A/N: January '06's installment of the EI crossover series (barley made it to be called January's). Much like last month (and still on going) Dreams to be the Best this is a semi-sequel to Merger FO Cursed Worlds. This month's is Ranma and Zatch Bell (I need to work on my lat Zatch Bell EI cross over fanfic...) any ways Zatch and Kiyo won't show up until chapter three. Also I'm sorry if I messed anything in Shion's past, I missed the episode where Shion's past is relieved. Oh that reminds me, if you have read Merger of Cursed Worlds, King of Kings Battle Royal is an unofficial sequel I recommend reading it.

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The Lost Boy and the Mamodo

By Emma Iveli

"Now where am I?" yelled a young man's voice though the forest. It was the only thing that was heard, possibly the only sign of human life. The young man was Ryoga Hibiki and he was lost… again. It would be a miracle that he wasn't lost for once. He punched a tree.

"This is all your fault Saotome!" said Ryoga blaming one Ranma Saotome for all of his problems, sure Ranma was the cause for some of his problems but not all. One of which caused him to change into a pig when plash with cold water.

"Wow you sure do have problems" said a voice.

"Who, where are you?" said a Ryoga.

A boy with dirty blonde hair came from behind a tree, would have looked like a normal kid… if it weren't for the puppet like lines on his face. "So you want to get revenge on this Saotome guy, am I right?" asked the boy.

"So what?" said Ryoga.

The boy tossed something at Ryoga, he caught it was a mustard yellow book. "Well aren't you going to read it?" asked the boy.

Ryoga sighed he looked though it and found everything was written in strange blue writing, however there he got to some writing that was the same color as the book.

"The first spell Kichika?" said Ryoga.

"Say it a loud voice… with emotion!" said the boy.

"What are you talking about!" yelled Ryoga the boy stared at him "Fine Kichika!" yelled Ryoga.

The book began to glow and the boy sent out a wave of Ki from his body that destroyed a few trees.

"Good…" said the boy.

"Wait who are you?" asked Ryoga.

"My name is Tachi." said the boy giving Ryoga a strange look.

Something in Ryoga changed when the boy gave him the look. He could feel his hatred for Ranma grow. He felt that he could use this boy to finally defeat him.

"I can tell he's going to be a great book keeper" thought Tachi and so the two left… not knowing where they were going.

A few weeks later on a train, a girl who was 14 was on a train. Heading to her new house. Her name is Shion Hibiki, Ryoga's cousin. She was moving, so she could relay on her herself. Sure she was moving to where her cousin frequented but… her cousin was unreliable most of the time. She thought about recent events... the events that caused her move. Losing her best friend… realizing that she needed to relay on herself and moving away from some the best friend she had ever had. Plus there was whole thing about wanting some excitement in her life, sure the recent events made her crave excitement which was another reason why she was moving to Furinkan… the insanity. There are rumors: Monsters attack, inane people roam the streets, perverts, super powered martial artists and people turning into animals… the last she knew was a fact as she knew about Jusenkyo, a place in China where there are hundreds of springs and falling into one turns you into whatever fell there last. She knew because Ryoga fell into one, she had also heard that she moving on the same street of the Tendo Dojo, Ryoga's "House", he lived there as a pet… yes a pet. She always laughed at this thought, thinking her cousin was girl's pet in his cursed form. She also heard that his eternal rival Ranma also lived there, was afflicted with the curse of Spring of Drowned girl. She thought it might be fun when she meets him that she splashed him with cold water. For some reason she didn't know why but she thought about a boy she knew splashing Ranma with hot and cold water for hours…

"Zatch…" she said quietly.

She realized that it was stop and she should get off. She got off the train and managed to find her new house.

Meanwhile it was lunch time at the Tendo Dojo. The Tendo girls talked about their new neighbors.

"So we are getting new neighbors today" said the oldest, Kasumi.

"Again…" sighed the youngest Akane.

"We should be glad they stayed for this long." Said Nabiki middle daughter, "after all the last people who moved in, did right before "Our little vacation""

"That reminds me…" said Ranma, their guest and Akane fiancé, "You still have those pictures don't you?"

Nabiki smiled, "Some of my share, Nami has the rest…" she said.

"The little vacation" was an incident that recently happened but due to it's literally another story there won't be going into any details… only that Nami was Nabiki's friend, business partner and partner in blackmail from that incident…

"Well we should introduce ourselves after lunch…" said Kasumi.

"Yeah Ranma would apologize to anything he might do them." said Akane.

"Hey!" said Ranma.

Meanwhile Ryoga was lost… again.

"Now where am I?" he yelled.

"You get lost too easily…" said Tachi.

"Ryoga…" said a voice.

Ryoga turned around and saw a girl with purple hair holding a broom. He was right outside of the restaurant "Cat Café"

"Hey Shampoo…" said Ryoga.

"If you look for Dojo… it that way…" said Shampoo pointing in the right direction.

"Thanks…" said Ryoga looking into her eyes, she saw there was a coldness… a coldness that did exist there before. Then he left… going the wrong way.

"Ryoga… you dork! It's that way!" yelled Tachi.

"There's something different about him…" said an old woman appearing beside Shampoo, it was her great great great grandmother Cologne.

"Grandmother?" said Sahmpoo.

Tachi managed to drag Ryoga the right way Cologne noticed the book that Ryoga was carrying.

"No… it couldn't be..." thought Cologne.

Back at Shion's new place the movers began to move her things into her new house. She was hopping to introduce herself to new neighbors when 3 teenaged girls and a teenaged boy showed up at her house. Since the door was open due to the movers she saw them. She walked out of her house walked up to the group. The group was the Tendo Girls and Ranma.

"Hi!" she said cheerfully.

"You must be the daughter who lived here." said Akane.

"Well, my parents died… I live here alone" said Shion.

"Oh dear." said Kasumi.

"Way to go Akane." Said Ranma

"Akane? As in Akane Tendo?" asked Shion.

"Yeah? How do you know?" asked Akane.

"Maybe she was warned." said Nabiki.

"No… actually my cousin's Ryoga." said Shion.

"You're his cousin. Do you have the same sense of Direction?" asked Ranma.

"No fortunately enough." Said Shion, "You wouldn't happen to be Ranma would you?"

"So he told you about me?" said Ranma.

Shion saw a bucket, she picked up and filled it with cold water and managed to splash him with the contents of the bucket. Turning Ranma into a girl.

"He told me about that too!" said Shion.

"I'm so getting him next time" thought Ranma.

"Hey can I see your house, with the movers I think maybe I should hang at your house… who knows maybe Ryoga might show up." said Shion.

Ranma whispered to Shion "You know about P-Chan don't you?" he asked, she nodded.

So they brought her to the Tendo Dojo, to show her around. After giving her the tour they diced to rest in the living room.

"Why did you move?" asked Ranma wanting to know.

"Well something happened recently and I don't want to get into it but mostly I just want to relay on myself." said Shion.

"No I meant why did you move here? Don't you know what this place is like?" asked Ranma.

"Oh, that, well I wanted some excitement, with all the strange things that goes on I thought it might be interesting" said Shion.

Suddenly a small old man ran behind her carrying a bag of women's underwear shouting "What a haul! What a haul!" Shion began to sweat drop, "That's what I'm talking about…"

"So when was the last time you saw Ryoga?" asked Akane.

"It was not too long ago…" said Shion.


Shion was getting ready for her first day at Mochinoki JR. High she was walking to school when she heard a familiar yell. "No where am I?"

She turned the corner and saw her cousin.

"Ryoga!" said Shion.

"Oh hey Shion" said Ryoga.

"You're lost again?" asked Shion.

Ryoga sighed, "Yeah…" he said, Shion just giggled.

A white and pink small cat poked it's head out of Shion's bag.

"Nya!" said the cat.

"This is my cat… Nya." said Shion.

"Oh… um… do you know where Furinkan High is?" asked Ryoga.

"Um… this Mochinoki City…" said Shion.

Ryoga sighed heavily, "Thanks and nice seeing you." said Ryoga.

"I hope I see you soon!" said Shion.

(End of Flashback)

"It has been a while…" said Shion.

"Ranma!" yelled a voice.

Ryoga showed up punching the floor next to Ranma.

"This again?" said Ranma.

"Today is the day I finally defeat you!" said Ryoga.

"Oh really?" said Ranma.

"Kichika! said Ryoga. Tachi moved extremely fast making it seem that attack was coming from Ryoga. The attack hit Ranma head.

"What was that?" said Ranma.

"Just an attack I came up with" said Ryoga lying.

However Shion noticed the book in Ryoga's hands "No it can't be…" she thought.

Next Time: Ryoga uses Tachi in secret to fight Ranma... that is until Shion and Cologne exposes him! Cologne knows about the great mamodo battle from legend... but what about Shion? And who are the people she will call to help them?