I hardly remember it.

It's been twenty-seven years since I became what I am, and I can barely retrieve the memories. Twenty-seven of the most beautiful years of my life. Although they shouldn't be. My stunning companion, Edward, tells me I'm crazy for wanting this. But every day I spend with him I know that this is what I've always wanted. To be with him forever.

I remember the acid fire that spread through my viens. It felt like molten lava infused with the pain of a thousand separate deaths as it flowed mercilessly throughout my body. Capillaries burst, viens wore away, arteries burned. And even this horrific sequence was not what hurt me the most. It was his angel's face, his lovely butterscotch eyes that were marred. I could see my own pained reflection in those eyes. His eyes told me stories of his own birth … or rather, creation.

And even still, as I lay in that terrible mirrored room, I knew this was what I needed. Before long I felt soothing unconciousness wash over me. The last thing I felt was a cool blanket cover my face

But I'm not dead yet … I remember thinking. What a foolish girl I was. I laugh to myself now, knowing it was all worth it.

I woke up in that very same mirrored room. I took my first gaze with my renewed vampire eyes. I smelled the air … like sweat and death. Then I saw him. Sitting, in the corner of the room, staring at me intently. I wish I could describe how infinitely beautiful he was to me then, and still is. I stood, carefully, deliberately, and moved to him. My breath caught when I saw myself in one of the mirrors that covered the walls. I was so pale. My skin had become softer, and glowy somehow … and cold. I raised one hand to my face and touched the skin there.

"Strange, isn't it? To feel as if you have no soul." I turned to Edward. He was standing now, I hadn't heard him get up. I was so entranced with my own visage.

"Edward, please. I .. I told you I wanted this. I still do …" He softened. I remember how his eyes seemed to change colors before me. I moved closer to him. To this day I still don't understand how he still has the effect on me that he does.

Before I knew what was happening, he had me wrapped in his cool arms. As a mortal, I always felt a chill in his embrace. But now, a vampire, I could stay there forever.

That was twenty-seven years ago. I still gaze into his glowing eyes with the same passion, the same fire I had when I first met him in Biology II that fateful day. My story can't be said to be your average love story. But it is, like every other, one about devotion to the very last day. The very last drop.