Hey fans and friends, thanks for the nice reviews, this next chapter is going to do a little jump

to the mid terms and then a break after that. (not from writing, we mean from the school for naruto and pals)

So this is where we are so far: Itachi was still in a bad mood, Naruto was still Kisame's bitch, Kisame was still dumb,Kankuro was still drooling over Nicole, Nicole was still her usual self, Hinata was still unsure, Kiba was still stalking Hinata, Shikamaru was still jealous, Temari was still into Itachi, Sasuke was still weird, Gaara was still watching TV, Lee was gayer then ever, Kakashi was still a pervert, Sakura and Ino were still stalking sasuke, Neji was still cherishing his "weed",and the teachers are still teachers.

"hey you forgot me"! Tenten said.

"huh. what?"

"you forgot me"

"who said that?"

"me, Tenten"



"somebody get this person out of here"

"what, wait, no I'm a part of your story!"

"I think I would know if you were a part of my story little boy"


"what ever...tranie"


Tenten then ran away screaming but then shortly after was hit by a car being driven by VulcranDune

"what was that?" Vulcran dune asked

"I don't know keep driving" Kankuro said

"okay, on with the-"

"wait,can I say it?" Vulcran Dune asked

"hey why not"

"on with the story!" she yelled

Itachi walked down the hallway of his dorm. He was thinking deeply, after the thing that happened between him, Hinata and Temari, things were a lot different. He looked at the door he stood at, it was him and Kisame's room, he could hear Naruto and Kisame argueing on who was cooler, Robocop or the Terminater. Itachi smiled, he took pride in being the more mature and smartest out of the three. He stepped inside seeing Naruto in one of Kisame's headlocks.

"Robocop is way cooler" Kisame said.

"NO- 'gasp'- way" Naruto tried to yell.

"Kisame, let Naruto go" Itachi said

"Oh hey Itachi" Kisame said following orders letting Naruto go.

Naruto crawled a few feet away and gasped for air "Terminator would kick robo bitches ass, wouldnt he Itachi?"

"I don't know, robo cops pretty awesome" he replied

"Well you know what robo cops better, that settles it, exam time." Kisame yelled in glee.

"Why are you so happy Kisame, you hardly pass your exams" Naruto laughed

"Well I have a secret strategy, but I'm not spilling" Kankuro said with a laugh.

"Okay but the mid terms don't start till friday" Itachi said.

"Aww man they always hold them off until the fun days" Kisame said

"It's Wednesday today so what are we going to do?" Naruto said.

Nicole sat at the regisiter not to happy, the one day Kisame and Itachi are off, they still come to bother her.

"Guys you know your off today" she said trying to stay calm.

"So" Kisame said, as Itachi and Naruto tossed a ball back and forth.

"And don't you guys have school?" Nicole said wiping down the cash counter from the last time Kisame was managing it. Kisame and Itachi stopped tossing the ball and stared at her as Naruto, who wasn't paying attention, continued to toss it and tossed the ball into Kisame's head. Kisame just barely noticed it, as it smashed off of his head and came flying back at Naruto and, unfortunately, slammed him in the crotch.

"Nicole, when was the last time you've known, that we have gone to school and not skipped?" Itachi said, well Naruto grabbed himself and fell to the floor, obviously in pain.

"well...you guys are really pissing me off"

"no not you to, Itachi freaked yesterday" Kisame said, just realizing he got hit in the head, he began to rub the side of his face.

"I did not, I kept my cool, I'm the coolist one here, I'm so cool I make ice jealous" Itachi protested, turning to Kisame and giving him a look.

" right" Kisame and Nicole said

"I dont agree" Naruto said, attempting to stand back up, the force of the ball really did a number on his package.

"hey you know what Naruto, you wouldnt know cool if you were locked in a freezer" Itachi retorted, watching him struggle to stand.

"well you know what Kisame already did that, so I think I do know what cool is" Naruto said, standing up straight again.

"big whoop" Itachi said annoyed.

"well you can go-" Naruto began.

"SHUT UP!" Nicole interupted, they all turned and stared at her in fear.

"Well someones got her knickers in a twist" Itachi and Naruto turned to Kisame and gave him a weird look.

"Kisame, who the hell says knickers in a twist?" Itachi said. Kisame turned to him and looked at him as if he was dumb or something.

"What do you mean? My grandma says that all the time" Kisame said, putting his hands on his hips. Naruto and Itachi gave him another weird look.

"You have got to be kidding me, what are you, ancient?" Naruto said.

"No- wait, are you saying my grandma's old?" Kisame said,taking a step towards Naruto.

"Kisame, your grandma is old, that's why she's-"

"this is why I'm pissed!" Nicole yelled, "you guys are always having the most stupid and annoying conversations!" Nicole said. Kisame stopped in mid step, and Naruto jumped and ran behind Itachi, he looked towards Nicole from around Itachi's torso.

"but Nicole-" Kisame tried to say

"NO! just leave okay" Nicole said, slamming her hands down on the counter and knocking over the gum display she had just set up earlier.


"LEAVE" They all got up and left, Naruto's final words were "time of the month" as Nicole finally had enough and clawed her way around the counter and kicked Narutos face in, "take him with you" Kisame nodded and rushed to Naruto's side and picked him up by the belt holding up his jeans.

"or whats left of him" Itachi said, allowing Kisame to drag Naruto out of the store.

"I..I think she knocked one of my teeth out" Naruto whimperd, as the three of them settled themselves under the tree that sat at the end of the parking lot facing the store.

"I meant like, far away:" she yelled out to them.

"fine" Kisame said as the trio actually went to school

The three of them walked down the courtyard of the school when Naruto stopped.

"Come on Naruto we don't have all day" Itachi said

"I forgot something at my room, you guys go ahead" Naruto said turning to go to the dorms.

"Oh ok, wait doesn't my brother room with you?" Itachi said, turning back around giving Naruto a questioning look.

"yeah why?" Naruto asked.

"I haven't seen him in a bit, well since the whole insident with Lee and the whole kiss in front of the entire student body, I'll come to"

"I guess I'll come to waste some time before going to the hell that is Zabuzas classroom" Kisame said shrugging as he walked with the two others.

Meanwhile Sasuke was in his room like always, wearing a dress, for some weird reason, and dancing to edge of seventeen.

"just like the white winged dove!" he sang to along with the song

"ooo baby ...ooo...said oooo"

Itachi, Naruto and Kisame entered the dorm, Sasuke didnt hear them and continued to dance in his room, in front of a full body mirror. He continued to pose and make kissing motions at himself, almost as if he were a Madonna impersonator.

Itachi glanced over at Kisame and raised his eyebrows, and then nodded towards the room where the music was coming from. Kisame glanced over at Naruto, and raised his eyebrow. Naruto shrugged, with a grin. He knew Sasuke did this almost everyday. Always with a different song.

Itachi headed to the door, and hesitated before opening it. He could here Sasuke singing along to the music, and he had to compose his face. He opened the door and bursted in, and locked his eyes on his younger brother who was in mid bend towards his mirror with his hair brush in his hand. He was using it as a fake microphone. Sasuke glimpsed Itachi in the mirror, and his face fell. He spun around quickly tossing the brush across the room.

"What are you doing?" Itachi said, crossing his arms. Kisame popped his head around the door frame and took a look. He grinned.

"Nothing. What are you doing?" Sasuke said.

"Nothing. What the hell are you doing?" Itachi said again. Naruto chuckled slightly. This was way too good.

"Don't you knock?" Sasuke said, irritated.

"Don't you lock?" Itachi said, raising an eyebrow. "Who taught you how to do this?"

Sasuke glanced around the room, and turned off the music. He glanced down, and then up at Itachi, Kisame, and Naruto who took up the whole door frame. Thank god Gaara wasn't here either. How embarrassing.

"From you ok. I learned it from watching you!" Sasuke said, frustrated he turned and ran into the washroom, and locked the door. Itachi strtled, turned to Kisame and Naruto. Both had smug looks on there face.

"What?" Itachi said shrugging, and looking irritated. "I have no idea what he's talking about." Itachi walked passed them and out the door. Kisame and Naruto just had to chuckle to themselves.