A.N.Okay, I'm so so so so so SO very sorry for not updating in like forever...I've had the most impossible case of writer's block, but I'm starting to get over it! So, if you'll please forgive me, I'll give you more of the story!

"Well, I don't see anything," said Eve, scooting out from underneath the piano, "Are you sure you saw something?"

"Yes, and I don't like your tone," responded Adam, as he and Marshall pulled her up.

"Tone?" said Eve innocently, "What tone? What possible tone could indicate I think you were hallucinating?"

"Probably that one," replied Adam, "Of course, it could just be me."

"Who says it is-" began Eve.

"Guys, guys, cut it out!" Marshall exclaimed, jumping the two siblings, "Eve, relax."

Eve shot Marshall a withering glance.

"Adam, I'm sure it was some kind of practical joke or something," said Marshall, looking at Adam.

"Some joke," replied the other boy, "Death by electrocution."

"Okay, I admit it's a little far-fetched but..."

"Try a lot," interrupted Adam, "Look, if you two don't have any explanation, just say so. There are plenty of others I can ask."

"Then ask away," replied Eve, walking past him and out the door.

Adam shot Marshall a strange look.

"What's with her?" he asked, seriously.

"Uh, stuff," replied Marshall, glancing at the door. A pain of guilt hit him.

"Stuff, huh. Any romantic kinda stuff?"

"What?!" exclaimed Marshall, pulled back to the present, "What gave you an idea like that? No...no, nothing like that."

"Good," replied Adam, brushing back a loose piece of hair, "Cause I've seen the way you two make google eyes at each other."

Marshall gulped without realizing it. Even though Adam was a couple inches shorter then he was, he looked really intimidating. Especially with his shaggy black hair shadowing his dark green eyes.

"Goo-google eyes?" replied Marshall.

"You heard me," said Adam, "Just remember, Eve's my baby sister. And while I enjoy being a pain in the neck to her, you mess with her then you deal with me. Got it?"

"Got it," replied Marshall.

"Okay, then. See you later," said Adam, beginning to walk away.

"Wait, so the purple lightning...was that...did you just make it up?" said Marshall.

Adam paused.

Turning back he said, "Maybe yes, maybe no. It gave me a chance to chat with you."

With that, he turned and walked out, leaving Marshall more confused then ever.

"Hey, Eve!" Josie called, running to catch up with the other girl.

Eve glanced behind her, and began to move faster.

"Hey!" yelled Josie, rushing past a bunch of people. Running into a girl from her drama class, she accidently knocked her stuff down.

"Sorry," she said, pausing only to say so before going off again. She turned to see where Eve went but couildn't spot her.

"Josie, right?" a voice said behind her.

Josie turned to see a male version of Eve.

"On a good day," she replied, "You're Adam, right?"

"Yeah, you looking for Eve?"

Josie nodded.

"I need to talk to her," she said, "But she kinda ran off before I could catch her."

"She does that," replied Adam, "Is it something important?"

"Yes," replied Josie, sending him an annoyed expression, "Now if you'll excuse me."

"Wait, don't go..." he started, grabbing her wrist. He stopped as he heard his voice suddenly go melodic.

Josie stopped. Looking back at Adam, she felt her heartbeat start to rise. She realized she had never noticed how deeply green his eyes were.

"Well, I guess it isn't super-important," she said, suprising herself, "I can always talk to her later."

"Oh, I was just going to say I could deliver a message for you," said Adam, "I'm good with my sister when she's..."

"Pissed?" offered Josie.

"Tempermental," replied Adam, "But pissed works."

"Yeah, well, I can kinda understand why she's a little upset," said Josie, strangely comfortable talking to Adam, "We did spring a lot on her at-"

"Josie!" Lucas call interrupted her.

"Lucas, what do you want?" said Josie, perturbed, as the teenage boy jogged over to them.

"Come on, Z told us he wants in his office," said Lucas, glancing over at Adam, "It's important."

"Okay, but could I just fini-"

"Now," said Lucas, gesturing towards the door.

"Okay, fine, whatever, " Josie turned back to Adam, "I'll see you later."

"Yeah," said Adam, and again his voice suddenly went melodic.

Lucas shot him a look asking, "You okay, Adam?"

Adam nodded.

"Fine," he whispered.

"Good, then we'll see you later. Come on, Josie," Lucas began pushing the redhead down the hall.

"See ya, Adam," she called.

Adam waved back until they disappeared. Glancing over at the mirror across from him he thought, What the heck is going on?