Title: Will Burn

Author: Terri

Rating: T

Summary: "Lex is powerful, he takes her mouth; possess her, just like she always knew he would."

Spoilers: Fragile

Disclaimer: Nothing that is recognizable belongs to me.

A/N's: This is the final part to my 'Fire, In Time, Will Burn' story. I hope everyone who's read and/or reviewed enjoyed it. I know I had a great time writing it. Read and review as always. Thanks.

She knows exactly how long it's been since Lex kissed her last; wrote down the precise time in red pen on her calendar. Chloe asked her what it was for, she told her it had been a moment in time she wanted to remember. The answer was corny, sentimental and so predictably Lana. She even manages to forget that Jonathan Kent died that day – her boyfriend's father.

Clearing the air with Lex, making sure there were no misunderstandings between them, had seemed like a good idea at the time. Until she realised – somewhere around the time she opened his study doors – that Chloe's misinterpretation of the scene the other night had been closer to the truth than Lana wanted to admit. Suddenly clearing the air had a whole new meaning to it.

Lana is stalling, so she starts talking. Friendship. She repeats the word in her head, over and over until it is forced to become a mantra. She cannot give in. Lex has not changed since the last time she had this mental battle with herself. People still want him dead, he still has secrets that could get him killed; she knows because he's told her. Lex is dangerous.

He is still all she wants (all she's ever wanted).

Lex walks over to the fireplace and Lana takes a minute to admire the flames. In them she sees pictures from her dreams, the ones filled with Lex. Without Clark the dreams are more frequent, images flooding her as soon as her eyes close. Clark is no longer there to keep her safe, she can no longer pretend. Heat radiates through her and it is with effort that she forces herself to listen.

When he turns to look at her she knows what he's about to do. His lips are still soft and there is a familiarity to his kiss that she relishes. It lasts for mere seconds, like the one before it, and she widens her eyes. There is no shock there, simply decisions to be made.

Soft hissing and crackling can be heard from the fire and the noise is soothing. It reminds her how she feels in those moments when she lets herself be with Lex. Dreams filled with danger and heat. Burning and destruction. Nothing good, never anything good, except maybe that Lex is hers and she is his.

Turning quickly, with a finality that surprises her, she kisses him. Fiercely and passionately, with everything she hides. Their tongues meet and it is like nothing she has ever felt before. It's not like kissing Clark. There is no care or hesitation. Lex is powerful, he takes her mouth; possess her, just like she always knew he would. Her body ignites, flames consuming her and for a second more she burns.

Breaking apart is harder than she imagined and then she's running. She does not stop until she reaches her car, collapsing against it, pressing herself into the cold metal. It does nothing to help.

Her whole body is on fire, flames licking at her enticingly. There is no going back now, she knows. Lex's kisses are not something she can go without. She does not know how she managed without them to begin with. If Clark were still around he would touch her, speak to her, and she'd be able to push back this desire (this need) for Lex. Her world would be untouched.

There is no Clark. Only Lex. And her entire being has been tilted and twisted, shaken until it no longer understands normal. The heat is still there, enveloping her like it always did. This time it is real. Inescapable.

Climbing into her car she lets a tear fall from her eye – it scalds her cheek and she wonders if it's possible that somewhere inside her she really is on fire. Denial and avoidance will no longer work. No one is there to stand between her and Lex. Nothing will stop her going back to him tomorrow and kissing him again.

She'd heard once that fire was addictive, but she could never understand why. Now she realises that it is because it burns and soothes, destroys and creates. Fire is painful – so painful – but there is a comfort to it, warmth that nothing else can give. Flames are full of promises and whispers, their dances enchanting and tantalizing.

Lex is her fire. Her addiction. And she is willing to let herself burn.