Title: The Truth Will Set You Free

Author: Tali

Disclaimer: I do not own anything you recognize it belongs to many other more talented people. I am not being paid to do this.

Rating: R for language, slash relationship and who knows what.

Summery: Bobby learns things about his parents past. He learns things about his father and decides to find out the truth. He decides to find Ennis. He wants to know the truth about his father.

Author's Note: My time line looks like this for the purposes of this story: 1963- Brokeback; 1966- Bobby is born. 1967- First post card/fishing trip for Jack/Ennis; 1983- Jack dies; 1993- Lureen dies and Bobby learns about Ennis. This would put Bobby at 16 when his father died and about 26 when his mom dies and would make Ennis in his 50's.

Feedback: PLEASE Feedback I'm not sure where to go with this story and I'm not sure its worth going on with if no one wants to read it.



Sighing Bobby looked around the house. It was his home. It had been his home. His mama and daddy had raised him here. His daddy died about ten years ago from a tired accident. He swallowed his tears shaking his head, now his mother was gone she'd gone into see her doctor with a bad cough, three months later the cancer had taken her. Now Bobby was left to pack up her home and his childhood memories. Both his father and his mother's estates were his. Meaning he was now the sole owner of the business, this house, two cars, and three trucks... shaking his head he just couldn't understand how his mother had let it all build up around her.

She'd never sold off any of his father's things. She'd never even moved them, just continued with her life like he was still there. She went to work; she cooked, cleaned and hung his things in the closet next to her own. Lureen had never even moved Jack's things from the dresser. When Bobby opened the drawers he found socks and boxers neatly folded in the drawers. His father's belts hung on the door with his ties and black hats. His father always wore black hats. Picking one up he inhaled, and smiled. It was amazing how powerful scent was to memory. Suddenly he could see his father smiling and encouraging him along, clear as if the man himself was standing before him.

Most had thought of his mother as a cold woman. But he knew differently she had loved him, in her own way and she had loved his father. Maybe not in a traditional kind of way, but she had loved them both in her own way. He had proof of that, as he cleaned her office out and found his report cards, each and every one at first all signed by his daddy, then with her loopy feminine signature. His school pictures were there as well as childhood drawings. He was touched at it all. Lureen and given her safe combination in her will and inside Bobby found a picture of his mother and his father, she in a red rodeo shirt. They both looked not much older then he was now. Both looking more then a little worked over, but smiling. Her wedding album was there as well as his father's belt buckles. At the very back he found a locked box. The key was taped to the underside as well as a letter.


I guess if you're reading this, I never got around to giving you this and I've passed away. First, I love you Bobby. I hope you know that. I love you and I am very proud of you. You are so much like your Daddy it amazes me to watch. You're so full of his love for life, his out going personality, you have his eyes and smile. Thankfully you got my head on your shoulders, but the rest of you is so much like Jack. There are some things I never told you Bobby. Things I wasn't sure you were ready to hear. I know how much you loved your Daddy and how you looked up to him. I know how you saw our marriage, and I didn't want to mess that up for you. Please, Bobby, know that I loved your Daddy very much and he loved me too. At first we were a white hot reckless kind of thing. Then we got married and had you and though the passion died away your Daddy always did right by me. He worked hard and we were good friends. He was terrible at keeping secrets but I never minded. I knew I wasn't able to give him what he needed and still he stayed and kept face, as well as helped to raise you up right. He loved you more then almost any one else. I know that your Daddy would want you to have these things, they are your Daddy's most important things. I know that he would want you to put them back where they rightly belong. I never could, I was too chicken shit to do it. I know you'll do the right thing Bobby, because I know you'll understand. You never could keep a good secret either. No matter what Bobby, I love you and I knew all along.

Love always,

Your Momma Lureen Twist.

Bobby swallowed wiping his tears. Getting up he moved into the living room, settling on the sofa. Shaking he opened the box, excited and scared about what he would find inside. The box's metal hinges squeaked open and bobby saw post card after post card each with handwriting he didn't know on them. All addressed to his father most all depicting a beautiful mountain. Odd he must have sat staring at that picture for hours, it seemed to pull at him, call to him. Shaking his head he read them. Most just said, 'you bet' or 'yes' with a date. Some invited his father fishing or hunting. After a careful look over he found something, a clue. "Brokeback Mountain, Wyoming USA" Bobby blinked, this couldn't be right. It just couldn't. Sitting back he set the box down scrubbing his face with his hands. Delving back in he found a silver and gold belt buckle he knew had been his Grandpa Twist's, he found a label it looked like off an old can of beans, and a folded up piece of paper. He recognized his father's handwriting on it, and smiled. The page held name after name along with idea's for brands. Ideas for naming a ranch. And every now and again he'd see something else a name, a man's name.

"Ennis del Mar." He whispered picking up a post card he said again. "Ennis del Mar."

"Who is Ennis del Mar?" A voice from the front door asked.

Bobby looked up and smiled. "Git that box over there will ya? I think that's the last of what I wanna take. Oh, and did ya git ever thin from the bed rooms?"

An easy smile crossed the sun-tanned face as green eyes rolled. "Yeah, Bobby... I got all them boxes from the bedrooms. Ever last damn one of 'em. You sure ya wanna sell this place? We could keep it as a vacation house or summin." Sitting next to Bobby and kissing him the strong arms crossed his shoulders. Bobby sighed and leaned in, inhaling deeply the sent of his lover. Comforting and relaxing him all at once. "Now who is Ennis del Mar? Yer mom's secret boyfriend?"

"Naw, I think he was my Dad's." Charlie's eyebrows hit his dirty blond shaggy hairline as Bobby asked. "You know where Brokeback Mountain is Charlie?"