Final Chapter

The soft rain would pelt against the walls of of Cloud Tower the sounds of classes ending and students moving around. One of the dorms was open, several boxes being taped up, the sight of Alan resting by the bed. Several things being placed into a box. From the expensive to the more casual. His head was a little lower, sealing the box with a special seal.

Various sounds continued to pass through the hallways, from the people asking about what was going on. To the less concerned day to day noises. A soft tap on the door would bring to Alan's attention the appearance of Layla. Her head a little lowered, hair resting down over her shoulders. Cheeks stained with cool water from the outside rain. "Alan.."

The tapping on the door had bee ignored, swaying jacket tails shifting over Alan's body. His head still lowered, only for the soft voice of Layla to touch his ears. Hand squeezing the side of a desk, nails cutting into the wood. "Layla." The mere utterance of her voice came out a mere whisper.

Layla had heard her name, taking a step toward him. Hand brought up to rest on his back. "I'm sorry Alan." Her voice stained with sorrow, "Say something please?"

Creaking in the desk continued, Alan's hands now red from the tension applied. Eyes tightly closed, only to open slowly. Lips parting carefully, "It's not your fault Layla. It's not anyones fault but mine." The detestment lingered in his voice. The sheer thought of the events that lead to this killed him on the inside.

"Alan you can't blame yourself. It's my fault, if I had been more careful. I mean if I hadn't let my guard down you wouldn't. You.." Crystaline tears beginning their trail down her cheek.

A sharp breath taken in feeling the soft choking in Layla's voice. Then the quick blaming of herself again, Alan shaking his head. Turning as his hands would wrap around her waiste. Hand sliding up to rest on her back. "It's not your fault Layla."

"There you two are." Bloom's voice cut into the room, only realizing she had walked in on a moment. "Oh sorry. I didn't mean to butt in. Were here to help if you need us Alan."

Alan looked up sharply when Bloom's voice cracked the moment. Hearing her say they were here to help, reminding him that work needed to be done. "No you didn't interupt anything. I appreciate the help, but I think I got it. I need to get back to work. I am sorry Layla but I must get back to work." Alan releasing her, only to go back to boxing up items.

Layla sighed gently, feeling Alan release her upon Bloom's arrival. Nodding her head when Alan spoke of having to get back to work. "I understand, bye Alan." With those words Layla would move away from him, going to the door without even a second glance back at him.

Bloom's heart sank feeling the sadness in the room, more than understanding the situation. Watching Layla

's saddened expression made her follow quickly. "Wait up Layla."

Layla looked back, her tears finally drying. "What do you need Bloom?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to the cafe in Magix, the guys are there." Bloom hoping her friend would smile again, being two days now since Layla had been herself. Even Piff had been saddened by Layla's actions.

"Maybe next time Bloom, I don't feel up to it now." Layla dismissing the idea all together beginning her exit from Cloud Tower.

Bloom running over and grabbing her shoulder. "Hold on. Please for me come to the cafe. We are all worried about you."

Layla was stopped in her steps, feeling her shoulder grabbed. Turning to now face Bloom, the hurt in Bloom's eyes told her all. Even before the explanation came, Layla would simply nod. "I am sorry to worry all of you. I will have that drink then."

Bloom was relieved that Layla conceded and decided to have the drink.

The two reaching the cafe, the small outside table was full. Everyone there, Brandon, Stella, Helia, Flora, Riven, Musa,Tecna, Timmy, And Skye. It seemed everyone was just a little more down than normal.

Stella looking up seeing Layla and Bloom, "Hey guys, have a seat. Waitress, Miss, can we get two more tea's?"

Skye pushing out two chairs for both Layla and Bloom to sit down. "Glad you made it Layla." Skye offering his usual warm smile.

Bloom taking her seat next to Skye, taking her glass of tea from the waitress. "Thank you." Nodding her head gently the the waitress. Looking back to Skye, and then Stella, tilting her head over to Layla wondering how she would react.

Layla would put on her best fake smile, taking the glass of tea. Swallowing a little to wet her lips, "Thanks for having me guys. It's been rather tough."

Brandon rubbed a hand through his brown hair, "I can imagine."

Helia shaking his head, "It's not an easy time for you, I can understand." His voice holding a little more sympathy than normal.

Flora offering her usual smile, "Yes dear, we are here for you."

Tecna smiling, "Yeah you don't have to face it all alone."

Stella laughing, "It's not like we would not listen you know."

Musa smirking, "Yeah you are part of our Winx Club. We are a family."

Layla appreciated every sincere word from her friends, finding them comforting in the mildest sense of the word. "I appreciate that all of you. I am not facing it alone, I mean. I know you all are there for me. I just worry about him. He's taking it all on himself."

Riven shrugged, "He's being stupid."

Musa elbowed Riven, "Stop that yo."

Skye had to nod his head, "No. Riven is right Musa. I mean Alan blames himself for making a choice. He can't go back now, I know its cold sounding. I am sure he knows that, considering I haven't heard him say one word about it."

Timmy pushed his glasses up onto his nose, "Well being a hero is more than a cape and flair, you have to be willing to make split second decisions. While at the same time living with the decisions you make. I don't know if I could have done it."

Tecna had to admire Timmy's honesty even if the conversation was taking a depressing turn.

Stella groaning, "Oh you guy's stop. This isn't a blame game, it happened, its not something to just get over. Sheesh."

Bloom had to agree with Stella, "Yeah it's a real big deal. Alan is our friend to, we shouldn't leave him to deal with it on his own."

Layla appreciated the kind words from Stella and Bloom. She even considered the words from the others each one making sense. A slight vibration on her hip caught her eye. Lifting the little cell phone, small message of I am leaving was there. Layla closing her cellphone looking to the others. "I have to go he is leaving now. I want to say goodbye."

Everyone would look up, as if simultaniously speaking. "We will go with you."

The entire group of friends reached the outside walls of Cloud Tower, the transporter card glowing on the hard cold rocky ground. All of the boxes belonging to Diaspro had been sent ahead, packed with special care from Alan. His form standing there, perhaps waiting on Layla. Hand pushing his glasses a little onto his nose.

"He's still here guys!" Brandon had gotten ahead of everyone hurrying to see if Alan had left without saying goodbye. Panting a little as Stella, then the others appeared behind him.

Alan was suprised to say the least all of his friends there, even after what he had done to them. He owed them so much, words could not describe the debt he felt he should pay them back. Lips parting, "I am going back now. I owe you all more than I could ever repay you."

Skye smirked, "Hey man don't worry about it, just put it on my tab."

Brandon nodding, "Yeah Alan, we are friends thats what we are here for."

Riven crossed his arms, "When you get back you owe me a match, no more of those sneaky paralysis balls."

Timmy offered a soft bow, "I wish I had gotten a chance to know you better, I am sure we could have gotten along."

Helia just nodding, "I wish you a safe trip."

Alan taking a moment to listen to each of the specialist kind words, others he wasn't so sure of. Yet each one he owed some debt to, being simply being his friend. Bowing his head slowly, Alan would speak. "Thank you all of you, my time at Red Fountain has been easier thanks to you. I hope if I do return I will get to have that match with you Riven. I will look forward to it." Alan's voice containing a faint since of sadness to it.

Tecna softly spoke up, "It's been a little over three weeks with you here Alan. It's been an interesting time to say the least. It feels like I am saying goodbye to a great friend. But I won't say that because I will be saying hello soon enough." Tecna trying not to get to emotional the situation seeming to scream it.

Musa nodding her head, "Yeah, I am sorry I roughed you up a little. Consider it my showing you tough love." Musa laughing a little.

Flora gently waved her hand, "I hope things go the way you want them to in the future."

Bloom smirking slowly, "Us girls have decided sine you roughed me up, next time you have to take us all shopping to make up for it. You better come back soon." Bloom's tone was a teasing one to hide the sorrow of this goodbye.

Stella nodding, "Yeah I saw this dress I have to get. But other than that Alan, you better come back soon. We are going to miss you."

Alan shook his head softly listening to the fairies he had wronged so much in the past, a regret he desired to forget. Laughing when he heard Musa mentioning roughing him up, "You gave me quite a lick or two. I don't ever want to get on your bad side." Then Bloom mentioning about the shopping spree, Alan smirking, "That's fine I will do that." Even as Stella mentioned the dress and about they would miss him. It was all painful to hear realizing this was a final goodbye.

Layla stood there, her arms folded along one another in front of her body. Eyes looking to him, the sadness easily readable with the crystal mirror tears beginning to leak down her cheeks. Moving forward to try and say goodbye, finding each time her lips opened no sound would come out.

Alan noticed Layla moving forward to say goodbye. Alan moving to her aid, hands placing about her. A tight hug given, hand resting on the back of her head. "I am sorry I could not spend more time with you Layla. That is the one regret I have for this short time of being here in Magix."

Layla embraced the hug from Alan, hands wrapping about his waiste, only to lay her head on his shoulder. His words touched her ears, only to embrace her heart. "I wouldn't have traded our short time together for anything Alan. I." Her head tilted up a little looking into Alan's eyes, the light reflecting off his oval rimmed glasses.

Alan would sight softly, his face showing his heart's pain. Listening to Layla it eased it a little more. Noticing her look up, he leaned in. Warm lips touching hers as they shared a strong kiss between one another. Only to break it speaking against her lips, "I have to return home now. If Diaspro awakens from her coma I will have to return to my duties."

Layla enjoyed the initiative he took feeling the warm kiss. The moment seeming to be the only thing that mattered, only like everything else it comes to an end. Feeling him speak against her lips, "Shhh Alan. It's going to be okay." Layla's eyes small streams of tears, this was a heartbreaking moment she didn't wish to think about. Diaspro had fallen into a coma and was returnd home, Alan going back to face her parents and officials. Though for this moment, it was just the two of them nothing else mattered.

Alan gently cracked a smile, releasing Layla from his arms. Stopping when he looked at her soft tears, hand sliding up to whipe some away. The liquid forming a small bubble on the end of his fingertip. "They say the tears of a Fairy is one of the most beautiful things in the world." Alan looking to Layla gently, "They are right, thank you for giving me such a gift. I will cherish it forever, farewell for now Layla." Alan's form slowly moving away, feeling Layla's fingers in his own until he dissapeared into the transporter card.

The group of friends left with a feeling of emptyness, the green void now gone. All looking to one another, yet at this crucial moment of sadness all realized that they were their for one another. This simple truth would make them stronger, it wasn't like Alan was gone forever. He would come back right?

The End