It had been too harsh, Zack guessed. Maybe Cloud got literally scared of him because the blonde avoided him at all costs. He woke up last night with no Cloud at bay and he was a little disappointed about his leave but too damn satisfied because of what they did. He had not seen Cloud or anybody else when he went downstairs at the bar -he was surprised to even see the that the bar was closed. Very unusual that Tifa decide not to open the bar tonight, maybe…?

Zack had the growing suspicion that Cloud told Tifa. But what if he did? What can she do? Or maybe, Cloud told Aeris. But what could they do? He was in love with only one and their opinions did not matter. If Tifa and Aeris decide to kick them out -let it be, they were both men and could survive on their own.

Zack could have laughed at the substance of what was happening. How degrading must their women feel if ever they will find out about what happened. He had to give them some credit -Aeris and Tifa were hot, sexy and a dream for every man's sexual fantasy. A lot of men -even women, found them irresistible to look at. They were perfect, the perfect kind of women, both strong and feminine at the same time. In short, they were every man's captivation.

But fate had been too harsh for these beauties, Zack pondered as he thought of the women. He closed his eyes in bed. He decided not to leave his room and hide for a while.

This morning, he had to eat some breakfast and found that Cloud was already eating. There was no sign of Tifa nor Aeris. Zack was about to greet him a good morning when his best friend stopped eating and without word walked out of the bar.

Zack did not follow him and tried to put himself in Cloud's shoes. He will give Cloud some time to think of whatever that crossed his mind. And now, the day was ending and there was still no interaction between everyone in the house. He intended not to work for the bar tonight, he was not in the mood to get busy with Tifa.

Try to think of something else, he told himself.

Cloud… Cloud… Cloud…

"Damn it." This was his problem. He knew admitting his feelings would lead to his obsession. He put his arm above his eyes and tried to sleep. Think of something else!

Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud.

Zack cursed again as he remembered the thumps the door made every time he drove into Cloud and it made him hard. No good because he would need and want Cloud again to relieve him of this.

I'll tell him to sleep beside me, just sleep, Zack thought considerably. But maybe he'd be willing to do more than that…

"Idiot!" Zack told himself. Something was wrong with him, all right. He sat on the bed and run his fingers through his dark hair. He quickly went to the door and opened it, only to find Tifa on his door. He grew still and speechless.

Just perfect, Zack thought.

Tifa smiled at him."Zack! I don't want to work tonight, can you believe it? I'm thinking of sleeping early. So you have a free night to yourself!" She gave him a bow and left him.

He closed the door and went back to bed and tried to sleep.


The faint touch heated his body like a furnace. He was about to sleep when those fingertips touched the skin of his arm and Zack wondered how it was connected to his gut. His quick reflexes instantly pulled the touch closer by the arm, plopping Cloud's figure above his. He smiled wickedly as he run his fingers through the blonde hair. "Where were you? I notice that you're ignoring me."

"Its not easy," Cloud whispered, resting his head on the firm chest. "Besides, it physically was painful."

Zack put his hands on Cloud's shoulder blades. "I can't promise to be gentle next time."

"I know."

A sigh escaped his lips as his hardening length poked Cloud's abdomen. He closed his eyes and smoothed his hands over Cloud's arms.

Zack dearly hoped his member didn't react so soon. What low being must Cloud see him! They were men and it was going to be hard to explain to him that only he could have aroused him so quickly and this hard.

Cloud moved to lay beside him, still sprawled on his belly. He kept his arm around Zack's torso and surprised him when his hand reached down to clutch on the hardened organ. He snickered. "I've never known you to be such a horny guy, Zack."

"Shut up," Zack shot back, closing his eyes, feeling the warm sensations going through his body. The grip on his pants were slow and deliberate, the fingers slowly massaging beneath the length, feeling the balls. He groaned out of desperation and his heart beat loudly. His beloved was startling him in lustful and exciting ways.

Unable to control the tension from the hand, Zack pushed the hand away and quickly pinned Cloud to the bed, straddling him helplessly. A slick grin on his face, he leaned closer and kissed his lips. Cloud's eyes were wide open and it took a while for the blonde to relax and part his lips to kiss back. Zack poked the tip of his tongue against Cloud's, starting a heated tongue-twisting kiss. Breathless after a minute of lip lock, Zack pulled back to stare at Cloud's face.

His eyes had a glassy stare, still unable to grasp and explain the situation that surfaced between them. His parted lips were damp with their saliva, swollen from his harsh kiss. Zack leaned his head lower, brushing the tip of his tongue on the moisture, making the other shudder.

Zack sat up firmly and unzipped his pants as he sat on Cloud's waist. He could feel the heat and compaction of Cloud's own member behind him. He slid his hands inside his pants and pulled out his erection, directing it towards Cloud. "Look. This is what you had inside you yesterday."

Cloud almost gasped as he eyed the long length. All of that…? He gulped and averted his gaze from the penis.

Zack snickered as he buried his knees hard against Cloud's arms, making sure he had no escape with what he was about to do. As he nailed the arms, Cloud's eyes darted to him with fear. Zack could only chuckle. "Cloud… I want you."

Cloud didn't respond but started to struggle.

"Fool. You're the one who came here," Zack whispered as he slid his fingers behind Cloud's neck, pulling his head closer. He raised his hips and pushed it against Cloud's mouth. "Come on. Open your mouth."

Cloud's eyes couldn't have gotten wider. He sealed his lips quickly, though Zack's member was just on his cheek. He threw his head from side to side, avoiding any entrance.

"Open you mouth," Zack ordered him as his other hand went to hold Cloud's jaw, pushing his fingertips around the mouth, forcing the lips open. "Don't bite, okay?"

"N-no!" Cloud mumbled as he struggled. "N-no-" he was gagged.

Zack stabbed the head of his member inside Cloud's mouth, rocking his hips gently as Cloud's saliva lubricated the motion. He groaned in pleasure as he pushed Cloud's header deeper into him. "Nh… yes… I love you, Cloud…!"

Cloud resisted at first but his mouth and lips betrayed him, slowly liking the warm flesh inside his mouth, feeling every heated nerve and rush of blood. At first he let Zack control him, later did he voluntarily bob his head against the organ, tasting and licking, exploring it like there was nothing else that existed. He managed to free his hands from Zack's knees, and he reached out for Zack's buttocks, pushing him closer. If he could, he would have snorted as Zack moaned in gladness. He let his teeth scrape gently against the length as he moved his head.

Zack's hips moved faster, coming to orgasm. With a loud groan, he exploded inside Cloud's mouth and he tried to push from the lips to spare him from swallowing. He was moved as Cloud hardened his grip on his behind, completely sealing his lips around his member, starting to drink his semen.

Cloud closed his eyes as he let the hot sticky fluid flow down his throat, breathing just in time to stop himself from choking. He sucked on the organ dry and drew back softly, making a long line of cum thread from his lips. Zack exploded too much and a little of it trickled on the corner of his lips and his tongue instantly brushed it back inside his mouth.

Zack groaned tiredly but he was not done yet. He moved lower, down to Cloud's thighs, brushing against the hardened length behind him. He quickly pulled down Cloud's waistband, revealing the stiff rod. There was a bead of cum on the tip, ready to burst. With a grin, Zack pinched the skin and let the pearl trickle down slowly on the side.

Cloud moaned and he was feeling agitated. "Could I…"

"Could you what?" Zack asked, leaning closer to the drop that fell from Cloud. He licked it and kissed the hard length, making it twitch. "What do you want?"

"Could I… fuck you?"

Zack laughed. "No."

"Fuck you."

"What made you think that you'd want to fuck me?" He was interested.

Cloud smirked. "I want to know, that's all."

Zack gave the portion another smack. "Selfish bastard." He kissed the sensitive balls, gently playing it with his lips. "If you want to go fuck somebody else, go for Tifa. She's dying to get laid."

At the mention of the name, Cloud's became rigid. With all his might, he pushed the man from his body and stuffed his organ back inside his pants. He glared at Zack. "Fuck you, Zack." He went to the door.

"Go ahead. Fuck that woman who's so deeply in love with you," Zack said again as Cloud slammed the door behind him.

Angering Cloud was his plan.

Exciting was it going to be.

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