Author's Note: I got a notebook for Christmas, and I wrote a fan- fic. Non like anyother. It was so stupid, so random, that you may love it or hate it. Depending on how your mind works. Thankyou to my brother and sister for making it so stupid that you will cry laughing. Well I did. So enjoy. On with the show... I mean story.

In a world not like any other, there was a boy. This boy didn't fallow the rules. He believed his fashion sence was better than everyone elses. Intead of wearing the official school uniform he wore a skin tight green jumpsuit. Now when I say skin tight, I mean skin tight, like you can see everything. Okay... So this boy fancied a boy. No, many boys. One named Naruto, another Gaara, and last but not least... Sasuke. These boys had no idea Lee even existed. Except for the fact that he was the freak wearing the green jumpsuit living down the hall from them. In this trio, the one that was adored the most was Sasuke. He was loved by all the girls... and Lee. He even had a fan club. The girl that adored him the most was Sakura. She was the founder of the fan club, along with her friend and rival Ino. Now they were crazy... when I say " crazy" I mean insane crazy. Like tie you up, dress you in drag, then have the nerve to call you cute, crazy. They even enter every class with a Sasuke cheer. Now this doesn't make them the most likable of people. They're classified as the schools freaks... along with jumpsuit boy. The boy named Lee always wanted to join the fan club, but he didn't want anyone to know his secret... yet. Now Naruto was the typical, jokable type. He was known by everyone as the class clown. The only people that liked Naruto was the weirdo Lee and a quiet, sweet girl named Hinata. She was known by everyone as the nice girl... that didn't speak much. Yes, they all think she's really dumb. Now, another boy in this school named Kiba liked this girl very, very much. I mean so much that he would jump off into a volacano for her. (Lord of the Rings) yes. He doesn't get out much, except to watch her sleep. Stalker really. Anyways... with all that aside, we have Gaara. Oh yes, the dark and ever so mysteriuos Gaara. Not very talkative, no one really knows much about him. That's why Lee loves him so, because mysteriuos is sexy. Gaara has two siblings who are in the senior classes. Both are named Temari and Kankuro. Temari likes a boy named Shikamaru, and in secret he likes her. Now Kankuro is a pervert, and is known through out the campus because of it. He is banned from attending all girl sport meets... you'll know the reason soon enough. There are other students you should know as well. Koji, Neji, Shino, Itachi, and Kisame, and the chick no one cares about Ten Ten. They cause thery're own trouble around the school that all the students know about. Especially Itachi and Kisame. Known as the campus criminals, yes, crimainals. You will soon be very familliar with them. Now enough with the introductions, lets get on with it. Oh, and by the way Kakashi thinks he's fourteen.