Chapter 34

Nicole screeched the car to a halt and jumped out, she wasn't the only one that was there but she was the only one who wasn't waiting around for more back up or any more orders, her best friend and partner was in there and she knew, she knew with everything inside of her, that Jess was hurting. If Jessica didn't survive this battle, then Nicole knew that they would lose Colin and there would be nothing but pain inside of her, she wouldn't survive the emotional loss of the person who somehow had wormed her way into her heart. Nicole had her weapon out and she made her way through the building and felt her heart stop at the sound of gunfire erupting. She felt someone behind her, but she knew it was someone she could trust and she kept moving, she had to find Jess, that had to be her main goal at this point.

Jess knew that the cavalry had arrived, but she feared it might be too late for her. She knew that her blood was pooling beneath her and still she fired back at those who were determined to kill her. She could feel the other women attempting to get inside of her head, but Jess knew that this was her only chance. If everything was completed, than the man behind all of this would succeed, he would have created his only little army of psychic's to use to fool law enforcement, to make things go his way. Jess knew that this was dangerous, there was no telling whose side those women were really on and she couldn't even tell if the women were themselves any longer. She was taking a huge risk but she dropped some of her shields in her mind and tried to reach out to their minds, she tried to make a connection, knowing she was now vulnerable, because she was also weak.

Colin felt his world falling apart. His body felt like it was on fire and as he looked down her could see he was bleeding, but that wasn't right, he didn't have wounds like that on him. He frowned as he pulled the blanket aside and his hospital gown and his eyes widened, they looked like bullet wounds, but he hadn't moved, which meant these wounds didn't belong to him. Someone was letting him see how badly wounded Jess was, someone was making sure he knew that she was critically wounded and that she might not make it out of there alive. He needed to get out of this place, he needed to get to her side, he needed to fight for her and with her, he needed her to understand that he loved her and he wanted to protect her. Every male instinct inside of him, as well as his cop instincts, were screaming at him to find a way to sneak out of this place and get down there, because Jess wasn't going to last without him, he knew that. He knew that with everything inside of him.

Nicole could see a blood trail, and she wasn't sure if it was her friends or an enemy that Jess had managed to wound or kill. Soon she got to the end of it and saw a couple of men down, and they appeared to be dead. Nicole felt a wash of pride at the thought that her friend was fighting back, that her friend wasn't giving up. She moved on, knowing that the sounds echoing around the room were of all the agents in a gun battle with the men that were trying to make sure Jess didn't get any help, but they didn't know about Nicole, she had entered when no one was looking and she was going to get to her friends side and she was going to help her get out of there alive.

It didn't take long until Nicole saw another blood trail, this one was fresher and it appeared to be a lot more blood than she had seen earlier on the enemy. She moved forward, her gun up and her heart in her throat, and then she heard Jess muttering to herself and she knew she had to make sure that her friend didn't accidentally fire her way, thinking someone was trying to sneak up on her.

"Friendly." Nicole said softly.

"Nicole?" Jess asked, and Nicole could hear how weak her friend was becoming.

"Yes, can I approach?" Nicole asked her, keeping her voice soft.

"Yeah." Jess said and soon Nicole moved forward, keeping her head down and found out why there had been so much blood, because Jess was critically wounded.

"We need to get you out of here, now." Nicole said as she moved to help her friend.

"I have to stop them first, if I don't then no one will get the chance. If it doesn't stop now, tonight, then so many lives will be lost in the future, please Nicole, just cover me so I can try and use my energy to connect with them, mentally. I have to try or else so many will die, I couldn't handle that." Jess said, her voice full of pain and weakened.

"All right, but I am giving you a time limit and if I see you going further down hill before then, I am yanking you out of here." Nicole said, as she noticed movement and waited before taking a shot and taking out someone who had thought Jess was alone and too wounded to fight back. "Hurry Jess, I mean that."

Jess was so grateful that help was there, that Nicole was there, covering her with her weapon and that was all she could hope for. Jess had never in her life done what she was about to attempt, she wasn't even sure it was possible, but she could not move further in, she couldn't get to where the women were and talk to them face to face, so she had to try something different and she prayed that it would work. She could see in her head how many women would die if it didn't work, and that just wasn't acceptable to her. She could also see how many men would be slaughtered, and that just made her gut tighten with the knowledge that this was her last chance, her last chance to make sure whatever drug was being used to cause the ability enhancement, whatever procedure had been done to these women to turn them into this, she had to make sure that they understood they had control and they didn't have to be evil, no matter what someone had tried to convince them that they were.