Ennis stood on the patio with a cup of coffee in hand looking out over the Twisted O ranch

Title: The Truth Will Set You Free

Author: Tali

Disclaimer: I do not own anything you recognize it belongs to many other more talented people. I am not being paid to do this.

Rating: R for language, slash relationship and who knows what.

Summery: Bobby learns things about his parents past. He learns things about his father and decides to find out the truth. He decides to find Ennis. He wants to know the truth about his father.

Author's Note: My time line looks like this for the purposes of this story: 1963- Brokeback; 1966- Bobby is born. 1967- First post card/fishing trip for Jack/Ennis; 1983- Jack dies; 1993- Lureen dies and Bobby learns about Ennis. This would put Bobby at 16 when his father died and about 26 when his mom dies and would make Ennis in his 50's.

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Ennis stood on the patio with a cup of coffee in hand looking out over the Twisted O ranch. He'd been here for six years and in that time he'd found something desperately missing from his life, peace. Ennis had finally made peace with who he was, what he'd wanted, and even with Alma. Though the last one had taken a heck of a lot longer then he'd initially thought. Turned out Alma was more then a little bitter with him.

The last few years had changed so much in his life it was hard to believe. The boys had shown Ennis a nice little cabin that was where they kept the foreman on their ranch. It was a nice little two bedroom cottage with an eat in kitchen and living room. Far enough away from the main house and animals to provide peace and privacy but still close enough he would be near if he was needed.

Sipping the final drop of his coffee Ennis finally shrugged on his old camel colored leather jacket and headed off toward the barn. He'd saddle his horse and head out to look things over before breakfast. This place was as close to heaven as he could imagine with out Jack. Every day he missed Jack a little more, but he'd stopped wishing to join the blue eyed man years ago. Bobby and Charlie had taken him in, made him family, and given him back a piece of something he'd lost due to his own stubbornness. His girls visited at least once a month, coming to him these days.

At the outer edge of the ranch he turned back and looked out toward the house. It was perfect and it made him ache inside. Checking the herd and fences took almost no time, and he was rolling his eyes as Bobby rang the triangle to call him in for breakfast. Those boys mother-hened him to near death some days! Asking up on his eating, on his sleeping, and did he take his medicine today? Hell, Bobby'd even taken to having some one come in and do his cleaning and washing up.

Heading back he smiled at Charlie. "Damn bell! You outta take tha' thing down and burry it!" He laughed as Charlie rolled his eyes and nodded.

"I swear it has to be the worst gift ever. I should kick Junior's ass." Charlie served up the eggs to three plates which already hold five slices of slab cut bacon and two biscuits smothered in peppermill gravy. "Its ready you may as well dig in, Bobby's run back up the stairs on a phone call. Taking his own seat Charlie started in on his breakfast. "How's the herd look?"

Conversation continued until Bobby came down the stairs looking ash colored and shaking. Charlie and Ennis were both on their feet in moments. "Baby what's wrong?" Charlie asked taking his lover into his arms worriedly.

"We got approved…" Looking over at Ennis Bobby broke into a huge smile. "We got approved! We're gonna be parents." He whispered to Charlie.

Ennis looked completely stunned. The world had come so far in so little time. Years ago he'd never have believed two men could live together as partners, with their neighbors knowing they shared a bed and survive to build anything. Standing before him was the living proof of what could be. Charlie and Bobby had fought the odds, done what they pleased and made their share of disapproving enemy's but they had a successful ranch, they had each other, and soon they would have a family.

"That's wonderful news. Congratulations." Ennis nodded smiling at Bobby. "When?"

"We have to go pick him up tomorrow… he was a premature baby, but he's stronger now, healthy… born addicted to some nasty stuff but he's eating ok and don't need any equipment to stay breathing." They'd known their chances of adoption were greater in their willingness to take in a trouble case baby. "I think we should call him Jack." Bobby told Charlie quickly.

Rolling his eyes Charlie finally let go of Bobby with a smirk. "Didn't I already agree? Why do you keep asking like you think I'm gonna forget or change my mind. Jack is a perfectly acceptable name… now come eat. Gonna have to change that guest room round for the new lil one." The two men continued planning, agreeing to call Charlie's parents and the girls and give them the news.

Ennis walked out toward his own place as the sun set. The horses had been brushed down the men lined out for the next day and he was ready to crawl into bed. He was tired, seemed more and more these days he was tired earlier and earlier. He showered, changed, ate some dinner and crawled into bed, inside his night stand drawer was a closed envelope addressed to him in Jack's handwriting. Every night he'd take it out, look at it and decide whether today was the day he was ready to see what Jack had to say to him. Looking at the two shirts hanging inside one another Ennis finally opened the letter.


I don't really know what to write here. I love you. That's a good place to start. I miss you. That's true too. I been drinking too much lately. I'm sorry about what I said at the river. I don't want to hurt you. I get powerful lonely some times. I miss you and I there are times I just want to close my eyes and pretend we're together and it's all ok. Seems here lately you get away less and less. Its like I'm loosing you Ennis, how can I loose something I ain't never really had though? You say you can't quit me, but I wonder if that's true. I wonder if I'm gonna see you again. I wonder if you have finally decided you don't want any part of this any more. I look at my kid and my wife and I'm greatful for my boy and to have a woman like Lureen give a damn but I know what a bastard it makes me because for you I'd walk away from it all to just be with you full time. Nothing in my world feels right except when I'm around you. Hell I'll never send this… it'll go into the shredder with all the others I've written over the years. I'm gonna have one more beer, then I'm gonna head to bed and try to remember how it feels to sleep with you wrapped all protective like around me.

Your Cowboy, Jack

"Miss you like hell…" He sighed closing his eyes tight.

"Right, you got the life Ennis." The sweet southern draw whispered into his ear. Eyes popping open Ennis swallowed looking to his side into the bright blue un-aged eyes of his Jack.

"Jack?" He gasped out as if in pain, tears swimming in his eyes. "I'm dreaming right?"

"Nahhh… I been waiting fo'ya for a while now… took yer sweet ass time too didn'ya?" Jack's hand reached out caressing Ennis' face.

Ennis relaxed at the touch leaning into it like a puppy seeking warmth and affection. "I love you Jack. I'm so tired these days." He admitted opening his eyes back up. "You gonna be here when I wake up?"

"Forever Ennis, I aint never left ya, stubborn ole fool… I jist been waiting fo'ya to be ready." Jack promised kissing Ennis' tears away. "I'm not goin' no where… this here… this is my idea of heaven."