't going to be able to move, and the worst part about it, she was out of ammo. She knew she had lost a lot of blood and she knew that she was barely hanging on to consciousness, and if she lost it all there, then she was a sitting duck. She wouldn't be able to put up much of a fight if someone wanted to shoot her. She could feel the blood draining from her wounds, she had managed to slow it down but she couldn't stop it. She pressed down on one of the more serious wounds and scrunched in tightly, hoping that the team would arrive soon and she would be out of the jam she had managed to get herself into, but it seemed hopeless.

Jess knew in that moment that she was dying, and if she didn't get help within a certain timeframe, then they would be planning her funeral very soon.