It was a dark, rainy night. Katara sat at the bottom of a tree crying. Where do I go? There's no place to go. She tried to get up to move but slipped and fell in the mud. She wasn't very far from camp, and had to keep moving before daybreak or else they might find her.

Katara gripped the mud and started throwing it at a tree. Why did this have to happen now? All I needed was a month or two. Aang is so close to mastering fire, to fight the Fire Lord, to ending the war. And I go and ruin all of it! She started panting a little as she clamed down.

There's no way Aang would fight Ozai if knew about this. He would hate me if he found out. I tried not to cry but it was no use, tears burned down the side of my face. Zuko, my Zuko what should I do? I got up again as I began to move.

I still couldn't believe this was happening. It was only a few weeks ago last time I saw Zuko…


We were staying in a village for a few days to gather supplies when a Fire Navy ship appeared at the docks. "Katara, Aang we should get back to Appa and leave before they have a chance to find us!"

"Yeah you're right, let's go Katara." Aang agreed.

Now of course I couldn't past up a chance to visit Zuko. "But we still need supplies, and the next village is really far away. I'll go get the supplies and meet you back at the camp, okay." I was about to turn and leave when Sokka grabbed my arm.

"No way, that's way too dangerous of a job for a girl to handle!"

"Uh- guys," Aang said in the background but we just ignored him.

"Oh and what's that suppose to mean!" Sokka can be so sexist!


"It means that girls are weaker then men and shouldn't have to deal with such dangerous situation!"

"Guys!" Aang yelled at the top of his lungs.

"What!" We said in unison.

"Keep yelling like that and the fire benders might find you," mocked a masculine voice.

We all looked to see Zuko standing on a rock above us. Even though Zuko and I have been secretly dating each other for three years, he was still after Aang so he can regain his honor. I couldn't exactly let Sokka and Aang know that I was dating the enemy so we promised when we had to fight, we'd pretend there was nothing between us.

"Run!" Aang yelled and we all went in three different directions.

"Follow them," Zuko dictated as he ran after Aang.

I ran threw bushes dodged branches as I thought I was running in a straight line but somehow I ended up right back where I started. It had been a bout a half hour so I figured I would be safe since everyone would still be looking in the forest. There wasn't any real sign of the campsite, so I just started backing away towards the village when I bumped into Zuko, and was about to fall down when he caught me.

"I knew you would fall for me, Katara," he tilted his head backwards as he grinned. He has such a cocky attitude but I guess that's part of why I love him.

He ended up taking me to his ship and into his room. No one noticed or if they did they didn't want to question Zuko.

He locked his door then placed me on the bed. He passionately kissed me then said, "it's been to long."

I laughed, "It's only been a week," as I kissed back.

(Lemon scene)

Let your imagination go wild

(End lemon scene)

Next thing I knew it was almost morning, and I was laying next to Zuko. "I have to get going."

"Can't you stay a little longer, please?" It's always so cute when he begs.

"Sokka and Aang will get worried. Besides we'll probably be doing this next week if you keep stalking us like this."

"We'll do this again tomorrow if that's a promise."

I lifted my self out of bed, "I love you," he said as we kissed one last time before I left.

"I love you too, be safe." And with that I left.

End Flashback

That one night screwed up everything. I started running now, I have to get out of here. It was a few days after that when I realized that I had missed my period. I didn't think it was that big of a deal at first, but then a few days ago when I threw up in the morning… it just clicked… I- I was pregnant.

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