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Chapter 3: Kiyo's Trip to Nerima

Two boys were on a the train, they were Kiyo Takamine and Zatch Bell, Shion's friends. Kiyo was unsure about whether to go or now… it wasn't the prospect of fighting a Mamodo… it was the prospect of fighting a Mamodo in Nerima… Nerima had to two towns that were hot spots for weirdness: Furinken where Shion moved to was known for monsters, perverts and crazed martial artists and Tomobiki… let's say his classmate visits there a lot. Kiyo couldn't help to think about the call he received.


Zatch picked up the phone.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Hey Zatch… it's Shion… can you put Kiyo on?" asked Shion.

"Okay…" said Zatch.

Kiyo was doing his homework, "Hey Kiyo… its Shion she wants to talk to you about something…" said Zatch.

"Okay…" said Kiyo.

Zatch gave him the phone and Zatch went to play with Volcan.

"Hi Shion… what is it?" asked Kiyo.

"I need your help with something." Said Shion crying.

"What's wrong?" asked Kiyo.

"Its my cousin…" said Shion.

"You have a cousin?" asked Kiyo.

"He has no sense of direction… so I never see him" said Shion.

"Right…" said Kiyo.

"I need you to come to Furinken…" said Shion.

"Why?" asked Kiyo.

"Please… and being Zatch… come to the Tendo Dojo on Saturday… please…" said Shion.

"Why?" asked Kiyo.

"I don't want to tell you yet… but please come…" said Shion who hung up the phone.

(End of Flashback)

"I have the feeling that it has to do with a Mamodo…" thought Kiyo.

"Hey Kiyo its out station!" yelled Zatch.

"Oh yeah…" said Kiyo.

They left the station. After about 10 minutes they realized they were lost.

"So should we ask someone for direction?" asked Zatch.

"That might be a good idea…" said Kiyo.

"Satome! Shampoo will be mine!" yelled a voice.

Kiyo turned around saw a man yelling at him… it was Mousse…

"What are you talking about?" said Kiyo.

"Now Ranma you know what I'm talking about." Said Mousse.

"No I don't… who's Ranma!" yelled Kiyo.

"Yeah his name is Kiyo!" said Zatch.

Mousse put on his glass, "Sorry… I thought you were someone else."

He looked at Zatch, "You would happen to be Zatch and Kiyo?" asked Mousse.

"Yeah how did you know?" asked Kiyo.

"Well I heard from Cologne about the Mamodo battle..." said Mousse.

"Riiight, can you just tell me where the Tendo Dojo is?" asked Kiyo.

"Yeah…" said Mousse he gave directions.

"At lease we're on the right way now…" said Kiyo, he got a weird shiver… like it wasn't going to be the weirdest thing that day…

And so they continued on their way then something weirder happened…

"Now vile woman… prepare to meet your doom!" said a voice.

"Why you!" said another voice.

Two people jumped down it was Kodachi and Ukyo. Both prepared attacks while Kiyo was literally stuck in the middle…

"This doesn't look good…" said Kiyo.

Kodachi sent out her ribbon while not notching Kiyo… and Ukyo threw some spatulas while not notching Kiyo… both hit Kiyo.

"Hey!" yelled Zatch.

"Oh forgive me I did not notice him…" said Kodachi who began to laugh.

"You're the one wanted to fight in the first place…" yelled Ukyo hitting her with her large spatula… sending the deranged gymnast high into the air.

Kiyo was fine… even though he was hit with several spatulas and tied up with a ribbon.

"Sorry 'bout that…" said Ukyo.

"It's okay…" said Kiyo with a sweat drop.

"What was that about?" asked Zatch.

"I have no idea…" said Kiyo.

And so they continued on their way… when Suddenly…

"What a haul! What a haul!" said a voice… it was Happosai.

"What the hell!" yelled Kiyo.

A crowd of women… all of them were angry. Happosai noticed Kiyo and tossed a bra at him.

"Now kid its to you up to help me!" said Happosai.

Poor Kiyo… poor, poor Kiyo. The women took the bait and began to beat him…

"Well now I'll take my leave…" said Happosai.

Hey wait! You're the one who did to Kiyo!" yelled Zatch but Happosai was already gone.

After the pummeling, Kiyo couldn't walk anymore so Zatch had to carry on his back then he noticed a doctors…

"A doctors… Kiyo I'm taking you there…" said Zatch.

"Okay…" said Kiyo weakly.

Zatch brought him into the clinic.

"Excuse me!" yelled Zatch.

Dr. Tofu came in to the waiting room.

"What is it?" he asked.

Then he saw Kiyo… he knew Kiyo wasn't from Furinken… why? Because he was beat up and he wasn't Ranma…

"Bring him in here!" said Dr. Tofu.

"Okay…" said Zatch.

Meanwhile back at the Tendo Dojo, everyone was waiting for him.

Genma was in Panda form took out a sign that said "Are you sure this guy is coming?"

"I'm positive… even though I didn't tell him the whole story…" said Shion.

"Oh I almost forgot…" said Kasumi.

She took out a book from now where "I should return this to Dr. Tofu…"

Bad timing…

A few minutes later at Dr. Tofu's clinic Dr. Tofu was treating Kiyo's injuries he was checking his neck.

"So by the looks of it you were attack by Kodachi, Ukyo and a horde of an angry women…" said Dr. Tofu.

"How do you know that?" asked Kiyo.

"Because people from out of town always get these kind of injuries… and Ranma…" said Dr. Tofu.

Zatch was in the waiting room, when Kasumi came in.

"Oh hello…" said Kasumi.

"Hi there." Said Zatch.

"Is Dr. Tofu here?" asked Kasumi.

"Yeah he's treating Kiyo right now… would you like to see him." Said Zatch.

"Of course…" said Kasumi.

Zatch led her to the room where Kiyo was being treated...

"Dr. Tofu this woman wanted to see you…" said Zatch.

That's when Dr. Tofu saw her, his glasses became clouded. Kiyo was doomed! Doomed!

Back at the Dojo, Ranma realized something. He got up and said, "We're going to check doctor tofu's."

"Why?" asked Shion.

"Because I have feeling he went there." said Ranma.

"Now that I think about it Kasumi went there." said Shion.

Everyone exchanged practiced glances… Ranma grabbed Shion and ran like heck!

"I hope he isn't there…" mumbled Akane.

Meanwhile at the clinic Dr. Tofu had just made it so that Kiyo's head was at an impossible direction.

"Oh wow Kiyo! I didn't know that your head could bend that way." said Zatch.

"It's shouldn't…" muttered Kiyo.

Kasumi on the other hand was giggling at Dr. Tofu's silly behavior.

That's when Ranma and Shion arrived.

"Oh Ranma, Shion shouldn't you be waiting for you friend?" asked Kasumi.

"He's the patient." said Shion with a sweat drop.

"Oh! Hi Shion." said Zatch.

"Hi Zatch." said Shion, "I'm sorry Kiyo, I should have just met you at the train station."

"Yeah, you should have." muttered Kiyo.

"Hey, Tofu. Is it okay if I take your patent to Cologne?" asked Ranma.

"Sure… of course." said Dr. Tofu… talking to his skeleton.

Ranma picked up Kiyo and left the clinic.

"Where is he taking him?" asked Zatch.

"To the dojo." said Shion.

Shion and Zatch followed the two… that's when they a large splash. The two went to the river to see the crash had caused Kiyo's neck to go back to normal… but instead of the black hair boy, there was now a red haired girl sitting in the middle of the river.

"Sorry 'bout this." said Ranma-Chan.

"Can someone tell me what's going on!" yelled Kiyo.

"There you are." said a voice.

Shion and Zatch turned to see Akane and Cologne.

"We got worried, so we came to see if you were all right." said Cologne, "I bet this Kiyo is looking for answers."

"I am." muttered Kiyo.

"Are you a Mamodo too?" asked Zatch.

Cologne took this in good spirits as Zatch was a little boy, so she just laughed, "I'm just a really old woman." she explained, she looked at Kiyo helping up Ranma, "The Cat Café is closer, we should talk there instead."

And so the group consisting of Zatch, Kiyo, Shion, Ranma-Chan, Akane and Cologne headed to the Cat Café, where Shion did the introductions.

"This is Zatch and Kiyo. My friends." said Shion, "And this is Ranma my cousin's rival and Akane my cousin's friend and my new neighbor."

"It's good to meet you." said Zatch.

"Like wise." said Ranma-Chan with a nod.

"So you're the Ranma I keep hearing about." said Kiyo staring at Ranma.

"Yeah…" sighed Ranma-Chan.

"So what's going on exactly?" asked Kiyo.

"You see for some strange reason, my cousin Ryoga and his family has no sense of direction what so ever, so I can live with them." explained Shion.

"I see." said Kiyo with a sweat drop.

"But I heard my cousin often winds up here because of his rivalry with Ranma so I chose to move here." explained Shion.

"So you said your cousin has a Mamodo." said Kiyo.

Shion nodded, "You see, his Mamodo is changing his personality, twisting it to his own evil end." said Shion, "I know I didn't to really on you… but…"

"No I understand." said Kiyo, "With Nya gone you needed my help."

Shion nodded…

"I have another question… how did you change into a girl?" asked Kiyo.

"You see I have a curse." said Ranma who began to explain the obligatory explanation about his curse… after the example Kiyo stared at Ranma while Zatch just splashed Ranma with cold water and hot water.

"Can you please stop that." sighed Ranma-Chan.

"This is really weird." said Kiyo.

"Are you still going to help my cousin?" asked Shion.

"Of course, we are friends." said Kiyo.

"So when do you think he'll come back?" asked Zatch.

"Um…" said Akane trying to think of something nice to say.

"The longest I figure, he'll be here in a month." said Ranma with a sweat drop.

This made Zatch and Kiyo sweat drop.

Meanwhile with Ryoga and Tachi. Tachi glared at P-Chan… that right P-Chan.

"I hate your curse. "muttered Tachi.

P-Chan nodded in agreement as they waited for the water to boil… This was going to be a long trip back, that was for sure.

Next Time: Kiyo and Zatch waits for Ryoga and Tachi... however Ryoga and Tachi don't know where they even are. Will Ryoga and Tachi ever make it or will they run into another Mamodo Team before then? Find out next time!