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Last night was supposed to be good –it was supposed to be great. But there was an emptiness inside his chest and he was too concerned to find out why he felt that way. He wanted to beat himself for feeling such vagueness.

He loved Aeris, he really did. Well, everyone did too. She was special and he could not help himself when she came to him last night with the sparkle of love and longing in her eyes, reaching up and wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him closer into a deep kiss.

He prayed to God that he did not show such surprise because of her womanly boldness. She was confident –too confident in fact, because she pushed both of them inside his room, pressing her body against his, landing them both on the bed, her hands caressing his hair, face and back.

Though he was sure she would not get cold feet or regret what was about to happen, he still whispered the firm question in her ear, 'Are you sure?' He had to ask her while his body was still tame and his mind still sane.

The Ancient nodded willingly and with a wicked, daring smile on her moist lips, she slowly opened the buttons of his shirt and started to explore with her mouth.

The situation was unusual for him because he chose to lean back and let her do what she pleased. He was aroused, yes –but there was something that kept him alert with her. He thought maybe she was too fragile that even if he loved and sometimes lusted for her, that fear of hurting her –it was enough to keep guard of his overpowering passions and…

He sighed. He didn't even want to go there.

"Aeris," he whispered and closed his eyes, a deep breath of depression escaping his lips. He shifted on the stool where he sat by the counter.

It was a lazy afternoon and 7th Heaven was closed, of course. Tifa was still sleeping and Aeris… Aeris was still in his room, probably tired from her first experience of lovemaking.

The entrance of the bar opened and it interrupted his thoughts. He turned his head to the door and saw his blonde companion walk in, greeting him with a faint smile.

The heavy feeling in his chest disappeared in an instant as he saw Cloud smile and he just had to return the warm gesture with a grin of his own. Zack kept his gaze on his friend, watching every move the blonde made.

Cloud Strife was his movement, his unpredictable actions and his fey yet enticing facial expressions hypnotized him. Whenever Cloud caught him staring, it was a bit hard to break the feeling of wanting to touch his friend –to check and confirm that he was real. Zack would focus on Cloud's frown and puzzled look and he would laugh so naturally as him as if to say that he was just teasing.

How Zack wished that this intensifying feeling forming in his body and heart were for Aeris but she seemed always out of the picture when Cloud was around.

He loved Cloud. Zack was certain that he loved his friend even more than he could ever love anybody else, Aeris included. His love for Cloud was of a sibling, he knew it. He and Strife shared a bond that no one could understand or take away.

But for several months now, Zack spent one too many nights thinking and analyzing his so-called 'brotherly' love for Cloud. Perhaps he had watched his friend too much and too seriously that he came to the point of wondering if ever he would touch Cloud, would it still be so friendly and friendly and pleasant? He knew he wasn't supposed to think of whether he cross the line of being brother-best-friend to lover but… containing his emotions was not helping.

Zack was about to ask Cloud to go out for a trip when he felt something warm in his arm. He quickly looked down and saw the familiar brown hair and floral scent that had been in his room last night. He did not know what came into him, he felt defensive, darting his eyes to Cloud as if to say 'Its not what you're thinking!'

But Cloud just snickered and gave them a wink and left him and Aeris alone.

Zack felt disappointed to see him leave and have Aeris on his arm. He sighed again, the feeling of loneliness returning now that he was gone. Being a gentleman, he turned to Aeris and asked, "Are you okay?"

Now it sounded stupid to ask that as Aeris smiled sadly and snuggled closer against him. She bit her lower lip and tightened her grasp on his hand. "You know, sometimes… I even think that you love Cloud more than you love me."

Zack's eyes widened of what she said but kept his mouth shut. Placing a friendly kiss on the top of her head, he put an arm around her for comfort of her doubts though he knew he was quite forcing himself to do so. It took him a while of what to say. "You sound so sure of yourself."

"Oh Zack. I just wish…" she replied with a sigh, shaking her head and tried hard to blink back the tears. She raised her lips to his and gave him a light kiss. "I know you shouldn't have left for Soldier."

He watched her leave and he stood up –nervously and slightly trembling of what he was to decide. He took a bold step to follow where his heart was calling him.


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