Title: Warning Sign
Rating: T for some naughty words.
Pairing: Logan & Veronica
Spoilers: Up to the end of season one.
Summary: After months of not seeing each other, Veronica ends up giving him a drive home. Everything that had been building between the two begins to boil over.
Author's Note: I wrote this a while back during the summer but never had the chance to finish it. I came across it tonight and thought, 'Might as well get this thing completed. It beats doing homework!' Also, Rob Thomas is a genius. I own nothing. Originally, I wrote this to be a one-shot. But with the outpouring of people asking me to continue prompted me to write a little more.

Chapter One

"You could have called."

Weevil had called her earlier tonight. He found Logan at a seedy bar just outside of town. Veronica couldn't tell if he was half drunk or near death. Maybe it was both.

Logan was slumping on the passenger side seat of her car, the left side of his face plastered against her window. He smelled of alcohol and trashy women. He felt his head pound with every pulse of his veins and was on the verge of lurching every last bit of his earlier antics. Now was not the time for a heart to heart.

Veronica never played by the rules though. She always called the shots. But not this time.

"You could have written. Sent me an e-mail. Something!"

"Sorry. Guess my postcard got lost in the mail. It said 'Greetings from Hell. Wish you were here!'"

The car was silent for a few moments. Tension filled the small compact space. Neither of its occupants knew where to start. Neither of them wanted to bring up the past. But it was inevitable. Sooner or later they were going to have to face their problem head on. She knew it. He knew it.

It had been six months since they last saw each other. It was the night Veronica was attacked and nearly killed by the same man who killed her best friend. His girlfriend. It was the same night she accused him of the crime in the first place.

"How's your dad doing?"

She smiled at the mention of her father. "He's doing good. His scars are beginning to heal." She paused for a moment. "Mine too."

"Are you going to go all 'Movie of The Week' on me? I already feel like I want to hurl. I don't need another reason." He shifted in his seat and fully sat up.

"Well I wouldn't want that. I just cleaned the interior."

Logan refused to answer. He wasn't reason to respond to those types of questions.Veronica seemed to get the hint and decided to stay quiet. 'This is a rarity in life,' he thought.

The silence was deafening. Not being able to take it any more Veronica turned on the CD player. Coldplay blared through the speakers. Before you knew it, she began to mentally kick herself for playing the one song that defined everything that couldn't be said. Strangely enough, she couldn't force herself to turn it off.

A warning sign
I missed the good part then I realized
I started looking and the bubble burst
I started looking for excuses
Come on in, I've gotta tell you what a state I'm in
I've gotta tell you in my loudest tones
That I started looking for a warning sign
When the truth is
I miss you
Yeah the truth is
That I miss you so

"He wanted to get back together. Duncan, I mean. After finding out that I wasn't his sister, he figured things could go back to the way they used to be. But I'm not the same Veronica he used to love." She glanced up into his eyes lovingly. "I'm not his Veronica."

"Fuck this." His heart couldn't take the lyrics that hit too close to home any longer. His hand reached for the power button and switched it off angrily.

Veronica glanced back at him for a moment. Her fingers itched to turn it back on. So she did.

Warning sign
You came back to haunt me and I realized
That you were an island and I passed you by
And you were an island to discover
Come on in, I've gotta tell you what a state I'm in
I've gotta tell you in my loudest tones
That I started looking for a warning sign

"Stop it," he said in a calm voice. Almost too calm. "Turn it off."

Veronica did not say a word. Her only reaction was to turn the volume louder.

And the truth isI miss you
Yeah the truth is
I miss you so
And I'm tired
I should not have let you go

The pounding headache from his earlier antics was growing. He knew what she was doing. She was trying to get some sort of reaction out of him.

So I crawl back into your open arms
Yes I crawl back into your open arms
And I crawl back into your open arms
Yes I crawl back into your open arms.

Logan watched as she turned the volume higher. If she wanted him pissed off, she was doing damn good job at it. Veronica glanced back at him with a smug look upon her face. He felt his anger begin to rise as she pushed a button for the song to replay.

"Pull over."


"I said, pull the fuck over."

"Logan, just..."


The car had not even come to a complete stop when he opened the passenger side door and jumped out. As he began to walk a few yards, he realized they were at Dog Beach. His mind began to flood with flashes of that afternoon.

"So I guess we broke up, huh?"

"What do you want me to say, Logan?"

"'Logan, I'm gonna go home and put my head in the oven because I can't go on living knowing what a heartless bitch I am.' Something like that!"

"So you're saying you want me dead?"


Never in his wildest dreams did Logan believe his words would come true. His own father had the ability to kill his first love. Then tried to kill his second. The guilt had been eating away at his soul for months. The only way to escape the demons inside of him was Jack Daniels, someone he was beginning to become quite acquainted with. His brown liquid of debauchery was his salvation.

His hand reached for his pocket to his flask and began to twist off its cap. Just as he was about to take another swig of its numbing contents, a hand reached out and pulled it out of his grasp.

"What the fuck are you doing? Do you have a death wish or something?"

The words came flying out of his mouth before he could stop them.

But Veronica's face remained stoic. "That's funny. You said just about the same thing that night." She watched him stumble to the sand and put his head in his hands. "What was it again? To shove my head in an oven?"

"You never do listen to what people tell you to do." He glanced at his watch. "Gee golly, Nancy Drew, I'm having the best time with this conversation but I have to get home. Mom and Dad said we could do charades tonight if I did all of my homework. Have to keep up with the honor roll, you know."

She winced at the venom of his words. "Logan . . ."

Logan looked up at her anguished filled face. Anger began to rise within him. What right did she have to feel sad? "Don't you do that. Don't you fucking do that!" He pointed a finger at her angrily to add effect. His body swaggered slightly, not being able to keep his balance well.

"Do wh..."

He cut her off before she was able to ask. "Don't you dare make me look like the fucking asshole in all of this. This is my script and you don't get to be the saint." He lifts his hands in a straight line and evenly spreads them apart. Laughter that was cynical and filled with hurtfulness filled the air. "The camera zooms in on our young heroine in her lowest moment. The music begins to pick up. The lyrics filled with sadness and heartache."

He grabbed the flask from her hands as he picked himself off his feet and took a long swig. He couldn't feel the burning sensation it once gave him as it poured down his throat. He was beginning the feel numb. Painless. It was exactly what he needed.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Veronica Mars! Humanitarian of the year and royal pain in my ass. A round of applause," he slurred. He slowly clapped to add effect to his words. He swayed back and forth but fell back down in the sand, too intoxicated to stand on his own.

Veronica watched him self destruct and a little piece died inside of her. Her mind was telling her she couldn't watch anymore. She knew if she left now, though, nothing could ever be repaired. Instead of turning away, she kneeled down beside him. She took a long look at his facial features. He hadn't shaved in weeks. The dark circles and bags under his eyes indicated he was worn out physically and had lacked a good night's sleep. He looked like he had been to hell and back.

And that wasn't just a saying anymore. Not when it defined their lives.

She lifted his left arm over her shoulder and began to pull his body upward. She had to get him back indoors before somebody caught him in this compromising position and alerted the media. And Logan didn't need any more attention like that.

Her actions stopped when she felt his other hand begin to stroke the satin-smooth skin of her cheek. The simple gesture brought her to tears once more. She leaned into his touch, turning her head and kissing the palm of his hand.

God she missed this. She missed him.

"I could have loved you," he whispered before passing out.

She couldn't hold it in any longer. The emotions came flooding out. Hot tears of anger, resentment and love rolled down her cheeks. He was slowly killing himself and she didn't know how to stop him.