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Adam and Evelyn Rens stood, staring at the imposing building in front of them. The building that was soon going to be their temporary home. The twins glanced over at each other, sharing a knowing look.

"Hey, you two! Help me with these packs," their dad called from the car. The two kids turned. Their dad was tugging at both duffle bags, one blue and one purple. Without a word, Adam and Evelyn, Eve for short, waled over and grasped the handle of each seperate bad. Without a sound they hoisted them onto their shoulders.

"Wow," their dad remarked in suprise, "I guess I need to visit the gym more," he clasped both kid's shoulders eagerly, "So are you two ready?"

Both kids glanced at their father, a flash of anger in their eyes. Icely they walked towards the front of the school. A small sighe escaped from their dad. The transition was going to be harder then he thought. Just gotta keep reminding yourself it's for the best, he thought to himself as he follwed his children.

As they entered the building, the grey atmosphere on the outside seemed worse inside. Adam grasped his duffel bag tighter. The hallway gave him a feeling of being trapped, like a rat.

Suddenly a door opened and two figures appeared. One was a tall man, with a goatee as black as Adam and Eve's hair. He struck Adam as being, for lack of a better term, creepy. The other person was a blond woman.

"Ah, Mr Rens," she said, greeting the twin's father, "We didn't expect you until this evening. I'm Principal Durst.

Adam and Eve felt their dad's hand reache over their shoulder.

"Nice to meet you, Ms. Durst," he replied, as they shook hands.

"This is Victor Pearson," Durst quickly added, indicating to the creepy guy beside her, "He's part of the school board."

Mr. Rens smiled and offered his hand.

"Nice to meet you," he said.

Pearson grasped his hand, giving it a quick, impersonal shake.

"And you Mr. Rens," he said calmly. His eyes traveled to Adam and Eve, "These must be the scholarship winners."

"Go figure," Adam replied, more out of habit. Something hit him hard in the side. Flinching he glared at Eve. Eve's eyes stared back, wide, with an expression warning him to keep his mouth shut. Pearson regarded Adam cooly.

"I see you've picked up even more well behaved students," he remarked with a clear sarcasm. He turned to Durst, "I'll see tomorrow so we can discuss our plams for the school," he turned to the Rens, "It was a pleasure to meet you."

His gaze passed quickly over Adam and their dad, but lingered slightly on Eve. A small shiver ran through the girl's spine. She felt like she was a bacteria under the microscope.

Soon the gaze past. Pearson walked off and out the door. Adam glanced at his sister. Her eyes were clouded over slightly.

"Well, why don't you join me in my office," Durst said, breaking the ice.

Mr. Rens looked up.

"Of course," he said, as he shuffled the twins after the woman.

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