"You know what? Screw you." Cameron said looking at her boss. She thought she saw a flicker of something, maybe hurt in his eyes.

"Well, you've wanted to for so long. It doesn't surprise me if…" House said moving his hands in front of him, the look on her face told him she had understood the underlying comment.

"You sick son of a bitch. If you think that I'd even wanna touch you right now, let alone sleep with you, you've gotta be joking!" She spat at him. He moved a slight bit closer.

"Cameron, you're a small, needy person, who feels the need to fix everyone around you. You constantly look for approval from me, from Cuddy, from everyone." She choked out a laugh and replied.

"And you're so great? You limp around here, these corridors scaring people into comas and being your natural bitter self. You are bitter and twisted and disgusting and…and you're twisted. In your mind not anywhere else! Before your imagination gets carried away with itself." She finished hurriedly. He raised an eyebrow at her suggestively. She raised her eyebrows and folded her arms and surveyed him casually. She glanced at the door and House took the opportunity to move forward another little bit. She looked back and noticed the space between them was dwindling. House spoke again.

"So you don't want me to touch you or sleep or, oh hey Wilson, hang on a sec." She started to turn and he carried on talking dragging her attention back to him.

"So I can't…" He reached out a hand and traced a pattern over her arm, she shivered and he continued what he was saying and shifted forwards a bit more, so there was hardly any room between them.

"Touch you. Or be near you." He continued and she looked down at the practically non-existent space dividing them. She looked up into his face.

"Or kiss you." He said and leant forwards and placed a kiss on her astonished lips.

"So lemme get this straight, I can't touch you, be near you or kiss you? What about loving you? Or sleeping with you? Or maybe slightly better wording, making love with you?" He leant forward to enclose her in a passionate and frantic kiss. Wilson walked in.

"Oh, hi. Guess you're a bit busy. I'll catch you later." He turned to exit.

"Yeah, you hadn't guessed I was busy. I mean I'm trying to seduce Allison here and to tell her something important. You couldn't have seen that could y-" He was cut off by Cameron grabbing hold of his jacket and pulling him towards her, completely ignoring Wilson stood there. Wilson stayed for a second then turned and walked away.

"I was gonna get there ya know! I was just yelling at Jamie for interrupting us." She leant back out of reach

"Jamie? Have you gotta nickname for me yet?" He smiled and leant forward to kiss her and gave in.

"I love you…Alli." He felt her smile and relax into his arms.