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Chapter 1

Hurried panting was heard through the courtyard of Alfea. The sight of Layla becoming clear, her eyes fixated to the sky. "Piff wake up!"

The little baby fairy was in one of it's usual sleep flying modes. Oblivious to all things around her the dangers included. Layla's voice doing nothing to reach her. Only for the little pixie to flutter further away in a quick hurry, almost like she had a destination in mind.

Layla groaned, "Piff!" Quick steps leading her to follow the sleepy pixie. Jeans tightly clinging to her legs, shoes stepping into a puddle without realizing it the muddy water splashing on her brand new shirt staining it from its clean white to a slightly off brown. "Oh great!" Another thing to go wrong for Layla today.

However Piff would lead her out of Alfea's main courtyard now reaching some of the forest area. Sounds of people though were becoming more clear now. It seemed several Red Fountain students were practicing some type of drill in the forest. A white ball zipping back and forth, firing a stun like lazer at each of the students.

Layla's eyes widened watching the lazer hit one of the students who collapsed on the grass, seemingly about to cry. "No Piff! Please stop!" The terror in her voice evident, helplessly watching as her little pixie floated to a very painful end.

Her voice had stirred one of the students attention. Dark eyes looking up only to witness a very small floating pixie moving about near the lazer ball. "Woah!" The student leaping into the air, his white uniform clinging to his form, the cape swaying in the wind. Hands outreached as he managed to leap high enough to cup the pixie in his fingers. That however would lead to a direct lazer into the back, his form sent crashing down into the grass. Hands clutched close to his chest, groaning a little. "Uhhh that hurts."

One of the other students blinked turning to there comrade and now the quickly approaching Fairy from Alfea. "Hey hold up there! Operation seven two A." The lazer ball stopping it's current firing as the lead student spoke up, "What's going on here? Alan you alright?"

Layla noticing the hero went to the aid of Piff, suprised in truth he even saw the little pixie. Stopping to kneel down by his side noticing he was still laying on his side. "Are you alright? Hey."

The student groaned a little again turning his body to slowly sit up. Hearing his teamate he spoke slowly, "Sorry Lance, we had a guest on the field." Hands still cupped only to open, noticing Layla at his side. "Oh this must be yours." The little sleeping Piff was still sleeping even during the turmoil that just happened. "I am alright though, don't worry just make sure this little one is okay." Handing the sleepy Piff over to Layla carefully.

Layla listened to the student, only to take Piff when he offered. "Thank you. Thank you for saving her, I was worried she was going to get hurt. Piff is always sleep flying. She seems okay thanks to you, she didn't even wake up."

The student nodded only to slowly get up, dusting his outfit off a little. Short black hair was slicked back, his eyes adorned with silver round small glasses. "That's good to hear, sorry for not noticing her earlier. She is a little one." His light brown almost gold colored eyes cutting to the lead student. "Sorry about that Lance, apparently a little pixie flew into the crosshairs of the lazer. Do I still get docked for getting hit?"

The lead student shook his head slowly, witnessing the little pixie in Layla's hands. Only to hear the explanation of sleep flying how peculiar. "It's okay Alan, I won't dock you this time. However in the field even when performing a rescue it can't be excused. You need to know that especially since this is your first year here. All of you freshmen need to, there is no re do's on a mission. Well lets take a break, we will start back up in a five minutes get something to drink all of you."

With those words it seemed the entire small group of heroes would split off, some going to parked levi bikes to retrieve water. Others standing off to the side to speak with one another about less than important babble.

Alan had taken the free time to stretch a little swaying his arms back and forth. Feeling his right elbow touch someone. "Oh sorry. Huh?" Turning to see that Layla was still there. "Oh is she hurt?"

Layla had stuck around a little longer, listening to the senior student speak to the freshmen. So the guys name was Alan and a freshman at Red Fountain interesting. Walking over to him she nearly got elbowed over. Seeing him quickly apologize turning to face her. "No. Piff is fine, I just wanted to say thanks. Most never see the little pixies let alone help them."

Alan offered a warm smile to Layla hearing her say the little one was fine. "Thats good I was worried she may have gotten injured during the fall. I have to admit I have never seen a pixie before. So this was a treat for me to see this little one."

"I am glad this didn't turn out worse than it did. Are you okay though, I noticed you were hit by the lazer and fell a good ten feet down yourself." Layla shifted her weight from her right foot back to the left, a little concern in her voice.

"Oh that. Well hehe, its going to bruise but nothing I will worry about. Will take a little more than a lazer from a training orb to stop me. What is your name if I may ask?" Alan's hands sliding to cross along his chest now.

Layla blushed a little embarassed for not introducing herself earlier, "I am sorry. I am Layla. It's nice to meet you Alan wasn't it? This little pixie is Piff, I am sure she would say hello if she was awake."

Another gentle chuckle passed Alan's lips uncrossing his arms slowly. "It's okay. It's nice to meet you Layla, and to meet Piff here. So you attend Alfea I assume?"

Layla was a little suprised he didn't know about her trip to the underworld with Bloom, Stella, Skye, and Brandon. Then again he was just a freshmen probably left in the dark on things like that. "I am a sophmore at Alfea you are right. I.."

"Okay ladies lets go, breaks over." Lance's voice would cut Layla off catching the attention of all the students. Forcing them to move back to begin practice.

Alan shaking his head a little annoyed with the interuption. "Well I must go, I am sorry I can't talk more. It was a pleasure to meet you Layla. Take care of yourself and Piff." Offering a soft wave now as he ran toward the group of students.

Layla blinked being interupted only to get an apologie for his forced departure. Quickly speaking, "It was nice to meet you to Alan." Turning to quickly begin her run back to Alfea, noticing Bloom running up in the distance.

Bloom ran up having been trying to help Layla catch Piff, "Did you get her Layla?"

Layla nodded softly holding her little pixie, "Yes I did. One of the heroes helped me get her." Layla catching herself watching Alan a little more during his training with the others.

Bloom nodded only to notice a slight distant glance Layla given toward one of the students. A slight elbow given to Layla's side. "Who's that Layla." Teasing tone lingering in her voice, never noticing Layla show a direct interest in a guy before.

Layla blinked realizing she had been caught by Bloom, a flushed look on her cheeks. "It's nothing, his name is Alan a freshman at Red Fountain. A real nice guy. Thats all."

Bloom laughed before shaking her head, "So you got his name. You going to meet up later with him for a lunch or something."

Layla shook her head, "I didn't say all that sheesh Bloom. Let's hurry back Professor Avalon's class begins soon I don't want to be late." Layla's shoes tapping against the grass, her mind a little absent. Even forgetting she had a stain on her shirt and jeans.

Bloom would blink only to look over at the students, "I wonder if Skye would know anything about him?" That simple thought would be all, "Wait I am going to be late! Wait Layla!" Bloom forced to run after Layla trying not to be late.