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To see you again

By: S.p.O.d

Chapter one

Music Videos

The white crystal snow flakes fell from the sky like diamonds in a jewelry shop, they seemed to surround one particular person dressed in all black. The white snow contrasted perfectly with the person, though they weren't alone a figure in a crimson red hoodie stood next to them. The two people were standing in a quiet graveyard at night with the stars. They were standing in front of a lone grave labeled Yumiko Higurashi, yeah it was true Yumiko was dead two years ago she was diagnosed with heart cancer and she died months after she was told. The two figures were indeed Kagome Higurashi and Vash Stampede. Kagome's silky black tresses blew with the cold crisp wind under her black and gray beanie, Vash turned to her when some of the black silk caressed his flushed cheeks. "You know she knew she was going to die" Kagome spoke softly; Vash stared sadly into her blue/gray eyes. "She even wrote a song for my band, it's pretty good maybe she's the one who gave me the gift of song writing" Kagome smiled at the thought, Vash chuckled lightly at the thought of Mrs. Higurashi she was like no other mother he knew literally since he was adopted by Rem.

"You know what I think?" Vash asked as they quietly left the graveyard, Kagome turned to him once again her blue/gray eyes shining in the moonlight.

"What do you think Vash? I always like to know" Kagome asked as she looped her arm with his, since the past two years Vash had grown taller now about 6/2 and he was only 18. Kagome had gotten a little taller about 5/6 now that she was turning 18 also, though it was a pity her mother wasn't alive to celebrate. To tell the truth Kagome was sad but happy for her mother because before she died she was not only in pain but weak and Kagome didn't want that for her mother.

"Well I think your father gave you the gift of playing the guitar and singing like a angel" Kagome smiled Vash always had a way with words. "And your mother gave you the gift of beauty and song writing" Vash concluded as he pulled Kagome closer to him. It was quiet for a minute before Kagome decided to speak.

"You know I think so too" Kagome said, Vash chuckled vaguely noticing they reached his house.

"Conceited little girl" Vash joked as he swooped Kagome into his long arms and silently entered his house she was sleeping over. Upon entering his house they both noticed that neither Rem nor Knives were anywhere in sight, which most likely meant they were alone for the night. When they finally reached Vash's bedroom they both laid on the bed not even bothering to take their coats off or change their clothes they just went to sleep.


Sighing Sango continued to stare into Miroku's violet eyes through the TV screen, yes it was Akuma's video for their well-known song 'Nobody' and the only way she actually saw him was through television. She was still in love with him yet she never got the chance to tell him in the right way, it didn't matter though because everything changed the past two years if Akuma were to come back they probably wouldn't recognize anything, it was kinda sad actually since they all practically grew up together but hey things never stay the same. Rolling on to her side Sango stared at Kuranosuke and Kagura, Kuranosuke was her current boyfriend. She watched as Kagura's red contact eyes clouded over with tears, when the video flashed to the part with Ishiyana's arms around some chick with dark almost black brown hair, the girl was to average and Sango didn't understand why it bothered her. Turning her vision back to the TV screen she noticed it was showing the part where Sesshomaru leaned against the mirror in his fake bedroom shirtless and singing the song. This was the first time they saw this video for this song. Sango gasped when she noticed that Sesshomaru's video girl looked like Kagome in a weird way. "Gura do you see that?" Sango questioned her long time friend in shock, Kagura looked just as shocked as her while Kuranosuke was utterly baffled.

"Yeah the chick with Sess kinda looked like Gome" Kagura stated a little annoyed; Kuranosuke raised an eyebrow having heard their conversation.

"Maybe he still has a thing for her after all this time?" Sango said with a shrug of her shoulders, Kuranosuke crossed his arms thinking his girlfriend and Kagura were crazy.

"What are you guys talking about? You don't know Sesshomaru from Akuma right?" Kuranosuke asked a little intimidated by the lead singer of Akuma.

"Sango fill in your lost in space man" Kagura said as she rolled her eyes at Kuranosuke's out of it ness. Sango sighed as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Kura-Kun two years ago we were friends with Akuma before they beat us in the talent show and got the record deal" Sango explained to her boyfriend who was slowly sucked in the info he received from his girl friend.

"Really?" Kuranosuke double-checked in surprise, when Sango nodded his face lit up. "Wow you guys knew them that's pretty cool" Kuranosuke complimented, Sango smiled at her boyfriends dumbness.

"Yeah I guess but you see Sesshomaru had a thing for Kagome back then, but he left to be famous leaving Kaijuu in the dust" Sango explained more to her uninformed boyfriend, Kuranosuke nodded understanding completely, Kagura rolled her eyes again she always thought Sango and Miroku were meant to be. Looking at the TV again Kagura noticed it was the end of the video, which showed Sesshomaru and the Kagome look a like walking away from each other in the pouring rain. It was weird because Akuma changed so much solely because Koga left the group to sing with his cousins Ginta and Hakkaku they were called Okami. Because he left on good terms might I add Ishiyana took his place immediately, retiring as the manager but strangely Akuma sounded better back to it's original state. See originally when they started Akuma it was just Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, Hiten, Miroku, and Ishiyana but you see Ishiyana decided he wanted to be manager and got Koga to take his place. Yeah that's the really long story. Chuckling Kagura turned back to Sango and Kuranosuke who she discovered to be in a heated make out session. Rolling her eyes for the third time that day Kagura flipped out her cell and speed dialed Kagome's cell phone number.

"Cha" Kagome replied sleepily over the phone, Kagura smirked.

" It's me Gome what's up with you and Vash?" Kagura asked, Kagome grinned groggily on the other side of the phone.

"Oh naughty things Gura naughty things" Kagome joked, Kagura scrunched her face up at the thought before chuckling.

"Really then I guess I called you two lovebirds at the wrong time then" Kagura said slyly.

"Don't you always, what are you some kind of in the mood detector?" Kagome asked dully, Kagura quirked an eyebrow at that one.

"But seriously I didn't call while you were you know did I?" Kagura questioned inquisitively, Kagome smirked as she ran her fingers through Vash's golden tresses.

"Na your timing isn't that bad I was just sleeping" Kagome said the last part dryly.

"Good to know" Kagura said sarcastically and Kagome smirked.

"Ok enough with the jokes are Sango and Kuranosuke making out again" Kagome questioned slyly, Kagura grinned Kagome knew her to well.

"Yes they are but let's get down to business the Talent shows coming up which means our graduations is coming up in two weeks I still can't believe they moved it to the end of the year" Kagura said, Kagome smiled things in Hiroshima did change quite a bit but some things still remained.

"Yeah I thought it wasn't fair but look at it this way at least we have more time to practice, oh and I just can't believe were graduating!" Kagome said excitedly, through the years Kagome learned to open up more but she was still pretty much dull and probably would stay that way till the images of her past disappeared. Kagura smiled she couldn't believe it either.

"Yeah pretty soon we'll be going to H.U. though it's pretty surprising were graduating after all that skipping we did" Kagura said, Kagome chuckled they skipped practically like everyday and they still managed to get straight B's and C's maybe some A's along the way but that was all. "Gome do you think we'll still remain friends in college" Kagura asked she was afraid that they'd make knew friends and forget about each other and the band all together like the way Akuma forgot about them when they got famous. Kagome frowned she didn't think that would happen.

"Gura don't worry we'll make new friends but we'll always be Kaijuu and that will never change remember our promise to Kenage, and Hiroshima University will be fun come on partying all night on college grounds with out your mother calling you up all worried" Kagome said trying to cheer up her best friend, Kagura smiled Kagome always knew what to say to make her feel better.

"Yeah your right and maybe we'll get famous along the way and show Akuma how it's really done" Kagura boasted, Kagome chuckled more she knew Kagura was still bitter towards them for not keeping in touch with them after so long she was too but she didn't like to think about the past.

"Maybe you'll meet a college hottie or something like that or maybe Bankotsu will ask you out that would be cool he'd had been talking to you a lot lately" Kagome said smiling, it was weird she thought her and Bankotsu would never be friends again but after Akuma left he came around and begged for her friendship again saying he didn't want to give something like that up because he was jealous over some guy they grew up with.

"Yeah right! He's in love with you still that's why he's been talking to me he wanted to know if you and Vash were doing ok or if you liked him back it's so sad Gome he's head over heels for you" Kagura said as she glanced at her crimson painted nails, Kagome sighed she liked both of them and she was starting to wonder why she was always stuck in some kind of triangle or square it really sucked.

"Alright whatever you say but the next practice is tomorrow but hey I have to go Vash just woke up" Kagome said as she stared into Vash's emerald green eyes he was just waking up, Kagura nodded knowing Kagome couldn't see it she always wanted Kagome to be with a good guy but she couldn't help but shake the feeling that Sesshomaru was best for her.

"Alright later Gome" Kagura said as she hung up her cell phone, looking behind her she noticed Sango and Kuranosuke were done making out and were just watching Tv. It wasn't fair she always thought that they'd be with their dream guys by now Kagome with Sesshomaru, Sango with Miroku, Kikyo with Inuyasha, and herself with Ishiyana but ever since they left and never called things changed Kagome was with Vash, Sango was with Kuranosuke the idiot, Kikyo was with Suikotsu the undercover gay, and she was alone waiting for unrequited love. Life wasn't fair.

"So when's the next practice?" Sango finally asked not liking any kind of silence even if it was comfortable, Kagura turned back to her and grinned.

"It's tomorrow can you believe graduations in two weeks?" Kagura questioned, Sango smirked at her and shrugged her shoulder.

"No! But I tell ya were gonna get that record deal!" Sango announced proudly and Kagura and Kuranosuke burst into uncontrollable laughter. "What?" Sango asked annoyed at their rather rude behavior not like they ever acted proper.

"You always say that!" Kagura and Kuranosuke said in unison, they laughed so hard they had to lean on each other. Even though Kagura thought Sango belonged with Miroku Kuranosuke was still a good guy no matter how out of it he acted he treated Sango right and he earned her respect.


Sota grinned as he waltzed down the high school halls school was ending soon and Kagome would be graduating then his reign of ruling the school would start because he big sister and bother wouldn't be their to be cooler then him. Looking around Sota spotted Sakura talking to Shippo by the big glass window they looked pretty chummy beside eachother and it pissed him off. He didn't know why no matter how broken up they were why he felt possessive over her like she was always going to be his girl. Walking over to a window near them he just stood their listening in on their conversation and right now he didn't like it one bit.

"So Kura you wanna go out some time this week?" Shippo asked, Sakura smiled she did find Shippo attractive and she did like him so why did she feel if she said yes she'd be doing something wrong? Shippo wore a black t-shirt that read 'fuck me and your fucking a god!' he wore baggy skater shorts, and black and blue Etnies. His shoulder length fiery red hair was in its usual high ponytail.

"Yeah sure" Sakura said happily through the years she dropped a little of her coldness like Kagome but she still kept some on special occasions. To tell the truth Sakura had falling in love with Shippo two years ago when Akuma left she couldn't help it, it just happened that way. Shippo smirked he couldn't believe she said yes he thought for sure she'd say no because of Sota lately he'd been sending her on a guilt trip. Smirking more Shippo looked over Sakura she wore a black and white checkered school girl skirt, a tight fitting black belly shirt that read 'smack the piñata!' and on the back it said 'who said that?' black knee high socks with Jack on them, and black and white converse. (A/n: Jack from the nightmare before Christmas I love that guy!). Sota growled from his window he thought for show she'd say no also.

"That's great meet me at the S.p.O.d Theater" Shippo said as he kissed Sakura on the cheek and walked away, Sakura smiled and rubbed her gently kissed cheek. Sota growled and marched over to his ex-girl friend.

"What the hell?" Sota questioned angrily, Sakura frowned she was tired of being in love with Sota and he wasn't making it any easier to get over him even though she was head over heels with Shippo and maybe even Sasuke.

"Sota this has to end I am in love with Shippo and I don't want to be in love with you, your love hurts to much and theirs always some kind of complications I'm sick of it!" Sakura shouted, Sota frowned he didn't like making Sakura upset but he couldn't seem to get over her.

"Well maybe you just don't fucking care anymore! Am I now shit to you or something?" Sota shouted in frustration, Sakura looked at him before smacking him across the face in pure anger not aware of Shippo watching her.

"Where do you get the hell off? You're the one who cheated on me for Rin and that's how you lost me forever! Listen we can be friends but not together get that through your head I wanna be with someone nice like Shippo so fuck off dick head!" Sakura yelled as she quickly walked away leaving Sota and the huge crowd that was surrounding them alone. Shippo decided to follow her happy that she confessed her love to him in front of practically everyone it made him no matter how corny it sounded feel special. Quickly Shippo followed Sakura down three halls with out her notice but before he could catch her attention Sakura bumped into another guy. "excuse me" Sakura said bitterly to angry about her argument with Sota, the person she bumped into held out his clawed hand to the girl on the floor not once able to see her face. Shippo leaned against a wall deciding not to bother her just yet since he was a demon he could hear their conversation just fine.

"It's alright I wasn't watching where I was going" the guy said his voice calm yet familiar, Sakura's head shot up at the voice she knew that voice very well though she wasn't so sure she was happy to that she bumped into him. Sighing she looked him over he didn't change one bit and that's what bothered her the most. His wild black hair was now to his elbow, he seemed to lose his Smokey tan complexion he now had creamy tan skin like her, he wore a dark blue t-shirt that read 'Sharp City', baggy army green skater shorts, and green and white converse. The thing that really stayed the same was his dark emerald green eyes much like Shippo's but more narrowed.

"Oh I didn't know it was you Blade" Sakura said bluntly, Blade glanced at her and frowned they hadn't talked nor seen eachother in a total of 5 years now it just felt weird being around eachother like this. Shippo frowned he'd never seen Blade before but now that he has he wa pretty intimidated by this good looking guy, to Shippo he almost looked princely.

"Hi Sakura how have you been?" Blade questioned, he felt guilty because of the way they parted, Sakura looked anywhere but in his eyes.

"I've been fine dating around, hanging with new friends, forming a band" Sakura counted off her fingers nonchalantly, Blade's face brightened he never knew she could sing maybe it was because back then she didn't seem to open up much. "What about you?" Sakura questioned she didn't really want to know but she decided to be polite to him since it had been so long.

"That's great, well I haven't dated since you know, picked up sword fighting again, and made knew friend with a guy name Bankotsu" Blade said, Sakura chuckled Bankotsu sure got around when he wasn't hanging around Kagome. Blade raised an eyebrow at her. "What?" Blade asked, Sakura smiled faintly she was getting too comfortable with him and she didn't like it.

"I know Ban he's best friends with Kagome one of my good friends she knew Nage" Sakura said her sisters nick name softly it was almost like her sisters name was a ghost, Blade frowned he never really knew what happened to Kenage they broke up before that. "Oh yeah Kenage died a year after be broke it off" Sakura said, Shippo who stood with his back to her behind her frowned. Blade frowned he did get along with Kenage he even liked her.

"I'm sorry about Kenage, Dagger died also but that was three years ago, Ban is a cool guy though" Blade said sadly, Sakura smiled and lightly punched him in the arm. Just then Sota walked by his head lowered and Sakura sighed sadly at his turned back. Blade raised an eyebrow. "You know Sota Higurashi?" Blade questioned, he was little jealous because Sota was real popular.

"Yes unfortunately" Sakura scowled as he thought over the events in their break up, Blade frowned why was she so cold toward him he wanted to know. Shippo frowned he didn't like Sakura in this mood.

"What happened between you and that guy" Blade asked he really wanted to know, Shippo growled inwardly this guy was getting to comfy with his Sakura.

"Well you know Rin my cousin well he cheated on me with her I still can't believe them" Sakura spat angrily everytime she thought about it, it just pissed her off. Blade frowned he thought after him she'd find a great guy but he figured he was wrong. "I still kind of love him but I'm making my self get over him for my own good it's not working his love hurts like knives in my heart ya know? But yeah that's why I hate him" Sakura said sadly she didn't know why she was telling him this but, Blade smiled a little she was opening up to him.

"I'm sorry" Blade said sadly, Shippo decided they had enough time to talk and walked over to the two all the while staring Blade down. Blade raised a rough black brow at him.

"Hey Kura I'll walk you to history" Shippo said smartly, Sakura smiled sweetly at him she was felt comfortable around Shippo. Blade frowned at the two they actually looked good together.

"Ok, well I'll see you around Blade maybe you can come see Kaijuu practice today just ask Bankotsu where the practice is well later it was nice talking to you. Maybe we can be friends again" Sakura said over her should as she and Shippo walked away hand in hand. Blade frowned he found himself falling in love with Sakura all over again.


Growling Kagome pinched her silver wire guitar string it was really getting on her nerves that the string didn't seem to want to tighten all of the damn sudden. Grinning Kagome turned to Sango who seemed to be having the same problem this seemed to also happen when you guitars got to old which meant they needed to buy new ones. "Alright I guess this will just have to do" Kagome announced in a tired voice, Kikyo smiled a little see seemed a little more gothic than Sango now it a miracle how friends influence your since of style no more pink for Kikyo. Kagura chuckle she was glad she didn't know how to play guitar she was happy with her simple drums.

"Let's play that new song we all wrote yesterday," Kikyo suggested in a calm voice, she was dressed pretty dark today. She wore black tight fitting jeans with three punk belts and one roll of chains, a long sleeved shirt that read 'some people are Fugly but you your just plain ol ugly' in white gothic letters, knee high combat boots. Her hair was in two high ponytails with icicle streaks. (A/n: those are real streaks I want those it looks white with blue mixed awesome color to bad my mom is preventing me from dying my hair again but hey theirs always streaking!).

"Good idea" Sango said coolly, she wasn't as hype as she used to be she calmed down to just being nice and angry most of the time. She was dressed a pretty awesome outfit also, she wore a long sleeved orange shirt with a black t-shirt over it that had jack from the night mare before Christmas on it, black skater shorts a little baggy, knee high black and orange witch socks, and black and brown vans. Her hair was in two buns on each side of her head. Kagura grinned she didn't feel so bad today she really liked chilling with her girls.

"It seems like we always have a new song when needed" Kagura said chuckling a little at her own realization. She was dressed in a blood red t-shirt that read 'fall out boy' with a little picture of them, red and black checkered Capri's, and black and white converse. Her hair was in a spiked out bun with bright fiery red streaks through out it. "It's kind of weird don't you think either that or were really think of headers" Kagura said in a baby voice all of Kaijuu burst into laughter at that. Kagome rolled her eyes at her while she laughed they were weird.

"Ok let's do fairy tales" Kagome said finally, everyone nodded in agreement. Kagome sported a black hoodie shirt with sponge bob on it, she wore black Capri's with a black skirt over them, and black and yellow Etnies with sponge bob laces. Her hair was clipped back and out reaching her hips with her indigo streaks. Around her neck was a black choker with a ruby red heart in the middle and black and yellow fish net arm warmers. Everyone wore a collection of punk rock bracelets and necklaces. After they all silenced Kagome began slowly playing the awesome beat to the sad song fairy tales.

Sitting on my bed I watch the rain fall down with my hopes of a happy life

It's not fair why couldn't my life be fiction like Disney tales in movies.

I don't want to hear the cold hard truth about life I want the much nicer rainbow

Colored lies.

Seeing people I love cry makes me wish all the harder about my seemingly impossible


My spirits drop at every news report on the TV, making me want to drown it all out but

It seems I can't.

Chorus: I want to be saved from this deep dungeon, kissed by prince charming, to

Destroy the evil villain. I want a fairy tale ending.

I don't want the reality anymore; the truth of this cold cruel world bearing at my

Neck…in a fairy tale pain doesn't exist.

In a fantasy world away from here there's candy coated clouds, non-stop smiles, and

Dreams that always come true…

But in our land the reality there's serial killers, hateful abusive mothers, and suicides.

Na I want the happiness only found in movies and stories, it maybe impossible but I'll

Make it happen no matter what…

I want to be saved from this deep dungeon, kissed by prince charming, to destroy

The evil villain. I want a fairy tale ending.

Chorus: I want to be saved from this deep dungeon, kissed by prince charming, to

Destroy the evil villain. I want a fairy tale ending.

I don't want the reality anymore; the truth of this cold cruel world bearing at my

Neck…in a fairy tale pain doesn't exist.

I don't want the reality anymore; the truth of this cold cruel world bearing at my

Neck…in a fairy tale pain doesn't exist.

See you guys were wrong happiness is really important, so important I think I'll jump

Off this here now and fly like I always dreamed to do

"Woo! That totally rocked we are definitely winning that talent show!" Sango cheered and everyone did also. Just then Bankotsu entered the garage along with Sakura, Shippo, Sota, Rin, Kohaku, and Blade who Kaijuu knew all to well. Vash ran in a few second after them and up to Kagome.

"Hey Gome how are you did I miss anything" Vash asked coolly he hadn't changed a bit except for the less hyper ness, Bankotsu frowned her still liked Kagome but hey he wasn't going to say anything yet. "Oh and I brought the goods" Vash joked as he secretly revealed his video camera, Kagome chuckled and kissed his cheek they were practically the idiom of the group two straight years of dating and barely any fights.

"Great now we can film ourselves and catch our mistakes" Kagome said, she then noticed Blade who smiled shyly at her she really didn't have any hard feelings toward him so she didn't know why he seemed nervous. "Hey Blade come here I want a feeling" Kagome said calmly and Blade chuckled he knew what she meant everyone always did. Walking up to her Blade hugged her and Kagome hugged back. Kagome also noticed that Sota's face turned sour at the name she knew right away that Sota knew who he was.

"How have you been Gome?" Blade asked politely, Kagome smiled he was always so polite and princely almost as if he was a prince she wouldn't be surprised. The only thing that maybe a weird was his always-wild hair and eyebrows but hey he couldn't help it he was a guy.

"Fine and you long time no see bud-dy" Kagome said in her best Pauly Shore impression everyone laughed at that including the now stoic Kikyo. (A/n: am I the only person who loves that guy he's so cute and funny lol!). Bankotsu walked up to Kagome and purposely hugged her tightly to him while Kagome gave him a weird look; Vash on the other hand growled quietly him and Vash developed a disliking for Bankotsu. "Alright let's get back to practice the next song we should do is 'Online' it's a old favorite" Kagome said and everyone cheered for the song except for Blade who never heard, he also didn't notice the stares he was receiving from Rin who was being stared at by Kohaku.

"Right on now let's play" Kikyo said in her usual calm voice, she began playing the first verse to the song while Kagura began adjusting her mic she got to sing this whole song by her self like a good girl. Clearing her throat Kagura began singing the angry lyrics.

Look I'm not shallow so don't underestimate me about the way I truly am.

I may play the part of a tough, angry, messed up bitch but deep inside I'm that

Person just with more feelings.

Talking to you brings out the real live me see, that's why I'm not letting this online

Relationship is thrown away.

Look I can tell when someone's lying even not in person.

Chorus: your face is nowhere in sight, but I can tell by the way you type that you

Truly exist.

I wait almost all day for an email from you!

Don't you understand you hold the strings to my heart!

I don't know what you love like but I do know when I'm terribly in love…

One day when you're old and fat you'll regret treating me like that online or not!

I feel I can get the weight off my chest when talking to you with out a face to find.

Don't worry when I'm rich and famous you can say you talked to the young and the

Foolish me…

Chorus: your face is nowhere in sight, but I can tell by the way you type that you

Truly exist.

I wait almost all day for an email from you!

Don't you understand you hold the strings to my heart!

I don't know what you love like but I do know when I'm terribly in love…

Smiling Kagura winked at the camera Vash held in his hands he filmed the whole performance. Looking around she noticed everyone was cheering including her group members; Kagome gave her thumbs up. They smiled and did goofy faces in the camera to make the moment more memorable. Laughing they all rested in the lounge chairs, boxes, or anything around to sit on, they sat their for a few hours before Vash pulled Kagome out of the garage and off to the side.

"Kagome I'm going to email this to Dark Painting Studios do you want to come with?" Vash questioned Kagome smiled brightly she was up for anything that had to do with getting big.

"Yeah of course I want to" Kagome said as they began walking toward the mail box envelope and pen in hand. They walked hand in hand not even thinking about the others in the garage only about their secret plan to get Kaijuu famous hoping it worked.

Ha! You guys probably thought I was going to be evil and leave you hanging with out a sequel tch I couldn't resist I love this story and I also like writing about my rotten friends lol! But I love them but not as much as Sesshomaru oh and he'll be in the story soon I promise.

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